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  • Thank you for the follow and for staying.

    How have you been?
    What have you been up to?

    I hope you are well.
    Hope to see you around the board.

    Take good care.

    Posted by Tead

  • I'm thinking if I going to stay here, I'm only going post in certain parts of the forums. That being the Creative Corner, here, on my wall (only about updates on my works and ideas), and pm (but only with friends or about my works). That's it! I only involve myself in civil discussions. No arguments of "off topic" business. That way I won't be a "problem" to anybody.

    And lastly, I'm debating on whether or not I should still make a fan-made Zelda AU fan-fiction project or not. I still don't want to mess with official Hyrule lore. I also still don't want to take a risk of getting into trouble with Nintendo either. And like I said, it's hard making fan games set entirely in Lorule, especially with Zelda Classic. Maybe I can get help with making a Lorule game. So if anyone would like to help me with making a Zelda fan game set in Lorule, after ALBW, with Ravio playable, please let me know. The program can either be Zelda Classic (the best option for me) or Solarus Engine (if this option, I would need some programmers, since I'm not that great with advanced programing).

    Anyways, for now, in the meantime, I will likely be making an AU fan-fiction, because making games set in my own fan-fictional version of Hyrule is easier. If I do, I will be taking inspiration from beta versions of OoT (Zelda 64), dreams of Zelda game worlds that I've had, and other things. The AU fan-fiction will set in a reality where Hyrule and Lorule have merged into one and with one linear timeline focused upon. Mainly to make it's lore more simple, straight forward, and easy to understand, and for me to work with. The cause of the merge in the AU will be doing of the main villain, for obvious reasons. Merging worlds, especially when there's already people within them, is considered antagonistic. Anyone who's heard of or watch the anime Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V and seen the spoilers would know why good people would be against merging worlds. Hence why my AU's reality of Hyrule and Lorule being merged is cause by a bad guy. The fan project series of installments will be short, and will eventually end with villain being stopped and the world separating again.

    That's I have to say on that. And for my Lorule history fan project, that will have to be shortened where there's only at least two installments, but no more than three. Not mention it'd have to be on hold anyways. This all really depends on what happens. If I can get some kind of fan game development going for my Lorule lore thing this year, than I might end just focus on that. However, I'm definitely going to still try to make something happen with that Kafei story machinima, explaining my idea of how Termina became Lorule.

    Posted by PJC

  • Goodbye!

    Posted by PJC

  • Thoughts on the FF7 Remake trailer?

    Posted by Pyrax

    • Better than I ever expected is all I got to say! Square-Enix really carried E3 to the Hype Train, successfully delivered when others have failed. Let's all hope that Nintendo can at least try to keep this year's E3 on the Hype Train!

      Posted by PJC

  • Hoping for some good Link's Awakening remake news during Nintendo's E3 later today at 12:00 PM EST! It's already the 11th where I live. Just have hope and faith. And gotta hope and pray for lots of good news regarding Zelda and if we're lucky maybe even Metroid.

    Anyways, off topic, I've decided to cancel my Zelda fan works since it's still becoming more and more risky to post anything fan made on the internet without Nintendo eventually pulling the cease and desist card. Lots of people have already gotten into trouble for posting music and even gameplay (yes, that's still a thing, despite Nintendo getting rid of Nintendo Creators Program). I only just want to be safe, cause if went to jail, that'd mean I'll never be able to release any sort of content at all. So I still want to get stuff out, just that it'll have to be original, but nothing as serious as my main ideas, until I get my business license, have my stuff patented, and start selling things.

    Well anyways, back on the E3 topic. I really hope and pray that Nintendo makes up for the lack of exiting stuff at E3 this year. And hopefully Nintendo's E3 this year will be better than last year's.

    Posted by PJC

  • Making a Zelda fangame set entirely in Lorule, starring Ravio as the playable Hero is not easy. The story bit is easy, but actually designing everything in Zelda Classic, a program made with making Zelda fangames set in Hyrule with Link as the playable Hero in mind is actually really painfully hard. Because of this, since it's going to a lot of time and hard work for me to pull off just one Lorule set Zelda fangame, I might as well just make an AU Hyrule fangame first. That'd be much easier at this point. I really don't want to mess with the already established main universe.

    Maybe next year I'll be able to get something Termina or Lorule related out!

