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  • It's da king!!!

    Posted by Guinea

  • Hi everybody, I am back from my absence! Feel free to hit me up! <3 abzisdaking2k14

    Posted by abzisdaking2k14

  • Wishing you luck, even though you probably won't see this until you're back!

    Posted by epixtar

  • I don't know where else I should post it, so I thought it safe for me to put it here as to my current status.

    I'm gonna be taking a break for a while, I don't know when I'll come back to the forums as I have law exams and personal stuff to deal with. But if you don't see this message (I may have deleted this message), then I'm still on the break. If you see that I've deleted the message, you'll know I'm back online!

    Stay safe everyone, and peace!

    Posted by abzisdaking2k14

  • just fyi i merged your thread with the community thread because thats where announcements and such are meant to go

    Posted by Solsetur

  • I've been going around saying hi to the new Nayrus. So hi.

    Posted by epixtar