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  • You're alive!!! :3nod

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  • Poke.

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  • Thanks Dys! I wanted something artistic but :) I've been really good. I got promoted to Manager of the Training department at work, and am leaving on vacation on Tuesday across the country (from Boston) to California to visit some friends for a week. How about you? What's new? I miss hearing from you

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  • <3

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  • K

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  • Hey, there :3

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  • I appreciate it, and I have sent my response. I can't wait to continue the less time-sensitive one, though. ^___^

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  • I just wonder how Link's hat stays on when he's in battles and stuff.

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  • Yeah it was really great! He cares so much about his fans <3

    Yeah, straight up last 5 artists :DD

    It's so much fun. I haven't had this much fun in a Zelda game in a long time, and I've only played one DW game years ago. Just don't take it too seriously and it's awesome :D

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  • *Grins* The expert on Link, you say? I like the sound of that.

    I really, really like his hands, btw. They look so elegant but we all know they aren't.

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  • I'll likely get to it tomorrow. I have a busy afternoon and won't have the time to give a proper response. Haha, and I think I could really enjoy university if it's like you say.

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  • Yes indeed, though it was a discussion with him I started yesterday before work that I was referring to, he has yet to responde a second time and I want to know what more he has to I implied, it's true that there's quite a bit for him to read over though. lol I think I'm gonna run and get a copy of Hyrule Warriors now, then I'll maybe be off to get my passport stuff sorted out, tis a busy day for Digital God. :b

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  • Ahaha, yeah, but I think he looks stoned. Or is that just me?

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  • Hi Dys! Sorry for the late reply to this. I'm really glad you're enjoying WUAB! I remember when that album was coming out, two songs at a time for over a year. The anticipation I got for each chapter was incredible :D

    Aw, thanks for the recommendations! I'm sad to say that they're not really my cup of tea, however. I've never been big on the old school sound or the indie stuff. I'm much more into my modern stuff.

    Tell you what, let's do something fun and totally not cliché. Tell me who the last five artists are that you discovered/got into/bought music by and I'll take a listen to them and then we'll switch. Because originality be damned.

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  • Indeed xD I think basing it on sounds of syllables is more difficult, and even more entertaining. I feel like thought has to be put into this. I love making word games.

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  • What might this fun idea be?

    And what made this week so hectic?

    And I would love to converse with you more ^~^

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  • man I gotta hop on this Mafia shit cause it's like, the Destiny of ZU :p Just sucking everyone's lives away.

    Ah, well, glad to hear you're at least getting better! I'm catching up on stuff as well, mostly due to lack of internet. Will have it in a week though, thank god x 3x

    My weekend was composed of nothing but drafting, sketching, and lineart-ing manga pages. I'm doing a new series soon in November so I'm getting a buffer set up.

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  • Yeah, you could say that. I'm playing TP and I...I'm just glad that steam vents don't REALLY hurt Link. And how does my avatar-changing amuse you?

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  • Lol, well if you think it seems like a good riddle I may save it for my next turn up to bat and let you have a whirl at it then!

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  • *Pokes*

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  • Well, it's technically Malia's, but I think you know that already; if not, you're not following Mafia Comics and that's, like, a crime against humanity.

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  • Hey, you gotta keep your Kratos avatar. Or at least Kratos as an avatar. For real. Trust me on this.

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  • Miajn opiniojn religiajn (angle):

    With your background, I feel that you can understand some of my reasoning:

    The words "god" or "deity" and various other terms of the sort are not very well-established. Countless cultures throughout history have different definitions for what a god is to them. So, I can't say, exactly, that I don't believe there is a "god" because the sun has been worshipped and praised and has been thought to be god, but I can prove the existence of the sun. If a sun-worshipper were to confront me and ask me if I believe in god, after having been explained that he/she thinks that the sun is god, then I would not be sure exactly how to answer when given that paradigm.

    As well, other religions have many tangible items which they consider to be gods or higher powers. Some sects of Hinduism view Krishna as a herd of cattle, [I]but[/I] I know that cows exist. Do I believe in god?

    I mean, even Yahweh, the Jewish god, has claims of him appearing as a cloud, and looking out my window right now, I see many clouds. Does that mean I believe in god?

    I am going to use the following image for this next part of my explanation:


    I tell someone I would like to drink water. To carry the water, he uses the object in the image above. He tells me, "I would have given you a green fork, but someone just used the last one." He is referring to the item used to carry the water as a "fork".

    So, much like this underdeveloped fork metaphor, "gods" are given names. The name is, in a sense, irrelevant. What truly matters is what it is (or, the characteristics thereof).

    This is also much like me asking, "Sandy, do you enjoy me?" In this situation, I am not asking if you enjoy the word "me", nor am I asking if you enjoy the word "Leland" or "Yawn" or any titles attributed to me; I am asking if you enjoy my characteristics and behaviour (and so on).

    Unlike the word "fork", which has been used to describe an object with specific characteristics, the word "god" has many adjectives which are attached to it, and not all adjectives apply to all gods. And with most every religion I have studied and/or followed (I have followed a decent number of religions), I have found issues with the adjectives that are used to describe the deities they worship.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I enjoy discussion.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Mi diskutos miajn opiniojn religiajn en mia sekva afi&#349;o.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Oh, neuroscience is way to coplex to me, but i find it extremely fascinating. Too bad Discovery C hannel isn't good enough to approve a test :lol:

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  • Mi afi&#349;os la solva&#309;ojn venontsemajne kiam mi afi&#349;os la demandojn sekvajn. Ci povas partopreni, se ci volas.

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  • Hahaha, I wanted to think of a cool Mithos move that I could use as a pun, but all I can think of is like....Indignation and Holy Lance :p Noooo idea how to use those names :p

    Btw did you see that Kratos used Judgement in the ToS anime? That actually kinda annoyed me. He should have used like Grave or something, not a Mithos move.

    And actually yeah! The graphics are vibrant and pretty, it looks like a PS3 game. Also the dialog in battle is subtitled, which is great cause I have NEVER been able to understand what they were saying in battles. And it comes with the Japanese opening music over the classical stuff they give us North Americans. And it has new anime cut scenes :3

    Also....... this might not make sense, but remember how the options let you costimize the windows? Like the frame and color? Well in the remake it is automatically set up EXACTLY like I had it when I played it :3 With the gold frame, and brown being the color used for everything. It fits the game perfectly :3 I thought that was just cool :3

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Gah, you have an awesome avatar :3

    I am actually replaying ToS right now :3 I finally got my PS3, and the ToS remake. Its amazing, even better than it was on gamecube.

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats