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  • Hey! I'm sorry I haven't sent the test yet, been a bit busy. I'll send it tomorrow for sure :]

    Posted by Solsetur

  • I must concur with Sturge, The Wind Waker is also my fave, even got myself one of those Wind Waker replicas they recently released. lol Anyways, I also welcome you to this Digital Realm known as Zelda Universe. I am Lord Vain, the Digital God of Peace and Self-Destruction...just Vain works though. lol Hope you enjoy your stay here, Miss Parmenter, don't be afraid to try and have fun. :3

    Posted by Lord Vain

    • Thank you and it's actually Mrs. Parmenter (new name this year!) Nice to meet you Lord Vain :)

      Posted by AlyssaParmenter

    • You are most welcome, Mrs. Parmenter, and congrats if that was meant to imply that you were wed just this year. Overall I trust that you'll find the place and its community to your liking, so have some complimentary sunshine and enjoy your day:

      Posted by Lord Vain

    • ah my favorite variation from the classic Mario star – thanks for the kind words!

      Yes I was newly wed this past April. Enjoy your day as well – here are some flowers for your thoughts:

      Posted by AlyssaParmenter

    • Awww, I'm pleased to see that you recognized the Shine Sprite, hahah. Oh, and you're most welcome, once again. It's long since been a habit of mine to give Shines to people online to help them smile though, just spread some sunshine now and then, since Super Mario Sunshine is both my favourite Mario title and my number 1 favourite game period. Yes, and Fire and Ice Flowers are always nice, but in return I give you this one: :3

      Posted by Lord Vain

  • :3

    Posted by Cody

  • Welcome to ZU! I hope you'll enjoy it here! :3

    (good choice re: favourite Zeldas. :3 )

    Posted by SacredSturgeon

  • I'm short and sweet, like this bio. @AlyssaParmenter almost everywhere on social media
    Favorite LoZ: Wind Waker, but Majora's Mask is a close second (most days I'd rather set sail on the sea than feel the pressure of time).

    Posted by AlyssaParmenter