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  • Hey Legendoflex, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed our conversation that we had, and I like to talk to you again more on Zelda when ever you have time. I find these discussions about games and their history in terms of driving sales, popularity and reception that they have had over the years to be insightful and cool.

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  • :o

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  • lol

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  • Happy birthday man. You should visit more often.

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  • ur hot. wnt 2 dat?

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  • Garbage.

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  • Lex, I hope you and my darling Kas are doing well and fantastic. If you can, update me !

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  • Hey Lex, happy birthday man.

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  • Ah, okay. Thanks!

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  • What is NPD?

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  • don't suppose you have skype?

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  • Indeed. I mostly stick around for the community and the traditions.

    And "To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you."

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  • Friend.

    [I]I appreciate you. [/I]

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  • I see you on the Wii U sometimes. Should we have a play date sometime? :D

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  • How are you? : }

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  • Hiii~~ [This is Mandy from DGN, by the way]

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  • Happy Birthday to you!

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  • Happy B day~

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  • Happy Daybirth

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  • I'm doing okay. I've been distracted and scatterbrained of late - as if the summer heat had shot my ability to focus - so I'm trying to find something to occupy my mind. I'm organizing a book sale for the non-profit writer's community at which I volunteer! so that's been fun. I am really hoping this state of distraction won't woo me away from ZU too soon - I have [i]really[/i] missed talking to you and everyone else here who's so interesting, D:

    That carpet cleaning does sound like a chore! What else have you been doing with yourself?

    Posted by Selah

  • How have you been?

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  • I would like that, thank you. I'm open to learning any new information. :>

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  • Writing. Something like creative design, concept design, localization. Anything like that. Even advertisement.

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  • Hi, [:

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  • Indeed it would be neat. Considering it. Honestly I don' tknow about the loans it will depend on a few things like if I can get a second job/professional job soon, etc. I'm thinking at least two years/three years. Several of the grad school places I'm looking at are pretty good with scholarships and such though so I could shoot for something like that... I'd really like to do it all online but a lot of creative writing mfas require you to be there at least some of the time but that's a hassle.

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  • Well so you know what's up with me: I'm currently working at DD (that's dunkin donuts) and considering a second job at legoland because I need the monies. Once I pay off loans I'm going possibly for my MFA in creative writing because I want to get into creative writing/concept/design as a career. And I think that might help me do that.

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  • I do believe I've seen you around quite a bit here and there.

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  • I recognize your name, but have a pretty limited memory of your posts. Of course, I haven't been active until the last year and you've been around a lot longer haha.

    But I just wanted to say I like how you worded your post in the SD thread about the atheist that is suing the school. It was concise and made sense without there being a bunch of fluff like you see in some posts.

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  • Hi Friend!


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