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    i am running a mafia game right now and im super in need of a backup. would you consider filling? it's night two atm

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  • Welcome to Din!! Sol and I are the Din mods, if you have any questions let us know! So excited you joined our clan!

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  • You should join Din, you seem like you'd be a good fit

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    • Holy shit I was just debating joining Din before the game started. I'm unsure if I want to join a clan just yet but if I do I'll join Din.

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    • woo people notice din!

      awesome~ if you have any questions about din or the clans in general feel free to send them my way

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  • play in mafia

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  • I just want us to be the greatest of friends, not the most bitter of enemies.

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  • Heyo :3

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  • Sorry, but I don't own HH or know where to get digital copies / scans of it. I was given a photo of another page by someone else but that's all I have. I'll have to ask around to see if anyone could help me in that.

    Posted by Yamikawa

  • I only have Inpa's tale at hand, will see if I add Kass' narration as well:

    ハイラル王国の歴史は 太古の昔から 幾度もガノンという名の厄災に見舞われてきた歴史
    The history of Hyrule Kingdom is a history that has witnessed several times and, ever since ancient times, a calamity named Ganon
    その度 勇者の魂を持つ者と女神の血を引く聖なる姫はの活躍によって平和を取り戻して来た繰り返しの歴史なのじゃ
    Each of those times... A holder of hero’s soul and a holy princess who inherited the Goddess’ blood worked to achieve peace again: that’s happened again and again across history
    Time passed as the battles with Ganon were engraved as legends again and again
    Now I will tell you a story that happened about 10,000 years ago
    A very advanced civilization was blooming in the Hyrule of the time
    They were so powerful that not even monsters posed a threat anymore
    The citizens thought of making use of their power and skills to help out the hero and the princess
    Even if the calamity were to resurrect, we can make something to ensure that it’s properly sealed… So they thought
    彼等は人が操る四対の巨大な獣 神獣
    They made four gigantic monsters that could be controlled, the Divine Beasts
    And mechanical soldiers that could fight against the enemy out of their own will, the Guardians...
    The four pilots of the Divine Beasts were chosen from those who excelled at special abilities
    And thus the means to face against Ganon were readied
    そして再び厄災ガノンが復活しハイラルを襲った時 彼等は勇者と姫と共にガノンに立ち向こうたのじゃ
    And when Calamity Ganon resurrected and assaulted Hyrule, they, along with the hero and the princess, stood up against it

    ガーディアンは小さいながら数を活かして勇者たちを守り 神獣はその巨体から猛撃を放って奴の力を削り取った
    The Guardians, despite being small, made use of their numbers to protect the hero and the princess. And the Divine Beasts shot fierce attacks from their gigantic bodies to reduce the calamity’s strength
    And the hero holding the Demon-bane sword stabbed Ganon to bring it down… While the the royal family’s princess, inheritor of the sacred power, managed to seal it

    … And a hundred years ago...
    We sped up the preparations to be ready to handle the prophetized ressurection of Calamity Ganon by imitating the ancient legend
    But the end result was...
    We’d underestimated it

    Posted by Yamikawa


    Here, in case you want to get on board with the attempted translations.

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  • Hey welcome to the forum! I'm Castigear one of the moderators of the Zelda section. I don't want you to feel like you have to walk on eggshells, just jump right in and get your feet wet and start discussing!

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