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  • aniday

    Posted by Solsetur

  • [quote]Happy birthday[/quote]
    Thank you!

    Posted by Hylian Dan

  • Oh, herro!

    Posted by Bastian

  • While I encountered the error during application to join the group, going to the group shows that [URL=]my application was successful[/URL].

    I am unsure if it was that I really manage to join the group the usual way or Jason or Cody helped me with that, because I VMed them a few hours ago (when the error happened), while no feedback received from either one of them.

    Posted by N64

  • Besides editing music for my dance studio no.

    But I have gotten into acting if that counts for anything.

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Haha will do. Thanks for this :)

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • I see, luckily [URL=]my friendship and The Light still remains intact.[/URL]

    Anyway what is the maximum total of groups we are allowed to join? Because I thought maybe because I have been joining many groups that the error occurs (not allowing me to join due to "you do not have permission to access this page" errors)?

    Posted by N64

  • I can make and edit my own segment.

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • I would be fine with anything to be honest. But I of course would be more comfortable doing segments since I'm used to that, but I love trying new things.

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Matter of fact I am [I]very[/I] interested in getting back into podcasting. If you could do that, that would be amazing! (Of course my voice is no longer the high pitch voice you guys all know)

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Good day/evening to you, sir. May I know what's wrong with my account that I only can view one out of thirty people in [url][/url]

    ..... and three out of four people in [url][/url]

    and why is it when I [URL=]try to join the group called "Petition to get the CD-i games on Virtual Console"[/URL], it says:

    [QUOTE="[URL=]Zelda Universe Forums - The world's largest Legend of Zelda fan community[/URL]"][B]vBulletin Message[/B]

    [COLOR="Black"][B]Jim[/B], you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    [INDENT]1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.[/INDENT][/COLOR][RIGHT][URL=""]Log Out Home[/URL][/RIGHT][/QUOTE]?

    Posted by N64

  • Indeed it's been a very long time. And that's great to hear!

    I've been doing good. Living life and surviving as best as I can.

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Hey Aniday!

    How've you been?

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Ah. Makes sense!

    Blerg, I need to get on that. I will try to finish my script by and record on Saturday night.

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Any news on the podcast?

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • "Webmaster". That's cute.

    Posted by Masky

  • I can't access anything anymore. Did you guys accidentally delete the entire forum?

    Posted by Masky

  • oh your profile picture is glorious

    Posted by Notsil

  • I'll agree it's useful for maintenance, although I would say it's a good full OS as well.

  • Oh, I thought you already used Linux. At least, thats the way it seemed. So you only use other FOSS?

  • Can't a Macbook run Linux? I heard it had Retina Display, is that an issue? Or is it locked down like Win8 devices are going to be? I don't know what kind of editing you mean though, for image we have Gimp (which I prefer over PS), for audio we have Ardour and for video we have Cinelerra. Plus we have Blender for 3d modeling.

  • Yeah, I had heard about it from a few people online, but didn't try it 'till a friend gave me an old netbook (I'm on it right now, actually.). It was really messed up software wise, but I didn't have an XP disk anymore/couldn't afford one and didn't want to pirate so I decided to give Ubuntu a look. Never went back.

  • lol. So how did you first find out about Linux/FOSS?

  • I wonder what those people around him were thinking. I wonder if they knew who he was.

  • Hah, I honestly had never heard that FOSS song before. Do you know what he was saying in the beginning? He seems to have been speaking spanish, and I (unfortunately) don't speak any languages besides [s]Python[/s] English.

  • Yeah, the board seems to mainly just be a tech support hangout =). Then again, most tech boards (That aren't on tech devoted sites) tend to be. If I'm really desperate to hang out with a bunch of fellow tech savvy people, I'll stop by Ubuntu forums (Which I do do, on occasion).

  • Ah. Yeah, I've been meeting far more of our kind here than I expected. Though with all the members of this forum, I can only assume that's a function of size rather than being a Linux friendly community.

  • Are you a fellow Linux user, or attempting to troll? No offense intended, just hard to tell. I'm... guessing the former?

  • Thank you for your response! I really appreciate it. This has been driving me CRAZY! lol.

    Posted by Momo

  • <3 <3 <3

    Posted by Bastian