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  • How did you come up with your username? I must know!

    Posted by Guinea

    • Good question.

      Back in the early AOL instant messenger days my brother and I were forced to use a joint AIM account to chat with. I wanted to go with Messiah Link. He wanted Morpheus like from the Matrix.

      My cousin, who was setting up our account for us, took it upon himself to just combine the two names while we were arguing. He meant to write "Morpherlink", but got the ER backwards. When we saw the typing we thought it sounded better that way.

      I reasoned that it was a verb.
      Defined as: To disconnect from reality, Change how you perceive the situation, and then plug yourself back in.
      : To un-link, morph, then re-link.

      So there is a philosophy that resembles what Neo does to break free from the Matrix as well as Zelda's game play revolving around solving puzzles.

      My brother has since abandoned the name for something else but for me it stuck because of the many levels it works on.

      Pronounced Morf Re Link

      Posted by MORPHRELINK

    • Awesome! My name came from baby sitting a guinea pig :P

      Posted by Guinea

    • huh, My guess was that you lived in New Guinea.

      Posted by MORPHRELINK

    • Nah, I'm one of those darn Americans haha

      Posted by Guinea

    • oh yes. Americans are certainly darn. Glad I'm a native Texan. Would hate to be an American with the way things are now.

      Posted by MORPHRELINK

  • Hello! How are you? I hope you're having a great day!!!

    Posted by Guinea

  • just want u to know if i could dislike your post in the radicalisation of masculinity thread i would

    Posted by Lucretia

  • Hi

    Posted by N64