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  • :o

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  • Fuck you!!!!!! Hi

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  • yo man

    Posted by Lillia

  • stressful old person life! I now stare at spreadsheets AND the internet all day. in a small city. I'm almost as cool as you, almost (right? I can be cool2right)

    Posted by Lly

  • pretty much the same with me, until I graduated school and suddenly was unemployed and moved back to my parents' house with nothing to do but fart on the internet all day


    that's good though, the real world is mad hella fun, yo

    Posted by Lly

  • against all odds. I went inactive for a long time and went un-inactive. but I thought you left us for that saucy temptress vgrc?

    Posted by Lly

  • yo yo wassup wassUPPP!????

    Posted by Lly

  • Please could you GoML? It's getting sad now.

    Posted by Vash Savo

  • Happy B day~

    Posted by Princess Kaguya

  • Happy Birthday to you!

    Posted by Pseud O Nym

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  • Welcome back!

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  • hello :)

    Posted by blehhh

  • duuude, what has been going on lately man? I'm good though, just starting out uni and man is it stressful. Also I has a new ladyfriend and yes, she's black lololol

    Posted by Nox

  • my name's yami and I'm a loozer

    Posted by Kitsuné

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • You may want to edit your Minka Kelly post before someone deletes it for spamminess.

    Posted by Bravo

  • [IMG][/IMG]


    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • Your new post tells people to look at your profile to see what you like... and all it says is "gaming"...

    I suppose if you want to be completely surprised and don't care at all what you get, then you'll be prett happy :P But be prepared for the most random of random things (and no I'm not your santa!!)

    Posted by Margar

  • Just letting you know I deleted your post in the secret santa help thread because it was spam. Feel free to post again with a more helpful, and substantial post. :3

    Posted by Margar

  • wat???

    Posted by Aniday

  • happy birthday man

    Posted by deekay

  • Birthday!

    Posted by Cody

  • [CENTER][B][I][U][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="9"][COLOR="Lime"]H[COLOR="Yellow"]A[/COLOR]PP[COLOR="Yellow"]Y BI[/COLOR]RT[COLOR="Yellow"]HDA[/COLOR]Y YA[COLOR="Yellow"]M[/COLOR]I [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/U][/I][/B]


    Posted by Future

  • Money.

    Posted by Aeffles

  • Keep telling yourself that, pipsqueak ;0) heheeee

    Posted by Big Bro Davidia


    Posted by Slurms Mckenzie

  • Dag, man, you're STILL only 18?? You always WERE a young squirt, though. :0P

    Posted by Big Bro Davidia

  • Thank you <3

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    Posted by muttsy =m=