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  • Hello,

    Have not seen you for quite some time.
    Hope you are well.

    Best wishes for you and yours for this Holiday Season.

    Take good care, and I hope we will all see you around here more often.


    Posted by Tead

  • Yo Pirates of the Caribbean songs are really fun to listen to when working on a long boring project. I recommend them a LOT.

    Posted by Rivero

  • Welcome to ZU :)

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Pretty good! Just figuring the webpage out and seeing if anyone's interested in seeing how much progress is being made in the Loz oot map! It really helps to have inspiration which can come from you guys!

    Posted by Rivero

  • Hey there! Welcome to ZU! The names Linkara (used to be foreigner55) but you already knew that! How's it going?

    Posted by BackSet

  • Hey so how many people are actually interested in a loz oot Minecraft map that you can play?

    Posted by Rivero

    • I am definitley into that! But I dont have any way to play MC on the computer since it broke like last year and my dad's not getting a new one D:

      Posted by Oracle between Worlds

    • That sucks! Ill still be posting pictures of my progress and stuff so you be able to see it at the very least. I also have a YouTube channel if you want to see more there! You don't have to of course.

      Posted by Rivero