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  • Hey PJC how have you been?

    Posted by Guinea

  • If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being reminded all the time of just how helpless I am now days. I'm tired of watching people suffering and not being able to do anything about it!

    Posted by PJC

    • Totally. Can't believe there's literal billionaires on the world while there are still so many issues in the world

      Posted by gamtos

  • Heya! What're your thoughts on Cadence of Hyrule?

    Posted by gamtos

    • It seems promising. And I was excited about it until now. Other than that, I'm not really sure what to think of it right now. Right now, I just don't feel up to talking about anything Zelda related. At least nothing related to the Link's Awakening Remake or Cadence of Hyrule. At this point, I feel like it'd be wrong for me to buy them. I'm sorry, but I have my reasons right now. I still love Zelda and all of the world of Zelda, such as Hyrule. I just feel like the true spirit has really still been dying since BotW. Even with LA being remade and Cadence of Hyrule. It's just really hard for me to truly genuinely be excited for anything Zelda anymore. BotW and Hyrule/Zelda Encyclopedia really ruined everything! :(

      Posted by PJC

    • Your "about" page says you follow the Historia though!

      Posted by gamtos

    • Yes, but not Encyclopedia!

      Posted by PJC

    • Ah yeah, my bad. The vast majority of the community rejects it though; I think I'm the only one who used it as a standard.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Historia is basically the bible, imo.

      Posted by Guinea

  • I'm thinking of rethinking my ideas for Zelda fan works. I've decided that I want to base them more on dream experiences I've had rather than based them on a real world thing. So the fan stories will take place in a dream world version of Hyrule rather than a real world version of Hyrule. I have my reasons. I really want to at least make some kind of content in meantime to hold me over until I can officially start to release more original content without worry of my original ideas getting stolen.

    I've already had some of my original ideas technically kinda taken from me in some way or form as it is. I don't want to really lose them completely. So that's why I've decided that from now on, until I get a business license, I'm only going to focus on fan works or simple almost one-shot kind of ideas that I can get out easily.

    Posted by PJC

  • Nintendo is officially trying to bury the greatest franchise ever to the ground! They just announced a Link's Awakening remake, and now their back to bragging about Breath of the Wild again! All because of it's second year anniversary. Who cares?! Nobody cared about SS's second year anniversary (let alone the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh). Nobody cared about WW's or TP's anniversaries. Not even OoT until last year!

    But now, with BotW, we all have to worship that game every year since it's release cause this ever so greedy and arrogant new Nintendo told us so. I wish they'd just officially move on from that game already! It's like everytime I turn around, "Breath of the Wild this!" "Breath of the Wild that!". Just stop already! BotW is not the best video game ever! Let alone the best Zelda game! For me, SS is still, by far, the best Zelda game ever, and the only Zelda game to truly surpass OoT (story experience wise especially). However, there is one game that even surpassed all prior Zelda games to date, covering all bases! And that's ALBW!

    Perfect Artstyle, perfect gameplay, almost perfect story (but still better than past Zelda games in feeling and experience), perfect music (with that classic Zelda flare of the older games), and true to what the franchise is meant to be all about. The most perfect Zelda game to date. I've replayed through several times the first series of months since it was out. That's just how much fun I had with the game! The game was that fun and well worth playing over and over again. Not too long, but not too short either. All while still providing plenty of story and lore. Just how I like my kind of games.

    ALBW had a great intense story and plot. There was a big sense of suspense, drama, and also sadness and emotion. That moment when I saw Zelda turned into a painting, I quivered in horror and shock, with cold shivers crawling down my spine. The suspenseful rendition of Zelda's Lullaby really set the tone of the idea that Zelda just met a very horrifying horrible fate. Then there's moment when Gully's mom is looking for her son, all worried sick. Knowing what really happened to him really set that dark tone of suspense. It was like TP (with those friends of Link's and Zelda's sacrifice for Midna) all over again. But this time, on a whole other level. At least everyone in TP were still fine throughout the game. While in ALBW, it's like everybody died the moment they became paintings. The situation felt more serious and truly suspenseful. And it a world that seems all peaceful.

