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Mozly Alice
Yptridr, the Gallant
  • Female
  • 23
  • from Northern Ontario
  • Used to be called TheMorriganZW
  • Member since Jul 7th 2016
  • Hey, I'm really sorry. I seriously didn't mean to upset you, and I admit that I was probably a little blunt. You don't have to forgive me, I just wanted to apologize.

    Posted by RealmWings

  • M o z l yyyyyyyyyyyy <3

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • Vampire: the Masquerade! I loved that as well^^ Particularly the haunted house!

    Posted by Moriquendi

  • Okami!

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Linkle

  • Happy birthday, miss!

    Posted by Guinea

  • Happi byrthday! Hope it's a good one!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • Moz! Happy birthday, hope it's a great one :)

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Oh snap. Ohhhhh snap.

    A very happy birthday to you! I hope that the day treats you fabulously well, and that're doing well in general. <3

    Posted by Chel

  • Happy Birthday!!

    Posted by Serenade of a Star!

  • Let me be the first to tell you Happy Birthday! I like your avatar by the way. I'm currently going through Okami for my first time. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I love the art style.

    Posted by TruEdge67

  • I APPROVE OF AMMY <3 <3 <3

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • You know, I'd somehow begun to associate your old avatar with you so strongly that when I noticed the new one I had a brief moment of "WHAAAAAAAAT THIS ISN'T RIGHT D:" ... lol

    With that said, Okami is some beautiful stuff.

    Posted by Chel

  • To not stray off the topic of the thread too much:
    Yeah the Wii version sucked. It was the first system I owned Okami on. But once I got it on ps3(as well as ps4). I never went back to the Wii version. So much easier with the brush on ps3/4. I remember it taking half a day in real life just to get the Hidden Lightning Technique, cause the using the Wiimote to draw was so horrible. Drawing the crescent moon was awful too on the Wii. I'm so glad it got remastered, and twice at that!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • It’s kami is probably my favorite game of all time glad to see someone else enjoying it

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • devilman no uta is amazing

    Posted by Windra

  • play in my mafio

    Posted by goronmario

  • Your avatar is extremely pretty! Was it taken from anything in particular, or was it just a random internet find? If the former, I'd be very interested in hearing where it came from. :)

    Posted by Chel

    • It was a random find actually, I enjoy Alice in Wonderland, and I searched for an image based on American McGee's Alice which is a more gothic take of Lewis Carroll's original stories :D

      Posted by Mozly Alice

    • Aha. :D

      That's a game I haven't heard about in a very long time! It was always on my to-do list, and I'd always heard great things about it, but I never did get around to it... I might have to watch an LP on Youtube or something as the next best thing to actually playing it. ^^

      Posted by Chel

    • You should play it, it's really fun :)

      Posted by Mozly Alice

    • I really, really need to. I don't think I've ever heard of a single person ever speaking poorly of it, to be honest.

      Posted by Chel

  • Mozly, hello.

    How have you been?
    Takng good care of yourself?

    I hope you have a fun and safe Happy Thanksgiving!

    Take care, and I will see you around the forums.

    Posted by Tead

  • Hey, I hope we didn't upset you. :) You know we didn't mean to. I guess the Internet can be weird sometimes.
    Either way, I honestly never knew about Red Dead Revolver. Did you play the series since the beginning? Was that first game good?

    Posted by Canyarion

    • It's a gaff I'm not angry(annoyed maybe, not angry), and no I never played the first one, I just had a passing knowledge of it, I do want to play it but I was a Nintendo kid growing up not a Playstation kid. :(

      Posted by Mozly Alice

    • Yeah same here, always Nintendo (and PC). I guess it wouldn't have mattered, because I don't play games like GTA and RDR. I'm more about the happy Nintendo games. And sometimes a random PC game, I guess.

      Posted by Canyarion

  • Hope you're doing alright. I dunno what you said in the War Room, and it's okay if you don't want to talk about it, and I dunno if you are also trans, but yeah shit's fucked up.

    Posted by Serenity

  • *reads your About tab*
    >I'm not very special.
    Excuse you, I very highly disagree =P

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • how's it chillin', villain?

    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • I love your new avy!

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • I hate change!

    But I love your new name :'3

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • I forget, iis that supposed to be yennefer in your avatar?

    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • Hello. How are you? ^_^

    And, excuse me... regarding your post in the "Negative" thread; if you do not mind my asking, how do you feel that issues such as transgenderism, egalitarianism, and socialism are commonly misrepresented? Not looking for a debate, I am only curious.

    Posted by Arkaan

    • Transgenderism, is often misrepresented in the sense of how genders work. Socialism, well communism =/= socialism

      And egalitarianism, was a prod at my annoyance with how people treat feminism.

      Posted by Mozly Alice

  • "Someone has been reading way too much /r/KotakuinAction"

    Posted by Windra

  • Oh hey, Happy Daybirth, eh.

    Posted by Lord Vain

  • I finished my response and was about to post it, but then the thread was closed lol, and I feel like posting it here would be moot at this point.

    I hope there's no hard feelings or anything. As I was about to say in my post, my response was more that I felt your statement was somewhat hypocritical rather than that I necessarily perceived him to be in the right. At least part of my post was directed at Lucretia (especially when it came to my complaint of strawmen), and I partly made it out of annoyance at the seeming acceptance of rudeness in general that seems present a lot in this forum. I'd like to explain more because I feel I've been a bit misunderstood, but I don't want to drag it out and I should've been asleep a while ago instead of shitposting on the internet lol, so night and all, and sorry if I made you upset

    Posted by Leslie73

    • I may have taken it personally but I don't hold grudges. Though I might remember when someone was an ass, and approach someone in a more cautious manner. I'm just incapable of putting the effort to maintain a feeling of hostility or hatred without a good cause for it and even then I don't actively do it.

      I'm not trying to humblebrag by the way. I'm quite literally incapable of doing that stuff. I've tried in the past, I always forgot within two or three days. I just don't have the attention span for it.

      So yeah we're good.

      Posted by Mozly Alice