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Austin McCoy
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  • Male
  • 23
  • from Virginia, United States
  • Used to be called atmccoy95
  • Member since Feb 12th 2017
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  • Happy birthday man! Hope it'll be a great day for you!

    Posted by N64

  • (Austin)

    (Come more often :3)

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • Hey man! Saw you got placed in Din. I'm one of the din mods along with Winnie -- if you have questions feel free to ask, and I hope you like it!

    Posted by goronmario

    • Pleased to meet you, and thanks for the warm welcome.

      Posted by Austin McCoy

    • No prob~ I'm a bit busy ATM but if in a day or two things seem confusing or whatever in the clan I'll go ahead and pop back here and give a quick rundown on whgs what

      Posted by goronmario

    • Honestly, my only question at the moment is how to find the clan on here etc. I'm still familiarizing myself with how the site works.

      Posted by Austin McCoy

    • An admin has to place you in the clan first. :P Once they do, the clan board will show up and you get the banner!

      Posted by Silver

    • Yep! Sorry I kinda jumped the gun a bit :P

      As soon as an admin is free they'll place you

      Posted by goronmario