    Posted by PJC

  • Meh! I'm so bored! Life has been so boring for me lately with all the lack of Zelda news and not being able to post Zelda ideas in the Zelda section. I miss being able to post in the Zelda section of the forums. I miss the good moments, not the bad ones obviously. I have so many ideas I want to share! Especially regarding Koholint, Termina, Lorule, and even Hytopia! And even ideas for remakes and such. I also miss a very important friend of mine here hasn't been active that much lately. I hope she's okay. :(

    Posted by PJC

  • I decided to stop ranting about Cadence of Hyrule since all that brought me on Twitter was nothing but trouble. I still want to make Zelda fan works. However, they won't be setting in Hyrule at all. Hyrule already has a very much established history. And one that I do not want to mess with. So instead, I'll be making fan fiction works set in Koholint, Termina, Lorule, and even Hytopia. Basically basing the fan-fiction on my latest headcanon belief that Koholint was a real world like Hyrule or Lorule at one point, but then eventually became Termina, which becomes Lorule, which eventually becomes the Drablands of old Hytopia.

    The fan-fiction project will be a series of fan-made installments explaining the history of Hyrule's dark counterpart, the Dark World, how it evolved or changed over time, and why it was believed to be the Sacred Realm at one point just as Termina believed that Hyrule was "the heavens", even though they both have there own respective Sacred Realms. The project of fan-fiction installments to come will all be based purely on my beliefs, so in no way will I ever be saying it's true, not to mention neither of them will be canon anyways. I'll just going by my beliefs based on what I know. And will be trying to stay true with what Hyrule Historia has established for Termina as much as I can. I will also be following by the manga.

    And lastly, I will be pulling the plug on Smash Tales as people don't really seem to care all that much about that series. It really wasn't meant be a serious series like the other fan works I do have planned anyways.

    Posted by PJC

  • Life sucks! :(

    Posted by PJC

  • I know Cadence of Hyrule isn't canon, but if it's successful, it can still influence games that are. Cadence of Hyrule must be stopped!

    Posted by PJC

  • Cadence of Hyrule is harmful to Link, Hyrule, and the Zelda series as a whole! That game needs to burn to the ground! Everybody please boycott Cadence of Hyrule if you want the Zelda world as you know and love to live on, move forward, and survive! Cadence of Hyrule's very existence is killing the Zelda world that we all know, love, and cherish. If that game is successful, Zelda as we all know and love will die! We do not want this to happen! Please help stop Cadence of Hyrule before it's too late!

    Posted by PJC

  • Smash Tales Episode 1: Mario's Punishment is here! The ID is KDHDKJ5N! Please feel free to check it out! And don't forget to yeah and follow if you like what you see!

    Posted by PJC

  • I know some of you hate it when I apologize all the time, but I'm sincerely sorry for the drama earlier. I was frustrated that my microSD card for Smash was running late because of Easter, so I caused some ruckus on Twitter. But don't it's all past now. I'm fine. I have scars on my face now, but other than, I'm fine. Nothing is cancelled. My first Smash Parody fan series called Smash Tales has it's first ever episode in the process of uploading to Smash World. Check it out when it's done uploading. I'll let you guys know when it's finished.

    Posted by PJC

  • Hey everyone. I've decided to cancel my fan project works and original project works. I realize now, that if I continued to go through with my plans, all of my work would end up being hated severely to the point where no one would ever want to be interested in working with me anymore. The point is, considering how much a lot of people really hate me, regardless of any of those who don't, my work is never going to get the appreciate it deserves, no matter how hard I try. Nobody really cares in the end. Not even my own family! Only few people actually care, but that's a long and personal story I can't share.

    That said, I give up trying to be a content creator, something I will never be even if I tried. I'm just some nobody fan with a dream and that's all I'll ever be, regardless of what happens. I'm done fantasizing about what will never happen. Not many people appreciate me enough for me to care to even bother. My work was going to be for the people, but since people are always just going to treat me like a monster, why bother? What's the point? Too many people hate me and see me as a monster. I'm sorry, but I can't make things that people will only hate on anyways. There's just no point! My ideas suck anyways! Just a bunch of stuff that's in the past now that nobody knows, remembers, or even cares about anyways!

    Posted by PJC

    • While it's always nice to receive positive feedback on your works, ultimately, it can be much more satisfying to produce content for your own enjoyment and/or self-expression, without worrying what other people might think of it. Let loose, and you might find yourself pouring out creativity you never knew you had! Bask in your imagination, even in the crap ideas! I know I have had some truly unworkable, rubbish story ideas over time, and while I haven't actually finished anything based on most of them, I still enjoy looking back at what I produced because it's amusing. And seize upon your brilliant ideas because those can be sparks that ignite marvelous flames of creative works!

