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  • Is your username based off of the DC character?

    If so, props. The Question is a beast.

    Posted by Guinea

    • Yup.
      Who needs Batman when you have the real world's Greatest Detective on the job.

      Posted by TheQuestion

    • Ehh... I still think Batman could beat The Question.

      My favorite DC character of all time is Batwoman, though.

      Posted by Guinea

    • in a fight totally. Batman is leagues better than the Question in terms of combat prowess but when it comes to who is the better detective I'd put my money on the Question.

      Also Batwoman is awesome and is one of my favorite additions to the Bat family.

      Posted by TheQuestion

    • The Question has kicked his fair share of evil butt though!

      Has he ever worked with Batman before? I'm sure he has. Batman's met pretty much every character.

      Posted by Guinea

    • I do believe there where Annuals back in O'Neal's run on the Question that had him teaming up with Batman and Green Arrow as well as a couple of old Batman comics that feature him as a side character usually teaming up with other side characters. Sadly I don't really know if there was ever a true Batman and The Question team-up story but I could see that making for a really amazing crime thriller.

      Posted by TheQuestion

  • "The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister.

    Posted by BackSet

  • Welcome to and back to the forums!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox