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  • Welcome to Din!!!!

    Posted by newt_the_hylian543

  • Heya!! Welcome to din!

    Posted by Solsetur

  • Welcome aboard laddie! Here's drinking hoping that you'll have a fantastic time here.

    Posted by Emerald Isle

  • Welcome to Zelda Universe :D!

    Posted by CielBell

  • Oh my god....... My 1st banner :,), I'm so happy, I don't know if can contain myself lol!

    Posted by SennyPOS

  • Thanks for the follow :)

    Posted by Skywing

  • Hey Senny, welcome to the forums!

    Posted by Winnie

    • Hello Winnie, it's great to meet you! I'm really having a good time, I've never been on a forum before.

      Posted by SennyPOS

    • You're already fitting in great! All we do is post and chat haha, we have a great community here, so when you want something else to post about besides Zelda, come check out the General Chit Chat section!

      Posted by Winnie

    • Oh I never get tired of talking about Zelda, if there was a religion for it, I'd make it my life's work to become the Pope lol. But Ill definitely be participating in the General Chit Chat Board, there's a lot of funny stuff to read.

      Posted by SennyPOS