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  • Happy birthday, Stone Watcher!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Hello stranger, how are you today :)

    Posted by Guinea

  • Joshua,

    Happy Birthday!
    I wish you well.


    Posted by Tead

  • Happy birthday, Joshua! Hope it'll be a fine week up ahead for you. :3nod

    Posted by N64

  • Hi Joshua, I'd be happy to help with adding some information to the BotW map, if there's anything I can do! I really love it so far, but it would be even better if you could see exactly how many of the things you've checkmarked, or be able to see them in list format in a separate pop-up window. Specifically, I am using it to mark all of the Korok seeds I've found so far, but it's pretty tough to check off every single one without knowing how many I've checked so far. Also, a great addition would be region borders for those of us who haven't uncovered them all yet, it would really help with finding stuff. :)

    Keep it up! You guys Korok my socks! (sorry, that was bad...)

    Posted by GreenSky91

  • would love to share some korok finding information I have discovered while getting all the koroks since some of the buggers are tricky, feel free to let me know how I can add information if you want it

    Posted by kikililwytch

  • According to ZU, today is your birthday so, happy birthday, Joshua, hope it goes perfectly! :>

    (I'm froyo255 over Slack if my username doesn't ring any bells, hahah)

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • oh hey apparently you talked to young!sol hello

    Posted by goronmario

  • : 3

    Posted by Cody

  • Hey just so you know we're pretty sure it isn't Axle's account and is likely just someone who got banned over at the ZD forums today.

    Posted by Cody

  • Happy birthday^^

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • Hey Joshua!!!! I came here because of you lol

    Posted by Rhyme27

  • Of course I will pierce the heavens :masthasword:

    I feel like replaying the Minish Cap now....

    Posted by Kamina

  • Awesome avatar sir. Would you happen to have the original picture?

    Posted by Kamina

  • How goes the article writing for you? Writing anything particularly interesting? :)

    Posted by cycl0ps

  • Hello Josh! :3

    Posted by cycl0ps

  • Ah, that's cool then. =]

    Oh, just so you know, you need to click on 'View Conversation' or go to my page to respond, otherwise your responding to yourself.

    Posted by goronmario

  • first

    Posted by Jonah

  • I'll correct you then. :)

    I'm a new "Missing Link" article writer. Thank you for the welcome.

    Posted by Joshua

  • Oh hello.

    You must be one of the LP staff (correct me if I'm wrong), so I'm here to welcome you.


    Posted by goronmario