      Basically, you might find art-ing more rewarding if you do it for yourself. Don't worry so much about what other people think. What do they know, anyway? ;)

      Posted by EzloSpirit

    • I appreciate the support. I'm actually doing better now. I have a Smash fan series on the way. The first episode is uploading to Smash World right now! I'll everyone know when it's finished uploading.

      Posted by PJC

    • Glad you are feeling better! Best of luck on your Smash content, and feel free to post it in the Creative Corner! :3nod

      Posted by EzloSpirit

  • Hey PJC how have you been?

    Posted by Guinea

  • If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being reminded all the time of just how helpless I am now days. I'm tired of watching people suffering and not being able to do anything about it!

    Posted by PJC

    • Totally. Can't believe there's literal billionaires on the world while there are still so many issues in the world

      Posted by gamtos

  • Heya! What're your thoughts on Cadence of Hyrule?

    Posted by gamtos

    • It seems promising. And I was excited about it until now. Other than that, I'm not really sure what to think of it right now. Right now, I just don't feel up to talking about anything Zelda related. At least nothing related to the Link's Awakening Remake or Cadence of Hyrule. At this point, I feel like it'd be wrong for me to buy them. I'm sorry, but I have my reasons right now. I still love Zelda and all of the world of Zelda, such as Hyrule. I just feel like the true spirit has really still been dying since BotW. Even with LA being remade and Cadence of Hyrule. It's just really hard for me to truly genuinely be excited for anything Zelda anymore. BotW and Hyrule/Zelda Encyclopedia really ruined everything! :(

      Posted by PJC

    • Your "about" page says you follow the Historia though!

      Posted by gamtos

    • Yes, but not Encyclopedia!

      Posted by PJC

    • Ah yeah, my bad. The vast majority of the community rejects it though; I think I'm the only one who used it as a standard.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Historia is basically the bible, imo.

      Posted by Guinea

  • I'm thinking of rethinking my ideas for Zelda fan works. I've decided that I want to base them more on dream experiences I've had rather than based them on a real world thing. So the fan stories will take place in a dream world version of Hyrule rather than a real world version of Hyrule. I have my reasons. I really want to at least make some kind of content in meantime to hold me over until I can officially start to release more original content without worry of my original ideas getting stolen.

    I've already had some of my original ideas technically kinda taken from me in some way or form as it is. I don't want to really lose them completely. So that's why I've decided that from now on, until I get a business license, I'm only going to focus on fan works or simple almost one-shot kind of ideas that I can get out easily.

    Posted by PJC

  • Nintendo is officially trying to bury the greatest franchise ever to the ground! They just announced a Link's Awakening remake, and now their back to bragging about Breath of the Wild again! All because of it's second year anniversary. Who cares?! Nobody cared about SS's second year anniversary (let alone the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh). Nobody cared about WW's or TP's anniversaries. Not even OoT until last year!

    But now, with BotW, we all have to worship that game every year since it's release cause this ever so greedy and arrogant new Nintendo told us so. I wish they'd just officially move on from that game already! It's like everytime I turn around, "Breath of the Wild this!" "Breath of the Wild that!". Just stop already! BotW is not the best video game ever! Let alone the best Zelda game! For me, SS is still, by far, the best Zelda game ever, and the only Zelda game to truly surpass OoT (story experience wise especially). However, there is one game that even surpassed all prior Zelda games to date, covering all bases! And that's ALBW!

    Perfect Artstyle, perfect gameplay, almost perfect story (but still better than past Zelda games in feeling and experience), perfect music (with that classic Zelda flare of the older games), and true to what the franchise is meant to be all about. The most perfect Zelda game to date. I've replayed through several times the first series of months since it was out. That's just how much fun I had with the game! The game was that fun and well worth playing over and over again. Not too long, but not too short either. All while still providing plenty of story and lore. Just how I like my kind of games.

    ALBW had a great intense story and plot. There was a big sense of suspense, drama, and also sadness and emotion. That moment when I saw Zelda turned into a painting, I quivered in horror and shock, with cold shivers crawling down my spine. The suspenseful rendition of Zelda's Lullaby really set the tone of the idea that Zelda just met a very horrifying horrible fate. Then there's moment when Gully's mom is looking for her son, all worried sick. Knowing what really happened to him really set that dark tone of suspense. It was like TP (with those friends of Link's and Zelda's sacrifice for Midna) all over again. But this time, on a whole other level. At least everyone in TP were still fine throughout the game. While in ALBW, it's like everybody died the moment they became paintings. The situation felt more serious and truly suspenseful. And it a world that seems all peaceful.