    Then Link goes to Lorule, and Link is now in a much darker world now than you thought possible. Everyone there is not as light-hearted and friendly as their Hyrulean counterparts. It is there that you see more of the sadness and emotion of the story when you realize why everything that happened happened. Hilda was leading a once prosperous kingdom now in ruin and run with chaos. Desperate to make things right again, she turned to Yuga of all people to save Lorule, over Lorule's own hero, Ravio.

    ALBW had a truly sad, dark, and tragic story that eventually ended on positive note when Link, with Ravio's, Hilda's, and Zelda's help and guidance along the way, saved both Hyrule and Lorule. It was one of the darkest and most saddest stories since LA!

    BotW had sad moments too. But it lacked a lot of the story that should've been there in the first place. And the gameplay experience, especially with the lack of real music straight up boring and terrible! About the only thing I ever did enjoy at all was the very little amount of the story that we're all lucky was even there at all.

    That said is why BotW is the worst Zelda game ever! And precisely why we all need to move on from that horrible game, and focus on the latest installment on the way, the Link's Awakening remake. The LA remake is the game we're supposed to be getting this year, not more BotW. So we (including Nintendo) should all be talking about LA, not BotW! Anyways, sorry that this was so long. I just had a lot to say.

    Posted by PJC

  • I am here to beat up your enemies. Where are they?

    Posted by Guinea

  • I know that some of you are sick of me going back an forth with drama, apologizing, and no drama. But, once again, I'm sincerely sorry for the drama. A lot of negativity has been going in my personal life lately that it's become natural for me to be always expecting the worst of things.

    I'm okay now. I'm not quitting Zelda. I've just been going through tough times. It's just hard for me to believe anything anymore, these days. A lot has changed in my life recently that has made things complicated for me.

    So that's why I keep jumping to conclusions of things and having mood swings. There are things I've learned in recent time and been experiencing lately that's still a lot for me to take in. I'm just so used following and living by a certain way whenever something new of Zelda is revealed. But the recent changes in my life, things are different and it's hard for me to adapt, regardless of how much really accept, respect, and welcome the change with warm arms consciously. Naturally instinctively, it's still hard to adapt.

    Please understand that I didn't mean to worry anybody. I was just going through another breakdown.

    You don't have to accept my umpteenth apology if you don't want to. Just want you all to at least understand that I was just going through another mood swing moment. Again, sorry I worried anyone.

    Posted by PJC

  • You know what. Fine, I quit being a Zelda fan! I can't say much more. But I don't know if I'm even allowed to be Zelda fan anymore, unfortunately.

    I can't enjoy my favorite video game franchise anymore. This decision has been made for me against my will. I never wanted this. But now I feel like I have no choice. I literally feel forced into this position. I'm tired of being treated like an enemy, when I'm not. I'm done.

    Maybe I just wasn't meant to be a fan this amazing franchise. Maybe I wasn't even meant to be into video games. After all it was Zelda that really got me into video games. If weren't for Zelda, I wouldn't be the hardcore gamer that I am today.

    It breaks my heart to know now that it's all not meant to be, simply cause I'm not allowed to be a Zelda fan. I don't have the approval.

    It hurts to know that I'm still living a nightmare, despite the fact that amazing Zelda remake that I've been waiting for was just announced.

    I can't even be myself anymore. I don't know who I am who I'm even meant to be anymore. Whoever was trying to make my life miserable and break my spirit and identity has officially succeeded.

    I know some of you are sick of my drama but goodbye forever. :(

    Posted by PJC

  • Well, the remake I knew existed since 2017 was finally revealed guys! That Link's Awakening remake I rambled on and on about that was heavily hinted at is finally here! I was wrong to doubt and lose faith. But I was right about this remake's existence!

    Hopefully this remake is good. The game looks great so far. But hopefully it doesn't end up turning out to be botched like BotW. Though, from that one trailer alone, I can surely tell that there's definitely hope for this one, unlike BotW.

    Posted by PJC

  • Should I even bother watching the Nintendo Direct guys? I'm really scared that I might be disappointed again. The suspense is killing me. :(

    And on top of that, I have a college English assignment to work on. Life is just insane right now. I'm literally in panic mode right now.

    Posted by PJC

  • At this point, as much a love Link, Zelda, and Hyrule from the game, I really don't care if the next Zelda game to come out and release is not canon, true, or whatever, just as it's fun to play and I get to more Link and Zelda action (even if it's wrong), I really just want a new cool fun Zelda game to play guys. Can you blame me? I just really love and care about all versions of Hyrule, timelines, Links, Zeldas, Hyrules that much, that I at least just want any games about them to just at least be fun to play and experience. That's all that really matters to me game wise at this point.

    That's just how I am. I grew up with this stuff. It's hard for someone like me follow by strict restrictions. I at least want to know what every Zelda game that comes is all about first before I judge. I mean I didn't really know for sure that BotW was bad until I played it after all.

    I'm at a point, where I really just want Zelda to be fun again. I miss the old days when I was a kid, when I didn't really care about a timeline. This whole this timeline is right or wrong or that timeline is right or wrong, this is Hyrule, that is Hyrule, really complicated things for not only me but everyone else as well.

    I wish Nintendo would at least come out with sub series where you could play as your own Link and live out your own Zelda story that doesn't have to be canon to the main series and can simply just exist separately.

    That way Nintendo can go back to focusing and caring about story in the main series while leaving their own personal creative liberty ideas in non-canon sub series games.

    I don't know, I just want Zelda to be fun again. :(

    I still want to tell my own story of my own different Hyrule. But I just want the official games to also be fun as well. I don't want it be where I'm reliance to make good Zelda games. Especially given that it's Nintendo's franchise, not mine. It should be their responsibility to get their *bleep* together, not mine. People like can't always be cleaning up the damage after them. We got stuff of our own to do and take care of.

    I also got original ideas that I want to make reality. So Nintendo better get stuff in order cause I can't keep working fan made stuff forever you know. Especially with the war that the lawyers of Nintendo declared against fan works getting more and more intense by the moment.

    Anyways, I must now conclude this with one last thing. Don't get your hopes up with today's direct. If something Zelda is actually finally shown, cool. If not, I still have right to believe the unfortunately that the series truly is in decline. Really, I just don't want anybody getting their hopes. It's better to just be skeptical simply cause it's just less painful that way.

    Posted by PJC

  • I really hope FSA gets a re-release.

    Posted by Guinea

  • I've been long and hard a lot lately on my new fan fiction project idea focused around the story of my alternate Hyrule idea. I've even considered drawing inspiration from the alpha/beta versions of Zelda games. As well as even the famous Ura Zelda and Zelda Gaiden. I've been going nuts with trying to figure what this other Hyrule is and all it's history that I'm still missing as a whole. I know the ending and what lead to it, but other than that, I'm still missing a lot more pieces than I thought.

    I've even thought about how in the first two Zelda games, Link originally had brown hair and brown eyes. But now, in recent years, that portrayal of that Link doesn't seem to be canon anymore. So I even considered drawing inspiration from that as well for this other Hyrule's Link. And for personal reasoning too. As in real life, I look just like the Link from Zelda I and II as he was originally intended to look, but actually doesn't in canon anymore for some reason. Even now I've always questioned that and why even that Link just anonymously became a blonde or orange blonde redhead. It really made me consider the possibility of another Link with brown hair who only exists in this other Hyrule, separate from the one we all know and love dearly.

    Anyways, that's all for now. Hope you all at least enjoyed the read of this update. And please free to stay tuned for future updates if interested.

    Posted by PJC

    • Very excited to see what you come up with in the future, PJC! Keep at it! I believe in you!

      Posted by Linkle

  • *gives PJC a limited edition SS copy signed by the entire Zelda Team staff*

    Posted by Guinea

    • Even though, I already have a copy of SS. But thanks anyway! lol!

      Posted by PJC

  • Hey everyone. I'm thinking of creating a brand new Zelda fan-fiction for the Creative Corner that carries over a lot of my more recent ideas and old ones. But the story will be about a very different Hyrule. As the story sets in a completely different timeline with it's own very different Hyrule, completely separate from the main official timeline and it's Hyrule.

    The Link, Zelda, and Ganon of this Hyrule are also very different. This Hyrule is a Hyrule I know and are quite well familiar with. This Hyrule is more historically accurate to our world and our timeline. This Hyrule is a Hyrule if there was Hyrule in our world a long time ago.

