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  • Wait, when did you switch Clans? lol

    Posted by EzloSpirit

  • I just noticed you here.

    You have been missed.
    What have you been up to in all this time?

    How has school and you been getting along?

    I hope to see you around more frequently.


    Posted by Tead

  • It's been too long lad! how have ya been? are you still into history?

    Posted by Emerald Isle

    • Aye, it has been too long! I have been ok, or at least I think so. I just came back from an anime convention. My favorite panel was a Japanese History panel, so yes of course. I am taking a reading heavy semester, a lot of history.

      Unfortunately, it seems as though I might have to lean more towards Political Science for job prospects, which I am okay with because I enjoy it just as much.

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • Aye, how nice to hear, history is quite an interesting topic, I wish you great happiness my friend and good luck to your studies on the past,

      Posted by Emerald Isle

  • Let's be friends!

    Posted by Guinea

  • Merry Christmas to you, for it soon comes. How have you been, what have you been up to?

    Posted by American Cheesecake 667

    • Thank you! I have been slowly pushing through finals, so I am pretty tired lol. I've also been mildly procrastinating on them, so yeah that's fun.

      I hope you're doing well and I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well! What have you been up to?

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • Not much besides the GFX and music still and movies with friends. We saw girl in a spiders web, which was quite nice intrigue about it. I think we have seen like 24 plus movies this year.

      Posted by American Cheesecake 667

  • Good luck on finals dood! You absolutely got this! You've got intelligence in spades, and with your amazing skills of memorization, I think you're gonna do wonderfully! I have another friend who is a history teacher and he's one of the smartest guys I know, so people who are well versed in history are just naturally smart people!

    Posted by PrinnyOfTime

  • You came back to Din!?

    Posted by Xenovent

  • Happy belated birthday! Apologies for not saying it sooner. You're a rad dude!

    Posted by Jimin

  • Happy birthday!!!

    Posted by Serenade of a Star!

  • Happy day of birth dear friend.

    Posted by Emerald Isle

  • Happy birthday dude!

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Happy birthday! =D

    Posted by twii

  • Happy birthday to you, Cap'n Gazooks!

    Posted by Violothesheikahboy

  • !yadhtrib yppaH

    Posted by Embalistico

  • Happy Birthday Gazooks! Hope you have an amazing day today!

    Posted by TruEdge67

  • ‘Sup

    Posted by Don Carlos

  • Hello.

    Posted by Guinea

  • Hey I forgot to tell you. I did some digging. Had to redo my family history.(twas fun though) Charlie Chaplin, Elton John, Princess Diana (harry and williams mum) Marilyn Monroe and Stephen King are relatives of mine generations back. Like King for example is my 8th Cousin. :) (just thought you'd be interested)

    Posted by American Cheesecake 667

    • Woah, that's pretty cool. The Lowell family is related to mine (and the respective famous people from that family), Clan MacQuillan from Ireland, some emigres from the French Revolution, Mayflower passengers, and British Royalty (though I can not remember when the points diverged lol)

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • I had to look up the Lowell family. :) They are pretty awesome their respective persons and their achievements are quality. So its the whole line of the Lowells or just some of it? I know Violet Keppel is my legitimate second cousin once removed.

      Posted by American Cheesecake 667

    • They are in-laws so to speak, I am not sure which of my family married which of their family.

      I had to look up Miss Keppel myself, what an interesting figure!

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • Yeah she is a beauty! A real socialite :) My family are related to the current british royals through blood. One of my aunts married into royalty years back.

      Posted by American Cheesecake 667

  • I apologize for the long wait for a reply to your kindness on my page.
    I have been rather busy trying to setup my Shield and my phone.
    I have had to reset the both of them, and for some reason I still cannot cast to it from my PC or my phone.
    I believe I will e-mail nVidia and/or Google regarding such.

    I thank you for your reply on my page, as I look forward to speaking with you.

    I have been stressed some recently, things are becoming better for me some now, though, far more slowly than I would like for them happen.
    Things can be difficult to talk about, and at times hard to find someone to whom I may trust.

    I want to return home in a few months, I am saving, as best I can, for that very time.
    I look forward to the bus ride because it will take 4-5 days, and I love to see as much as I can of this world.
    I love it because the bus will make many stops along the way, and if there is enough time then I can take pictures in every state we stop at, even if for just a short visit.
    I find traveling by roads is far more rewarding than flying for those reasons.

    How have you been?
    Do you find much time to travel?
    How has school been?

    I have a strong feeling that you are doing well, as usual.
    For that, I am glad for you.

    If you always remember never to stop learning throughout your entire life, then I have no doubt that you will always do well, and achieve much.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Posted by Tead

  • Hey! I feel like I missed something. I don't spend much time in Din but I remember seeing a ton of you there if I am not mistaken with your handsome self haha.

    Posted by Aquamentus

    • Handsome? You must be mistaken, but it is a big coincidence, because I did used to be a Dinner

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • Not at all! I'v seen the scrapbook thread in Din Dr.Gazooks. Well I'm glad I am not mistaken. I am a little sad seeing a familiar face go however its always a pleasure speaking with you. (Though I think this may be the first/second ish time)

      Posted by Aquamentus

  • Looking at my list I see that you are the only one currently still awake!

    So, I figured I would say a quick hello, even though I myself will soon return back to sleep.

    So, take care,

    Posted by Tead

    • Hello! I dunno why it says I am online, my computer should have been asleep

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

  • Your post... directed me to this message instead:
    Access denied. You are not authorized to view this page.

    Posted by N64

  • Hello,

    If you need any further ideas, I might be able to help.

    Nice to see you around the board more frequently.

    Best of luck to you,

    Posted by Tead

    • We'll figure out tonight :lol:

      Yeah, I've been feeling more and more better

      thank you

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

  • Long time no see! How are ya Zooksy?

    Posted by PrinnyOfTime

    • I am doing okay, it's easter break for me, so I am just kicking back

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • how about you

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • My job, online classes, and writing stuff for ZU, and any games I can find time to play have taken over my life, so I've been busy haha. It's good to take time to relax! Relaxation is really important, and it's unfortunate people see it as a negative or lazy thing. So take the time to enjoy the relaxation! You've earned it!

      Posted by PrinnyOfTime

    • yeah, the only problem is I might do that a little too much :lol:

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

  • Hey there!

    Posted by Castigear

  • I am a toblerondere.

    Posted by Serenity

    • Sorry, but I can barely navigate the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner, let alone the labyrinth of the field hockey field.

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

  • Hey you!

    It has been a while!

    I hope that all is well with you in school, and in your life in general.
    I know you will always do fine.

    Not always shall everything be to your liking, but you indeed will be fine, as you are a hard worker.

    Keep at your best,

    Posted by Tead

  • Bashing infant's heads against the wall gives me nightmares. ;(

    Posted by N64

    • I am sorry to bring some graphic images. I was just trying to think of something (pretty much) universally agreed upon that someone has actually argued with me as ok because of their Nihilistic attitude. It was absolutely sickening then and now

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

    • You could've said something else to represent it, now I can't undo the sad mental image.

      Posted by N64

    • I am sorry, you're right I could have been more careful ;(

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks

  • Join my Mafia game

    Posted by Cody

  • Hey there, you should post in the fitness thread more ;)

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

    • I know I should, I've just been hit with a lot of things emotionally recently, so I have not been eating the best or keeping up with my exercise, and there isn't really a point of me posting "oh, I was a fat lard this week"

      Posted by Dr.Gazooks