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  • What's with the hiatus?

    Posted by Valhelm

  • Dalek! You haven't signed on in almost half a year. :( And that's super sad.

    Posted by Dog Dog 123

  • [url][/url]
    Thank you. :)

    Posted by Brotagonist

  • yeah I'm a cool bro we should be friends

    Posted by SirSprinkles

  • What is your steam id, boyo? :0

    Posted by Scoria

  • Hi there! I dind't want to sully Din with my Nayru blue, so I came here instead, to offer you major encouragement if you want to open a bar. It can be really rewarding if you do it right and have good business sense and have fun with it too. I dunno what you're studying at college, but certainly some business courses would halp trememndously.
    There's nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it. Just remember as the saying goes, "Location, location, location!

    Posted by Margar

  • I can't believe I didn't think of that.... I had heard lots of rumors about the m button. I tried alt and ctrl and shift and mixes of the three...

    That's great. Thanks a lot man.

    Posted by Andy

  • [QUOTE=Adm Manhammer;3614917]Hey, James Pond II: Codename Robocod was amazing.[/QUOTE]Today I saw that game and restickered it and thought it was amusing.

    Posted by Panique

  • Happy birthday!

    Posted by Silver

  • [COLOR="Black"]Admiral Manhammer. You are dinnie. Dinnie's need help in the clan war. You should come help. Please post in Din's Clan Wars base of operations thread(Reliable Excavation and Demolition) to see what you can help with.[/COLOR]

    Posted by Agent Orange

  • I just realised your tag is connected to your location. :)

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Hello, good sir. I require your assistance.

    If you would be so kind as to go [URL=""]here [/URL]and vote via comment for ZU, we would be one vote closer to soundly beating the asses of all of the other sad, sorry websites listed and winning ourselves a fresh and tasty DSi XL full of pre-release goodness.

    Many thanks.

    Posted by sugar

  • I'm digging the beerd

    Posted by Rude Dude

  • [QUOTE=Adm Manhammer;3223732]Dear idiots of Din,

    Ozzie, you are a tasteless ******* and nobody thinks you're funny. You're probably also the ugliest mother****er on the planet, and I doubt you're ever going to have sex with a woman without counting your change afterwards. The world would be a better place if you were to disappear from it altogether. Please kill yourself in the most agonisingly violent way you can think of. If you're short on ideas, I'm sure Din could suggest some.

    Valhelm, you really need to learn to form your own opinions. Latching onto a single topic like a ****ing limpet does not make you appeal to anyone, particularly when that topic requires both judicious and pointless racism and agreeing with Ozzie. I'm not yet sure which of those I think is worse, but I'll get back to you in due time. Nobody thinks you're funny, nobody likes you, and the only way to change that is to develop a personality. Or to kill yourself. As before, I'm sure the good people of Din will be able to suggest some demises for you to attempt.

    Thank you for your time,

    Admiral Manhammer
    President (Committee for Good Taste and Standards)[/QUOTE]


    Posted by Notsil

  • thenwat it mean?

    Posted by Valhelm

  • dude, i dont get ur sig

    how can jodd be all those clases at 1 time and wat girl plays tf2???????????????

    Posted by Valhelm

  • nice hat... ^^

    Posted by Kazami Yuka

  • Hello there, random person...

    Is that you in the profile picture...? ^^

    Posted by Kazami Yuka

  • @Lord Zero: Holy ♥♥♥♥balls, best/fastest drinking game EVER.

    Posted by Jodd

  • So, I'm thinking of joining Din

    Posted by raex

  • Just bored eh? coo' coo'

    Posted by Arcanine

  • Why Admiral Manhammer?

    Posted by Arcanine

  • Aw, poor Cez. I have a year and several months until uni...

    YOu can always execute people in the mean time. :D

    Posted by Dulcie

  • Speaking of which, how are you these days, dear executioner?

    Posted by Dulcie

  • Happy belated birthay!

    Posted by Dulcie


    Posted by raex

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Holden


    Posted by Silver

  • no, not really.

    Posted by raex

  • YAY.

    pandy-mon-e-um remembers!

    Posted by raex