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  • So you're a Homestuck fan?

    Nice to meet you Hero of Light and dreamer of prospit.

    I'm so happy to know that there's another of us around!

    Posted by GamerKitty205

    • Sure am! I actually ran and took the quiz just before posting to give a cheeky answer. Always felt like more of a page of breath myself, but I decided to roll with it

      Posted by C Star

  • Velcome to ZU! Bwauahahaaa!

    Nice to see a new face! Have you visited the Newbie Chit-Chat thread? You can also join a Clan! Ask me if you need any help!

    If I don't know, I'll ask some. We're friendly like that!

    Posted by Tri Force

    • Big apprecite my guy. I have visited, and I was going to hold off on the clan thing. Thanks!

      Posted by C Star

  • Welcome to ZU!!!


    Posted by Guinea