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  • Woah what the? Banned?

    Posted by Cajbaj

  • Haha, hopefully that is a pleasant experience for you. To be honest, I was just looking for the Vikings Logo on Google Images and saw it. It was too perfect to not make my avatar.

    Posted by Bill

  • Your avatar... It requires context... xD

    Posted by linkthezora

  • Hey, you should add a thread marker for your SD thread, to help curate the kind of discussion you want.

    Posted by Pennington

  • Happy Thanksgiving and birthday!

    Posted by Guinea

  • I wish you a happy birthday and Thanksgiving!

    Posted by Mr.Miyamoto

  • Hello,

    How are things with you?
    What have you been up to since the last we spoke?

    I have been busy with my artwork. I have a new thread: Tead and the World of Art, if you are interested.
    I think you will like what I have posted there.

    What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
    Will you be visiting with Family?

    I will be calling home and talking with as many of my relatives as I can.
    I think that will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.

    I wish you and yours the best for Thanksgiving.

    Posted by Tead

    • Oooh I'd love to see your art! I'll check it out!

      I recently wet to a convention to meet an online friend and we dressed up as Zelda characters! Also my birthday was a few days ago and I feel OLD. I'm Canadian so thanksgiving for me was in October. I wish you a great Thanksgiving with your family though :D

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • in the adult timeline after the destruction of Old Hyrule the pirates travel to a new world to live and build on too... maybe botw is like the same or a start of a new; timeline of the adult era. Think about it. In the wind waker old Hyrule was destroyed. skip the phantom hourglass, like zelda waited 10,000 years to wake up link in the shrine of resurrection, to spirit tracks Tetra rebuilds New Hyrule. In Breath of the wild, Zelda puts Link in the shrine of resurrection to heal Link's wounds for the future coming of the calamity Ganon.

    my reply is: thank you that was the answer I was looking for!

    Posted by THE LORD VALORN

    • Zelda waited 100 years though, the 10000 years was prehistoric Hyrule civilization

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • I can't do this on Guineamane's wall so I'm forced to do so here: Guineamane literally went into a thread designated for survivors of sexual assault to share their experiences and said they would deserve it based upon how they dressed. Intentionally or otherwise, this is a perpetuation of the rape culture highly prevalent in our society. While you are free to comfort him, not that I understand why you think his hurt feelings is worse than the sexual assault experiences shared by the women there, you really should not be doing so by misrepresenting what occurred or what was said within the thread. Not one called him a rapist. They, accurately, described that he shared the outlook that so many rapists and perpetrators of sexual assault espouse.

    Posted by Avalanchemike

    • I do not think that his hurt feelings are worse than sexual assault victims. I myself am a victim of sexual assault as mentioned on that very thread. Furthermore, I don't agree with his statements regarding the way women dress.

      I just feel that aggression towards him, when he's just as much against rape himself, isn't helpful. Aggression doesn't bring people together, it pushes people far far away. The idea of the thread is to bring people together so I think that aggression is counterintuitive. I don't believe he genuinely meant that people are asking to be assaulted based on the way they dress, you'll have to ask him for more clarity on that matter. I understand both sides, really.

      I'd just like to see aggression toned down period, there's no way anyone is going to be able to come together if pitchforks come out the moment views dissent.

      The bottom line is, everyone here is against rape, and we all want to prevent people from becoming victims. Feminist or not; we're all on the same side.

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • He told victims of sexual assault they deserved it for how they dressed. What reaction other than aggression should be expected?

      And frankly why would anyone want to come together with someone who espouses the views of their assailants?

      Posted by Avalanchemike

    • Like I said, I understand both sides. I do understand why genuine victims would be upset to hear that. I think the dispute was all a big misunderstanding.

      I just think that fighting fire with fire is the wrong approach. Is there no way, that as a community (Zelda Universe) amends can be made? I thought that the concept of being a moderator meant to moderate between both sides of a dispute in order to maintain the community.