    I decided to go with this idea now due to some recent revelations that I can't talk about. I made a promise not to tell anyone the reasoning. I intend on keeping that promise for the sake of the ones whom I made the promise to.

    And I have to share this alternate history of a different Hyrule eventually.

    Not sure when or how I'm gonna tell this story though. But please stay tuned for more news. :)

    Posted by PJC

  • This might not be much coming from me but I wanted to say I understand your struggles too well. You're not alone in feeling the way you do - even if we won't see eye to eye when dealing with them.

    Best of wishes, you deserve the best from yourself, including striving to be better. Keep at it.

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • Hey PJC! I'm so bored! Would you like to theorize with me on some stuff??

    Posted by Guinea

    • Can't cause I can't post in the Zelda Forums sections anymore. I lost the privilege. :(

      Posted by PJC

    • That's a shame to hear. No one's stopping you from theorizing with Guinea over here though!

      Posted by gamtos

  • I know you hate seeing me say this so many times that it's grown stale on you all. But I am sorry. I am sorry to all of you. I truly sincerely am sorry. All I wanted was for people to happy. That's all. I never meant or intended for anyone to get hurt. But it seems that all of chose someone who is the antithesis of who I am over me, someone who truly is for real.

    I'm sorry that you all think I'm a monster. I don't expect you all to forgive me. You don't have to if you don't to. I just want you all to understand that I'm truly sorry for everything.

    If you all want me to leave, I'll leave. If you want to stay, I'll stay. Just please know that every time, I say I'm sorry, I actually do mean it from the bottom of my heart. It's just that a lot has been happening with me in recent time. Both real life, with video games, and on the internet. I'm just a very passionate and emotional person who takes everything I know and believe very seriously. That's all. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with me being myself. I should be allowed to be myself. I'm just so sad and sorry that me being myself has hurt people.

    Anyways, delete this post if you want. Or do whatever with me. Just as long as nobody gets hurt and that everyone is happy. That's all I care about.

    Posted by PJC

    • Stay! Stay! Stay!!!

      We forgive you!! Just don't leave, darn it!!!

      Posted by Guinea

    • Don't worry, I'm not leaving. I just can't post in the Zelda section forums anymore. :(

      Posted by PJC

    • Thank you for your apology.

      Posted by gamtos

  • After yesterday's gender debacle, I figured I ought to ask you what pronoun you prefer.

    Posted by Kokiri Kid

    • she/her cause I identify as female. I have no interest being a guy anymore. I have no more reason to be. I hate being male.

      Posted by PJC

    • If you want to be a girl, you have all the right to be considered a girl :3 Your gender is yours.

      Posted by FroyoClaus

  • Why can't I view the Zelda Forum sections?

    Posted by PJC

  • Hello there.

    How are you?

    I have recently seen you around the board, and though I do not much know you, I like still much of what I have seen.

    Thank you for the follow.


    Posted by Tead

  • I'm worthless. Everyone hates. Just got assaulted by an admin for a post I already deleted. I have no reason to be here. My life is lie. Oh, and did I mention that everyone hates me! And that I'm a worthless piece of garbage!

    I'm going kill myself right now.

    Posted by PJC

    • Please don't.

      Posted by SacredSturgeon

    • Why? I'm worthless. Nobody likes me anyways. I'm just nothing but a worthless shadow to all living beings is all. Who cares if I live or die? Nobody.

      Posted by PJC

    • You're not worthless. No one is. And I care if you live or die, and I'm sure plenty of other people do as well.

      Posted by SacredSturgeon

    • But you don't even know me. I don't even know myself. So why should I care about myself if I don't even know who I am?

      Posted by PJC

    • If you don't know who you are, you should go and find out! And you can't do that if you're dead.

      Posted by SacredSturgeon

  • I'm so bored!

    Posted by PJC

  • Sup!

    Posted by PJC

  • I'm leaving the site. I don't belong here. My whole life is probably a lie. I'm done. I have no reason to live. I'm an abomination! It's no wonder why my life sucks so much! And everyone has what I want, don't have, and can never have. Because I don't belong. I'm nothing but a worthless nobody shadow to humanity and all other living beings.

    I'm done with life.

