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  • As salamu 'alaykum Asia. Welcome back, though I think I missed you again when you were online (and gone again). Remember Alia?

    Posted by N64

  • Seems like we miss each other by some time. Hope all is well with you.

    Posted by Ameera Mae Laramie

  • Hey, I was honored to have been included on your list. Hope all is well :)

    Posted by Comrade

  • You're probably a bit inundated with folks saying "Hi", but I thought I'd add my name to the list.

    Is good to see you again, however briefly, I'm glad you're doing well.

    Posted by John

  • Hi there, goldfish. I've missed you <3

    Posted by Lioness

  • ASIA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Posted by Ahluk

  • Hey Asia, since I think my post in the 'Remember ZU when' thread might have come off as a bit short, I just wanted to say that it's nice to see you again, and thanks for your kind words in the past. I still remember the positive things you said, but also how you thought I could be cold as ice or something like that xD
    Hope all's well with you!

    Posted by ich Will

  • Hiya, good to see you again^^ (I'm the Norwegian with viking market pictures, in case you don't remember me)

    Posted by Moriquendi

    • I can never forget ZU's most honest-to-god ACtual viking! **laughs**
      How are you and your wife? I've always been a fan of how tRUe you've remained to your culture and each other! **smiling**

      Good day to you, wee buddy : D

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • Haha, I'm honoured *laughs*
      I'm good! As is my wife. Unfortunately, we are in the process of getting a separation. Our relationship has mainly been more and more like friends over last few years and she took the initiative to move on. We're still living together and we're working on dividing things. I've bought an apartment and I'm moving in next week. There is absolutely no hostility between us, so we're helping each other as we're able. Sorry about coming with this, but I didn't want to write anything that's not true :p

      I hope you have a magnificent day as well :)
      (It was nice seeing your pictures!)

      Posted by Moriquendi




    Posted by Asci

    • ASSKEY



      **hi fiiiiives**!!!!!!!

      Posted by Anime_Queen


    Posted by Cody

    • **LAUghs** hahahahahahah
      Its been sO long since I've seen that clip, oh mAN

      It's kinda how I was feeling seeing posts from all the oldies who'd posted not gonna lie!!!!

      How you DOIn' Codez??!

      Are yOu on discord? (.. obviously, no? >:'D! You're the most in-touch person in the history of being in-touchedness usually!)

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • Yeah, ZU has a discord server over at now

      Posted by Cody

    • I wasn't asking about ZU! **laaughs**
      No worries though;
      Hope you're flourishing as per usual wee buddy : >>>>!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • Cody#1362

      Posted by Cody

    • :3

      Posted by Cody

  • :heart:

    Posted by Pietro

  • <3333333333!!!!

    Posted by andi

    • HAY!!!

      WHO CARES!


      **hugs TIGhter than friggin' tIGht** <3 !!!!
      I wanna hear you ! And see you! Writing won't be enough!
      Do you still discord???!!!

      I love you!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • Bweeeeeeeee I love you too! <3

      And of course I'm on discord, hun! <3 Though heads up, I'm currently on hour 30/32 of work in the past two days, so I'm not going to be at 100% for the next 16 hours or so. Monday is my Day of Napping. <3333


      Posted by andi

  • :3

    Posted by Cody

  • ASIAAAAA ❤️❤️

    Posted by Aurelia


      Heyheyheyheyhey! : D!!!!

      How are you lovely lady?
      How've you been?
      Whatchu up to??!

      I hope you've been in the best of EVERything!!!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • I’ve been great!
      Things have been GREAT too!
      I’ve been doing nothing but working a lot hahaha

      How are YOU?
      what is new with you!

      Posted by Aurelia

  • Miss you, Asia! I've been listening to the first episodes of the podcast recently---it's been ten years since you made them!---and I was wondering how you are doing. I hope all is well and that you do come back and see this message eventually!

    Posted by EzloSpirit

    • UhwAaaAAa EZLO!!!!
      It's been yEARs!!!!

      hahahahahhaa the first episodes of ZUCast..! **laughing**

      Thank you very much for your message - I dID come back and read AND appreciate it : D!!!!

      How are you?

