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  • Hey, a fellow NWTB fan!

    Posted by epicstar

  • Happy birthday! Hope it's a great one!

    Posted by Inarizushi Miku

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Serenade of a Star!

  • Happy Birthday Streak! Wow I just realized Fierce Deity Link is in your avatar. Somehow I never noticed until now.

    Posted by TruEdge67

    • Thanks! Personally, Fierce Deity definitely the coolest idea Nintendo have ever had - If only he came back in another game!

      Posted by Streak

    • I love Fierce Deity Link too. Majora's Mask is favorite Zelda game, and I'd love Fiece Deity Link to come back in some way. At least we got to see him again in Hyrule Warriors.

      Posted by TruEdge67

    • One of my birthday prezzies was pre-ordering Definitive, now I know who my main's gonna be!

      Posted by Streak

    • Cool! I plan on buying the Definitive Edition of HW too. I already own the Wii U version and most of the DLC, but I really enjoyed it, so I don't mind buying it again. It'll give me an excuse to play it again and I'll get to experience the DLC I missed, as well as the stuff from Legends on the 3DS, which I never played.

      Posted by TruEdge67

  • Like a streak of paaaint....
    Welcome to ZU forums!

    Posted by >:3

  • Hi welcome to ZU!

    Posted by Sólsetur

  • Hullo! I'm a bit late, but welcome to ZU. :)

    Posted by Chel

    • Thanks, already loving it!

      Posted by Streak

    • I'm happy to hear! :)

      Feel free to lemme know if you have any questions about how things work, or anything else along those lines~

      Posted by Chel