    Posted by PJC

  • Sorry about the drama earlier! I was having a PTSD paranoia moment.

    Posted by PJC

    • I learned to live with your compulsion to vent explosively, most of the members have. I don't think you'll ever appreciate the gravity of our patience enough in that regard.

      But the word "sorry" is starting to have an expiration date for me.
      Every time you say you'll leave, "this time for good", a phrase which you have used 37 timed now, you insult the community in your passing.

      And the insults pile on.
      How we're all fake friendly. How we are butchering Zelda for you. How all of us are out to get you. How we're ignorant people who refuse to listen to your facts.

      The moderators may be removing these comments whenever you explode, but I remember.
      I know that might sound like a grudge to you, but if you keep doing the same thing over and over, how do you expect constant forgiveness?

      So let me just be real with you; apology not accepted.

      Stop being sorry and start being better. Regardless of what your circumstances are, this kind of toxicity is just unacceptable.

      Posted by gamtos

    • It all doesn't matter anymore cause I just found out today that I'm stupid and that my whole life is a lie. Oh, and that I suck! Cause I'm a worthless piece of garbage who literally lives and exists for no reason or purpose at all than just suffer a life full of lies. Being a fanatic of a stupid franchise that never had any relevance to me at all. Sometimes, life just sucks dude. It's time for me to move on. PJCLink is dead! Nothing but a freaking lie! Always has been. The person you knew on here was never meant to even exist. That was only just based on a lie. The truth is, I don't really know who I am. Not anymore. But I'm not anything to do with Link or The Legend of Zelda. I was wrong man! About everything! Not just about Zelda but my whole freaking life! I'm a worthless stupid ignorant moron!

      Posted by PJC

    • Berating yourself is not an apology.

      Say why you feel sorry, what parts you could have done better and how you'll improve in the future. Ask anyone here for help if necessary.

      As long as you're not doing this, apology not accepted.

      You hurt me, and I will expect a sincere apology before you leave.

      Posted by gamtos

    • What's feel sorry for. Now that everyone treating me like garbage. You got what you all wanted. You all broke me!

      Posted by PJC

    • This is not how adult communication works.

      I care a lot about making this a friendly, welcoming community. Every post I make, I think "how will my comment improve this thread?"

      So when you insult all the members of the community I love and work so hard for, including me, I feel hurt.

      You hurt me, and you don't show remorse, you show self-pity.

      I am doing this for your sake too. If you don't learn to communicate as an adult, you will not be able to be a part of any community. You will not be able to maintain healthy, respectful relationships.

      It is not the Zelda Universe forums. It is not the Zelda fandom. It is not social media in general that's the issue.
      Leaving this forum for another will not help unless you own up for your wrongdoings in a mature fashion.

      Apologize or stop talking because your drama is doing nothing to improve the situation.

      Don't say it doesn't matter, don't say it hopeless, because it matters to me.

      I am expecting a very simple thing of you.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Sorry for the drama guys!

    Posted by PJC

  • I might need another break guys! Someone may have just got me going again. :(

    Posted by PJC

  • Well, after some thought, I'm in a position now, we're can say that I am back. However, I still must steer clear of the Future Zelda section as everytime I post there, I always seem to keep drawing too much unwanted attention, which ends up stirring up drama, and sometimes worse, trouble/problems (especially in the past).

    I still don't know about Smash of Time yet, seeing as a youtuber just got shut down by Nintendo recently for posting Nintendo related content on Youtube. All the more proof that Nintendo didn't get rid of the NCP for the fans, but simply, only because they actually don't even care about the fans anymore, but only themselves. Nintendo only cares about themselves now. Otherwise they wouldn't be taking down fan videos off Youtube by force even more than ever now. Yes, now that NCP is gone, that means no more let's plays, machinimas, meme videos, and etc. Nintendo is plotting to take down every single one of them. They've become even more over protective of their work that they have no interest in working together or negotiating with the fans anymore. They simply don't care anymore. And this is all the work of Furukawa who is way much much worse than even Kimishima. At least Kimishima only just wanted his name to finally be truly recognized for once. But Furukawa wants more just recognition. He literally expects to be worshiped like a god! He's one of the most selfish human beings on this planet and it's sickening.