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Fighting fire with fire is the only way to force change or to fight for justice. You need not look further than MLK Jr and Malcom X to see that without radical force for change there can be no change to the status quo. Without them and the violence they brought against those who would have held them down, there is no civil rights movement. There is no LGBT rights movement without the violence of Stonewall. There is no end to slavery without a civil war. There is no end to Nazism in Germany without a World War. You cannot make nice with your oppressors. They will merely use it to keep you down.

      Posted by Avalanchemike

    • I feel that in our current society, there's no need for such aggression. The only people that deserve to be punished for oppression, are the oppressors themselves. Which is why when someone commits rape, when someone sexually assaults a woman; they are sent to jail and punished. As they should be.

      That is why I'm content with our current society in that regard, and why I think the aggression the modern feminist movement should relax a bit. The agression is pushing away people that would naturally side with them. And those people that are pushed away, are easily scooped up and manipulated to join the alt right. The conflict between the far left, and far right seems unnecessary to me.

      Sorry for going on a tangent, I hope there are no hard feelings. This is a good discussion.

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • Not gonna lie, I almost banned you when I tried to follow you back just now. x3

    Posted by Kaylin

  • I have seen you around and I just wanted to say hello.
    How have you been?


    Posted by Tead

    • Hi Tead, nice to meet you. Your profile pic looks interesting, what is it?

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Oh. Thanks. It has been equally nice to meet you.

      That is just the default avatar for this board; I just added the sunglasses and the mouth, that is all. I had a lot of fun making it though; I have received a lot of compliments regarding it, and I have won an award for it here this Summer.

      I have read about yours; you have mentioned that it would be interesting to have a middle-aged Link here on the forums. That was a very good choice.

      Do you play any current games?

      Posted by Tead

    • Yeah my Avatar is from Hyrule Total War. I beat BoTW and ALBW and Hyrule Warriors so I guess that counts as recent. I got BoTW on Wii U, since the game was originally Zelda Wii U >:T

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Posted by N64


      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Imma all 6-pack abs donned NAO

      Posted by N64

    • Now we're talking!

      I'm working on getting a 6-pack irl >:D I hope it's worth it and people will care :c

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Great! Post pics when you get em :mastahsword:

      Posted by N64

    • I like how your drawing has OoT Link hair, that's the best Link hairstyle imo. Nice and combed, rather than the messy hairstyles he has in later games.

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • Hm. Random question, but what exactly appeals to you of a Link with beard? :>

    Not saying I would particularly like the idea, but I felt like being random and asking you of it, since your avatar is, well, that xD

    Posted by FroyoDragon

    • Heya! sorry fot the late reply.

      This image is from an awesome game called Hyrule: Total War. I thought it would be cool to see Link middle aged for once, since all his adventures are of him as a child or teenager. After Link completes his adventure, does he spend the rest of his adulthood living a casual life? I was always curious of the idea of what each iteration of Link does for the rest of their adulthood after their destiny is completed. I imagined he either joins the Hylian Army or continues adventuring. The idea of Link settling down seemed like a waste of his talent and body throughout his adult years, so a middle aged Link in action seems cool to me xD

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Ahhh, I see what you mean. I've heard of HTW, don't know much about it, though.

      I always imagined Link to remain youthful-looking, even when getting older, myself. Kinda like the Link from the SS manga :>

      Posted by FroyoDragon

    • You should look it up, it's really cool. I always thought SS Manga Link was still a teenager young adult :o

      I can't wait for TP Manga to come out, I remember reading the others when I was in middle school.

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • I think the TP manga is already out though :o haven't looked it up xD

      I loved the OoT, MM and SS mangas, myself x.x need more of that, lol

      Posted by FroyoDragon

    • Awooooooo woooo!

      Posted by N64

  • Glad to know others here have taken a liking to Hyrule Total War. I'm pretty new to it though...I have no idea how to play Total War...and my Hyrule Historia seems to be broken. Ah well at least there will be a new patch out in a few days.

