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  • Hello,

    I wanted to introduce myself and to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have a very nice day,

    Posted by Tead

  • Your avy reminds me of my uncoloured illustration of muscular Link.

    Posted by N64

  • you should do two things:
    1. go subscribe to the community thread in community central
    2. go participate in the valentines thread

    Posted by goronmario

  • hey you should check out some our other threads~ if you want a quick guide over the stuff we have let me know and i can give you the run down!

    Posted by goronmario

    • sure, sounds good, btw, did you get my thing for the skype?

      Posted by Link Chroniatrix

    • Ah, nah, I haven't logged in a few days -- been busy. You aren't missing much though because the group isn't very active, we just use it for game nights. I'll add you this weekend.

      As for threads:

      Din's Dankness: This is kind of a spam/meme thread. You can do whatever here as long as it's within the rules of ZU

      Din Community Hall: This is our general chat thread. We talk about pretty much everything here, albeit most of our discussion center around real life stuff like college, work, etc.

      Dineral Gaming: Just made this today. It's a thread for general gaming chat.

      Din Video Entertainment System: You can discuss anime, TV, movies, etc. etc. in here -- anything that you watch. It's not very active but I'd like it to be more active. I may have a way to make it a bit more active but I won't be implementing it until summer problem.

      Din Family Dinner Table: This is like srs discussion stuff. If people have real life problems that are serious and they want help/advice then they can come post about it in here and people can come give their advice.

      what the fuck are you listening: general music thread. you can post music that you're listening to in here.

      Music Exchange Program: we share albums and then listen to them week by week and give opinions. We started it this week, it should be fun. You can't suggest albums for a few more weeks, but you can still sign up and listen to the stuff we have suggested.

      that's about it i think. all the stuff is fun. i'd recommend posting a bunch :3

      Posted by goronmario

    • nice, i'll have to check them out some time, lately I have been glued to the theory section

      Posted by Link Chroniatrix

    • these are the greatest threads in existence, great than any theory section

      trust me @_@

      Posted by goronmario

    • I will don't worry *hugs him to try to calm him down.*

      Posted by Link Chroniatrix