      I hope all's going aMAZINGLy on your end awesome wee buddy!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • So happy to see you around again! You were one of the original ZU "celebrities" when I first joined, and with everyone else coming back like Lioness and Asci and Captain's like it's 2008 all over again!

      Yeah, the first episodes were delightfully cheesy! Sadly, the whole ZUCast has pretty much vanished from the Internet. A few people around here still remember it, and I had someone PM me last month who was looking for a couple of the episodes, saying how the podcast was a huge part of his childhood. It was really sweet to hear that. (Especially because it was a huge part of mine! Remember when I would pester you folks about "when's the next episode coming out?!" five times a week? Ah, Morpheel Man, you were such an impatient child.) Luckily, I maintain a fairly complete collection of all the segments and episodes and side-releases on an external hard drive.

      Anyway, I've been doing well! My life sort of imploded five years ago, but I'm a new, much happier person now. I'm entering my last year of uni next month, which is kind of scary to think about. I'm going to start applying for grad school to study library science and hopefully become a fun librarian!

      How have you been? I think the last I heard from you was during the Arab Spring, and things were going not so well in your world. :( I trust that things are better now? :)

      Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Saying hello to you after a long while. Lol.

    Posted by Aerorian

  • Hi there! I'm pretty sure you don't remember me, but nonetheless I wanted to stop by. It's been 9 years, minimum (I think), since we last spoke. I wish you all the best in the world Asia, and to remind you what a remarkable human being you are. Never change, only to better yourself. ~ HeLe

    Posted by Hero of Legends

    • HeLe!!!!!!


      Are you still around AT all??!

      Sorry for only jUST reading your message! I hadn't signed on for yEArs
      How are you?! How goes life?
      I hope it's treating you as BEAUTifully as you deserve
      Hpw's your family and work and health and heart?!?!? I feel like I have a tHOUSand questions for you and I send you my absolutely BEST wishes hoping they arrive you in sONIc speed **laughs**

      Thank you for your kind and beautiful words as always;
      Of all the people I have met in my life so far, you remain utterly UNforgettable <3

      Posted by Anime_Queen

  • sup, it's been awhile

    Posted by Captain Cornflake

    • 'sup! Indeed it has : >>>
      Hope you've been in the best of health and heart
      How's you sir?

      Posted by Anime_Queen

  • Greetings from space*!

    Posted by GoldenChaos

  • anime queen! it is I, William Zelda4ever :p

    Posted by ich Will

    • Why, Will, it's been yONks xD!!! HeyyyyhEY : D!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

    • omg! how are you?

      Posted by ich Will

    • Alhamdulillah! : D!!! Doing great at the moment actually and laying down some SOLId plans for the next two years; what about yOU? : >!!! How ARe you? Whatchu up to? Much respect and bEST wishes your way ^____^!

      Posted by Anime_Queen

  • I see you lurking around! I miss seeing you around! I hope you are doing okay sweets! <3

    Posted by Aurelia

  • Salam! ^___^ Miss you <3

    Posted by Lillia

    • Wassalaaaaam : D!! Lill, we nEED to have some proper communication up in here and outside of ZU too; I'll contact you properly about this : >>>

      Posted by Anime_Queen

  • Salam

    Posted by N64

  • <3

    Posted by Loffy

  • Ramadan kareem <3 miss you

    Posted by Holden

  • : 3

    Posted by Cody

  • I guess my PM didn't reach you? :o

    Posted by N64

  • ME

    Yes! It must be hads!
    When generally are you on? I will RUN to the office and skype so hard!! :D <333

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • Hello, dearest Asia. :> How've you been? It's been a while since I had the pleasure of speaking to you. :<

    Posted by Jonah

  • i'm bad

    sorry for not replying to you sooner, dear! i actually don't have time to reply proper right now... but yeah! just wanna say hey.

    I wasn't upset that you'd stepped off for a bit; worried, to be honest. I remember you seeming a little upset over something right before you got off, so. :<

    I tend to draw into myself when I'm upset too. Though I do talk it over with my confidants.

    I've been busy with school, aaah. I've been ill and exhausted this week and this morning I took the SAT, which if you're unfamiliar with, is a standardized test that universities look at. Busy, busy, busy.

    How have you been since I forgot to reply to you?

    Posted by Holden