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  • Hey I'm Bran! I saw that you have liking for journalism. As someone who may consider exploring that field someday, do you mind telling me some things that you personally enjoy about it?

    Posted by Bran Flakes

    • i'm not personally the best at explaining things, so please excuse my vague-ness!

      There's just something about putting my thoughts into words in general that i've always loved, and i adore news(specifically, videogame news). First announcements and hearing about what a company or team, or even one person makes and giving the information to those who're unaware, it fills me with glee! Being apart of a team and writing about things i'm even interested in was always just a day dream for me, but now i'm on an extremely friendly and accepting team reporting on things i love most! This is an amazing stepping stone to making my dreams come true, and i hope you get the opportunity to find your stepping stone, Bran!

      Posted by KeatonKid

  • Yay, another Homestucker!

    Posted by N64