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  • You haven't posted in OVER A YEAR! What do you think of ALBW?

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  • Never even heard of it, but it's now in my favorites. I still need to read the artical you sent me, too!

    By the way, how are things with you?

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  • Reading it at the moment . . .

    I agree with the lock analogy. This is one reason I've become a little disenchanted with the clawshots as of late. It's an item everyone seems to like, but it is just a key. The same can be said for bombs, and virtually all the items to varying degrees.

    At the same time, it does strain the mind to ponder exactly how they could get out of this paradigm. The fact of the matter is, "puzzles" have become synonymous with Zelda, but it was not that way at the beginning. The original and AoL did not really have "puzzles." To create an authentic world, they may need to drastically reduce the prevalence of puzzles, but even that could disappoint a lot of people.

    Even more than that, I certainly agree that the artificial boundaries need to go. This is a great paragraph:

    [i]It did not. If Zelda is to reclaim any of the spirit that Miyamoto first invested in its world, it needs to do a few things. It needs to make most of the map accessible from the beginning. No artificial barriers to clumsily guide Link along a set course. Players know that game; they know when they’re being played. Link must be allowed to enter areas he’s not ready for. He must be allowed to be defeated, not blocked, by the world and its inhabitants.[/i]

    These two points I've brought up so far (still early in the article) are obviously related. If items were not keys, they could not be used to artificially restrict the player. Of course, the other artificial restriction is story. Puzzle centric items and story are the elements that contribute to linearity and a highly restricted game-play experience.

    Moving on, I'm finding myself not agreeing with some of his later points. For example, I do not think Mario's transition to 3D has been any better than Zelda's. I think both series gained and lost something with the move. I don't necessarily find the game play or control of Zelda broken. More just the overall structure of the world and the "values" it tends to emphasize.

    Certainly I agree with his comments on the difficulty. Zelda has become a rather passive experience. As he said, beating the game is a matter of "when" not "if." This is a consequence of a game design philosophy that sees games as interactive movies instead of player driven experiences. It never feels like you have to hone your skills or become good at the game to win.

    A lot of this stuff was discussed by Sean Malstrom (whose site I haven't visited in a while).

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  • You know what would be fantastic? If the Oracle games (Seasons more so) had better writing. I think it's a shame that these titles, despite their charming atmosphere and excellent design (among handheld games these are two of the finest in my opinion), are surprisingly one-dimensional for Zelda, at that point in time. They're pretty, and highly entertaining, but unlike many of my other all-time favorites they don't offer anything meaningful beyond that.

    What's your opinion on OoX?

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