    Anyways, I'm getting a little carried away here. But yeah, point is, because Nintendo become so corrupt now, thanks to Furukawa, I don't think I can air Smash of Time now. Or even release fan games for that matter. But I do promise to figure out a safe way I can at least get the story of Smash of Time presented to you all in some way, cause I feel like Smash of Time's story really needs to seen by fellow other Zelda fans. I feel that it's very important at this point. As I hope it'll help to get people to think about things and hopefully to at least want to start trying to look at the bigger picture from now on, when it comes to Zelda. There's things and ideas in this story that people need to see and know about. Especially the ending of it all. I can't say much right now without spoiling anything. But the ending is quite sad, depressing, and very tragic. It's not your typical happy ending. In matter of fact, I wouldn't say it's happy at all. But I can't say it's not happy at all either, cause it could ruin the surprise twist that I can't spoil right now.

    I even thought of a sequel to Smash of Time for it were successful. A fan-show that would be even more much darker than it's predecessor. So, that's why I feel that it's important that people see this stuff. It's they both a very dark serious depressing stories that I feel like that people really need to see as it would change how people look at everything in the lore of Zelda and it even fits well with the things that even Aonuma himself has said about history that I agree with him on 100%.

    Anyways, I've talked long enough. I really wanted people to know that I am back and what's going on right now.

    Posted by PJC

  • I'm thinking of coming back active again here. But I still need more time of thought. I'm sorry for the drama from this past Tuesday, but I'm still mad about what happened. I don't want anything like that to ever happen again.

    I'm not done with Zelda. Just the New Zelda given birth by BotW. Everything from ALBW and prior are still within the Zelda that I love and am a big fan of. It's BotW and anything that comes after that I don't want any part of. Remakes, remasters, and ports maybe. But new games, especially if they follow by BotW's example (which they will), is what I don't want anymore.

    I'm a Zelda fan. Not a BotW's 'New Zelda' fan. As for Smash of Time, I don't know what do about that right now to be honest. Just make things clear of what's going on, before I go back to my break from the site. I still need more time guys. That incident left some pretty big hard damage on me. It's severely effected how I look at my fellow Zelda fans now. Because of that, it's become difficult for me to just forgive everybody like I always.

    I'm sorry but I can't just forgive people for making me look like an idiot, calling a "spoiled baby" just because I actually care about the hard facts and history that people should know and be well aware of by now. And because I actually look at the bigger picture and see things for what they are or (potentially) intended to be while everyone else just sees everything like nothings special at all, forgetting about things like what's in front of them has meant something before. I honestly just can't forgive people who attack and/or ignore facts, the obvious, or what makes sense. Even if it's just my opinion. Attacking someone for having a differing opinion, treating them like they know nothing is only going to start conflicts. And people who do that don't deserve forgiveness.

    However, because I'm so kind, I keep forgiving those kinds of people anyways, hoping that they will change their attitude someday. But they don't. They never change! So why should I bend down to them and forgive them, especially even if when they expect an apology from me, even after what they did. I don't tolerate that. Victims aren't the ones who should apologize, the ones who hurt/attacked them are. From now on, I expect apologies from those who hurt or attacked me if they ever want my forgiveness. Which I guarantee is never going to happen, cause I've already read them inside and out. I know what kind of people they are. And they're not the kind that apologizes for their wrongs.

    Anyways, I've blabbed enough. I just wanted to make things clear to everyone of my current status. Maybe if people stop treating me like crap, I'll consider coming back 100%.

    Posted by PJC

    • I hope you don't leave, I really like reading your posts and I do agree that sometimes people are mean for no other reason than to be mean.

      As for BotW, I was indifferent. There are things I like, and things I don't, some being, (like you) the Champions Tunic being the main tunic for Link, and the lack of original dungeons.

      I think that, honestly, the next Zelda game will go back to more original style dungeons. I just don't see them doing the Divine Beast thing again, what with them all being so similar.

      A lot of gaming franchises have let me down over the years, and sometimes they bounce back to what made them so great in the first place, and I have hope that the same will happen with Zelda.

      But anyway, I'm sorry you've been having a rough time on here lately (i've had some rough spots myself) but you really are a cool person and I hope you stick around.

