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  • Hey Velivolo, how are you? I like your headcanons and just your posts in general. Anyone who is passionate about Zelda is cool in my book.

    Have you thought about adding an avatar? Since your Custom User Title is Anouki, maybe you could look up Anouki fan art and find a cool pic?

    I had trouble finding an avatar at first. I just focused on which Zelda game was my favorite and realized I like both Zelda and Mario so much that Link and Bow-Wow would be perfect.

    Anyway, I hope you're having a great day. Always good to see your posts, I think they're great.

    Posted by Guinea

  • Hello there. Welcome to ZU. Sorry for being late to greet you. The name's BackSet aka He of Many Avatars aka Foreigner55 aka Linkara Aka eldritch abomination from beyond time and space aka He of Many Names.

    Posted by BackSet