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  • I'm playing Tales of Vesperia and I have Karol in the Klonoa costume lol

    I wish a new Klonoa game would come out. But an open world game.

    Posted by Guinea

  • doing a DM here as to not derail gamtos's thread further. The United Wise Men was a group that was apparently a big deal back in the day: Timeline can be found here:…498-the-uwm-timeline.html (warning: old).

    Posted by Ymcan64


    I [COLOR=pink]/(LOVE) YOUR AVATAR)!! :pieceofheart:: /:heart:/❤/(heart) [/COLOR]

    Posted by Tuf Pic

  • I love your avatar!

    Posted by Winnie

  • I think you would like the Metroid Prime trilogy. Fusion is a fun game too.

    Posted by Guinea

  • [quote='Nitro Indigo','']**On a completely unrelated note, the American English version of Spirit Tracks has Byrne tell Zelda that her sacred powers come from the spirits, thus confusing some theorists for years to come. It's actually from Old Hyrule, which was mentioned near the start of the game, even in the American version. Oops.**
    If I recall correctly, the spirits of good are actually called kami (thus gods) in the japanese version.

    Posted by Thanatos-Zero

  • Hey!

    Posted by goronmario

  • Hey! I like your headcanons and you make really cool threads. How are you today? I hope all is well!

    Posted by Guinea

    • Thanks! The only thread I've made recently is the Lorule one, but I like it a lot. I have a soft spot for alternate universes, both in and out of story.

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

    • Most of my headcanons are dumb, haha. What's your favorite Zelda game? I like MM and TFH.

      Posted by Guinea

    • I have soft spots for Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, and A Link Between Worlds, but I also like The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess.

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

    • I want to love Phantom Hourglass, but the Ocean King's temple is such a headache. Other than that it's a wonderful game. I recently started playing through ALBW again because I'm writing a fanfic about it.

      Your Avatar always makes me think of Tales of Symphonia because of the Klonoa costume you can get lol. I've played Klonoa on the PS2, it was really fun.

      Posted by Guinea

    • I recently completed a let's play of the Wiimake of Door to Phantomile on my YouTube channel.

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

  • Just gotta say - your it criminally cute.

    Posted by Chel

    • ???

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

    • ... omfg

      apparently, in my groggy, pre-coffee haze I managed to completely miss the word "avatar"

      Your avatar. It is criminally cute, is what I meant to say. ^^;

      Apologies for that, extreme derp moment on my part.

      Posted by Chel

    • It's Klonoa!

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

    • Yup! I've always loved his design, but sadly never actually ever got around to trying any of the games. ^^;

      Posted by Chel

    • I've recently started a let's play of the Door to Phantomile Wiimake on my YouTube channel.

      Posted by Nitro Indigo

  • wasup dude?! i'm THE LORD VALORN a member in the Zelda universe. I hope to talk again soon but here's a theory for you: ok, this has been on my mind for months!!! in the legend of zelda spirit tracks, you guys know that link is NOT like the other links in the game?!?!?!?! I guess he is an incarnation of the hero of winds? But that's not the point i'm trying to get. as you guys know that the hyrule royal family lets all the princesses named "zelda" right?! BUT isn't zelda TETRA in the wind waker and phantom hourglass? ok my question is.. is the link in spirit tracks and the princess zelda in spirit tracks, brother and sister OR boyfriend and girlfriend!??!??!?!?!?!?!???!??
    here are some pic that I found online about link and tetra's relationship...

    if the link in st is in love with zelda? doesn't it make them insest?? think about it

    it is a theory RIGHT?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and how is tetra with link in the game and didn't they have kids that grew up to be a part of Hyrule royal family? aren't link in st a child of the link in the ww & ph, so is tetra? or is zelda in st link's sister? there are soo many un answered questions about their family!

    Posted by THE LORD VALORN

  • Oh hi!

    Posted by N64

  • Hey hey~ :3

    Could have sworn you were much older. I think I said hi to you on Bulba, but welcome to ZU :3

    Posted by FroyoClaus