      Posted by Guinea

    • Sorry for the late reply. I really needed some time think about things before coming back. I am thinking of being back now. But it won't exactly be 100%. I'll just post something in headcanons or something. But still be sort of in and out. I'm staying out of the Future Zelda threads for now still. So I'm only gonna focus on the headcanons. Later on, when I get something going for my fan works or even original stuff I'll start posting things in the Creative Corner again.

      Anyways, yeah, there were things I liked about BotW, but the all the things I hate about it always killed any positive feelings I had about the game. Most especially that Champion's Tunic which should be a starter clothing, not the main story essential attire of Link. The Tunic of the Wild should've been the main story essential hero's attire, not the Champion's Tunic. Especially given that Link already wore it 100 years prior, when he was a champion, and lost. So it should've been seen as a reminder of his defeat. In present, he's no longer Champion cause the champions of his and Zelda's time are dead. So he has no need to wear that thing anymore. He should be wearing the Tunic of the Wild from that moment forward, since he became the hero of that time. The true ending would been better if it had him wearing the Tunic of the Wild instead of the Champion's Tunic. But only if Link obtained the Tunic of the Wild. Which he should've been able to obtain much sooner anyways.

      And yes, the next game does need to bring back traditional dungeons. I missed being able to fight a whole variety of enemies in dungeons rather than just solve puzzles which is literally all you did in BotW's dungeons. I liked that at least did have a focus on a particular element gimmick for each Divine Beast. Vah Ruta was water based. Vah Medoh was wind, sky, and air based. Vah Rudania was dark and somewhat burning heat based. Vah Naboris was electric/thunder based. And the final trial had all elements. All while the actual final dungeon of the game, Hyrule Castle actually had what all the other dungeons were missing. Enemies. And for the price of lack of puzzles. When all dungeons should've all had a balance of both just like the previous games.

      Speaking of enemies. The enemy variety was so small, thin, stale, and repetitive that it is was way underwhelming and boring, always fighting the same enemies and overworld bosses and mini bosses over and over again. In the next game, we need all the missing enemies to make a big grand return (and yes, redeads included). When I first saw that ruined Hyrule Castle town, I was hoping and expecting to see redeads finally make a return to 3D Zelda after their strange absence from SS. Especially since redeads were the enemies found in the market in OoT. But alas, I was disappointed to only see the ever so stale and repetitive Guardians there instead. Which does make sense as they were the ones that destroyed the town. But it shouldn't have effected the chances of there being redeads there. After all, there people there, who died from that incident. Yet, not a single one was reanimated into a form of redead? That's what happened in OoT. So why not here? Redeads and all sorts of other undead should've been roaming all over Hyrule, given to the amounts of people who died 100 years prior to the present time of the game. But instead, Nintendo just only cared more about overusing the famous Guardians, all cause of how famous that one teaser trailer made them.

      But hey, at least we got the Yiga Clan which were a lot like the Gibdos as they were in the Zelda cartoon in terms of capabilities. That is better than nothing I suppose. We never did see what they actually looked like underneath. Or whether or not they were actually alive or undead. I do find it weird how the Yiga Clan were supposedly founded thousands of years prior, but yet they still exist. That just seems fishy. Not to mention that they're one of the ones who come back when the Blood Moon happens. So, that pretty much settles it, they're already dead.

      And yes, I do hope that the new Zelda will at least try to respect the vital traditions and traditional lore of the series more than BotW did in some form. We need the importance of Link's green tunic back. We need a serious variety of enemies like past games. A bigger variety of real music (including for the main overworld, not just for almost anything but). Traditional dungeons. And weapons that can last longer, with the addition of a durability bar, storage system, and repair system. That would make a much better Zelda game than Breath of the Wild.

      Anyways, yes, I will stick around. But I just need a long break from the Future Zelda section. I only want to stick with whatever works best for me and everyone else from now on.

      Sorry, I worried. And thanks for always showing that you actually care, unlike a certain other who always thinks he has to pick arguments with me everytime he sees me posting, just because he can't just put differences aside and have a civil discussion with me for once in his life.

      Anyways, I hope everything will go back to normal soon, just don't know how long that would take.

      Posted by PJC