    Then Link goes to Lorule, and Link is now in a much darker world now than you thought possible. Everyone there is not as light-hearted and friendly as their Hyrulean counterparts. It is there that you see more of the sadness and emotion of the story when you realize why everything that happened happened. Hilda was leading a once prosperous kingdom now in ruin and run with chaos. Desperate to make things right again, she turned to Yuga of all people to save Lorule, over Lorule's own hero, Ravio.

    ALBW had a truly sad, dark, and tragic story that eventually ended on positive note when Link, with Ravio's, Hilda's, and Zelda's help and guidance along the way, saved both Hyrule and Lorule. It was one of the darkest and most saddest stories since LA!

    BotW had sad moments too. But it lacked a lot of the story that should've been there in the first place. And the gameplay experience, especially with the lack of real music straight up boring and terrible! About the only thing I ever did enjoy at all was the very little amount of the story that we're all lucky was even there at all.

    That said is why BotW is the worst Zelda game ever! And precisely why we all need to move on from that horrible game, and focus on the latest installment on the way, the Link's Awakening remake. The LA remake is the game we're supposed to be getting this year, not more BotW. So we (including Nintendo) should all be talking about LA, not BotW! Anyways, sorry that this was so long. I just had a lot to say.

    Posted by PJC

  • I am here to beat up your enemies. Where are they?

    Posted by Guinea

  • I know that some of you are sick of me going back an forth with drama, apologizing, and no drama. But, once again, I'm sincerely sorry for the drama. A lot of negativity has been going in my personal life lately that it's become natural for me to be always expecting the worst of things.

    I'm okay now. I'm not quitting Zelda. I've just been going through tough times. It's just hard for me to believe anything anymore, these days. A lot has changed in my life recently that has made things complicated for me.

    So that's why I keep jumping to conclusions of things and having mood swings. There are things I've learned in recent time and been experiencing lately that's still a lot for me to take in. I'm just so used following and living by a certain way whenever something new of Zelda is revealed. But the recent changes in my life, things are different and it's hard for me to adapt, regardless of how much really accept, respect, and welcome the change with warm arms consciously. Naturally instinctively, it's still hard to adapt.

    Please understand that I didn't mean to worry anybody. I was just going through another breakdown.

    You don't have to accept my umpteenth apology if you don't want to. Just want you all to at least understand that I was just going through another mood swing moment. Again, sorry I worried anyone.

    Posted by PJC

  • You know what. Fine, I quit being a Zelda fan! I can't say much more. But I don't know if I'm even allowed to be Zelda fan anymore, unfortunately.

    I can't enjoy my favorite video game franchise anymore. This decision has been made for me against my will. I never wanted this. But now I feel like I have no choice. I literally feel forced into this position. I'm tired of being treated like an enemy, when I'm not. I'm done.

    Maybe I just wasn't meant to be a fan this amazing franchise. Maybe I wasn't even meant to be into video games. After all it was Zelda that really got me into video games. If weren't for Zelda, I wouldn't be the hardcore gamer that I am today.

    It breaks my heart to know now that it's all not meant to be, simply cause I'm not allowed to be a Zelda fan. I don't have the approval.

    It hurts to know that I'm still living a nightmare, despite the fact that amazing Zelda remake that I've been waiting for was just announced.

    I can't even be myself anymore. I don't know who I am who I'm even meant to be anymore. Whoever was trying to make my life miserable and break my spirit and identity has officially succeeded.

    I know some of you are sick of my drama but goodbye forever. :(

    Posted by PJC

  • Well, the remake I knew existed since 2017 was finally revealed guys! That Link's Awakening remake I rambled on and on about that was heavily hinted at is finally here! I was wrong to doubt and lose faith. But I was right about this remake's existence!

    Hopefully this remake is good. The game looks great so far. But hopefully it doesn't end up turning out to be botched like BotW. Though, from that one trailer alone, I can surely tell that there's definitely hope for this one, unlike BotW.

    Posted by PJC

  • Should I even bother watching the Nintendo Direct guys? I'm really scared that I might be disappointed again. The suspense is killing me. :(

    And on top of that, I have a college English assignment to work on. Life is just insane right now. I'm literally in panic mode right now.

    Posted by PJC

  • At this point, as much a love Link, Zelda, and Hyrule from the game, I really don't care if the next Zelda game to come out and release is not canon, true, or whatever, just as it's fun to play and I get to more Link and Zelda action (even if it's wrong), I really just want a new cool fun Zelda game to play guys. Can you blame me? I just really love and care about all versions of Hyrule, timelines, Links, Zeldas, Hyrules that much, that I at least just want any games about them to just at least be fun to play and experience. That's all that really matters to me game wise at this point.