    Posted by Okami Takahashi

    • Hyrule Total war isn't too popular on Zelda Universe :C

      But yeah I love it! It can be pretty confusing at first, but I'd recommend starting in the custom scenario mode where you attack or defend a settlement. It's always fun to choose Hyrule Prime as a map and do a defence there.

      In battles the idea is the move your soldiers around the map in tactical places. And use siege to invade keeps and stuff when you are on the offensive.

      Freeform campaign is super fun. You get to choose a faction and decide how you want to conquor Hryule, who you want to ally with, and who you want to betray (ultimately the goal is to take over the entire map so at endgame you will have to betray everyone and it will just be two factions duking it out).

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • ever play mafia/werewolf? there's a game looking for players currently in the community central. If you'd have the time I'd recommend checking it out and seeing if you wanna sign up, it's pretty fun and we have a nice community of players there

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

    • Oh I used to play Mafia! I don't know if I have time to join another one though, I might as well. Sure!

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • What's up? I haven't chatted with you in so long!

    Are you back on ZU ready for some E3 Zelda news?

    Cause I'll admit I've been pretty absent until recently.

    Posted by Ryano

    • Oh hey! Yeah I'm back(ish)! Good to see you again :D

      Yeah, I'm a bit curious to see what E3 has to offer! I bet your baby is growing up fast :3

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Awesome! Yeah I hope Zelda blows us all away.

      She just celebrated her 2nd birthday! It's crazy...especially when I think that she was just a newborn when we first saw Zelda U...

      Posted by Ryano

    • Sounds exciting! Right now I finished my second year at university. Did not like it at all haha xD It's film studies, but there's a lot of electives I have to take, and the film stuff isn't really hands on. I'd love if I could become an animator.

      I'm having trouble finding motivation these days.

      Posted by HylianKnight

    • Having 2 years of school under your belt already is quite an was always tough for me because I was never sure where I was headed or what I would want to do. If you want to do animation at least you're in the right place, you just need to get into the right classes. Stick it out and you'll find it is absolutely worth it.

      I understand, but trust'll find it even hard to be motivated when you're at a job you don't really care for simply out of the necessity to work and feeling like you have no other choice available to you.

      Good luck man! Seriously

      Posted by Ryano

    • Thanks! I'm working on my art skills over the summer, hopefully I'll get somewhere. :)

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • Hey are you still hanging around? Really I should ask if you've come back since the forums launched?

    Posted by Ryano

    • I'm alive-ish. I don't go to the forums. I'm writing Zelda Articles and trying to apply to this site to write articles. I feel more people will pay attention to an article rather than a thread.

      Posted by HylianKnight

  • You know, I've always wanted to try out that game.

    Posted by Windra

  • Aww, those are cute. What game are they from?

    Posted by Windra

  • It is, but I'm smoking an electric cigarette, one that doesn't actually contain smoke and nicotine and tar.

    Posted by gamtos

    • The propylene glycol in e-cigarettes will cause health probs, bud

      Posted by N64

  • I used to have the occasional cigarette but I only mooched some off of a friend and I haven't really hung out with him in months. So far I haven't had much of an urge for one, guess I got lucky and quit before I could get hooked.

    Posted by gamtos

  • 34, though I look surprisingly much like 21.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Thanks! He's one of my favs too! ^^

    Posted by $lappy jack55

  • It Is Always My Birthday

    Posted by gamtos

  • So are you going to catch the Direct when it airs? I can't believe we're finally getting a look at Zelda U

    Posted by Ryano

  • Well, I don't know that it sucks, just that it LOOKED bad. I didn't want to make the thread entirely about being either for or against my opinion.

    Posted by ibLeo

  • i don't like that type of dog

    Posted by interestingdrug

  • Thanks! They're seriously lacking details right now IMO, but as we get more discussion during the Day cycles, I'll have more to work with :DD

    Posted by Spagh

  • It's supposed to be a mareep.

    Posted by NeonGreenSheep