    That's just how I am. I grew up with this stuff. It's hard for someone like me follow by strict restrictions. I at least want to know what every Zelda game that comes is all about first before I judge. I mean I didn't really know for sure that BotW was bad until I played it after all.

    I'm at a point, where I really just want Zelda to be fun again. I miss the old days when I was a kid, when I didn't really care about a timeline. This whole this timeline is right or wrong or that timeline is right or wrong, this is Hyrule, that is Hyrule, really complicated things for not only me but everyone else as well.

    I wish Nintendo would at least come out with sub series where you could play as your own Link and live out your own Zelda story that doesn't have to be canon to the main series and can simply just exist separately.

    That way Nintendo can go back to focusing and caring about story in the main series while leaving their own personal creative liberty ideas in non-canon sub series games.

    I don't know, I just want Zelda to be fun again. :(

    I still want to tell my own story of my own different Hyrule. But I just want the official games to also be fun as well. I don't want it be where I'm reliance to make good Zelda games. Especially given that it's Nintendo's franchise, not mine. It should be their responsibility to get their *bleep* together, not mine. People like can't always be cleaning up the damage after them. We got stuff of our own to do and take care of.

    I also got original ideas that I want to make reality. So Nintendo better get stuff in order cause I can't keep working fan made stuff forever you know. Especially with the war that the lawyers of Nintendo declared against fan works getting more and more intense by the moment.

    Anyways, I must now conclude this with one last thing. Don't get your hopes up with today's direct. If something Zelda is actually finally shown, cool. If not, I still have right to believe the unfortunately that the series truly is in decline. Really, I just don't want anybody getting their hopes. It's better to just be skeptical simply cause it's just less painful that way.

    Posted by PJC

  • I really hope FSA gets a re-release.

    Posted by Guinea

  • I've been long and hard a lot lately on my new fan fiction project idea focused around the story of my alternate Hyrule idea. I've even considered drawing inspiration from the alpha/beta versions of Zelda games. As well as even the famous Ura Zelda and Zelda Gaiden. I've been going nuts with trying to figure what this other Hyrule is and all it's history that I'm still missing as a whole. I know the ending and what lead to it, but other than that, I'm still missing a lot more pieces than I thought.

    I've even thought about how in the first two Zelda games, Link originally had brown hair and brown eyes. But now, in recent years, that portrayal of that Link doesn't seem to be canon anymore. So I even considered drawing inspiration from that as well for this other Hyrule's Link. And for personal reasoning too. As in real life, I look just like the Link from Zelda I and II as he was originally intended to look, but actually doesn't in canon anymore for some reason. Even now I've always questioned that and why even that Link just anonymously became a blonde or orange blonde redhead. It really made me consider the possibility of another Link with brown hair who only exists in this other Hyrule, separate from the one we all know and love dearly.

    Anyways, that's all for now. Hope you all at least enjoyed the read of this update. And please free to stay tuned for future updates if interested.

    Posted by PJC

    • Very excited to see what you come up with in the future, PJC! Keep at it! I believe in you!

      Posted by Linkle

  • *gives PJC a limited edition SS copy signed by the entire Zelda Team staff*

    Posted by Guinea

    • Even though, I already have a copy of SS. But thanks anyway! lol!

      Posted by PJC

  • Hey everyone. I'm thinking of creating a brand new Zelda fan-fiction for the Creative Corner that carries over a lot of my more recent ideas and old ones. But the story will be about a very different Hyrule. As the story sets in a completely different timeline with it's own very different Hyrule, completely separate from the main official timeline and it's Hyrule.

    The Link, Zelda, and Ganon of this Hyrule are also very different. This Hyrule is a Hyrule I know and are quite well familiar with. This Hyrule is more historically accurate to our world and our timeline. This Hyrule is a Hyrule if there was Hyrule in our world a long time ago.

    I decided to go with this idea now due to some recent revelations that I can't talk about. I made a promise not to tell anyone the reasoning. I intend on keeping that promise for the sake of the ones whom I made the promise to.

    And I have to share this alternate history of a different Hyrule eventually.

    Not sure when or how I'm gonna tell this story though. But please stay tuned for more news. :)

    Posted by PJC

  • This might not be much coming from me but I wanted to say I understand your struggles too well. You're not alone in feeling the way you do - even if we won't see eye to eye when dealing with them.

    Best of wishes, you deserve the best from yourself, including striving to be better. Keep at it.

    Posted by FroyoClaus