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  • I challenge you to a theory-off. Whoever comes up with the most interesting theory wins. BEGIN!!!

    Posted by Fubsy

  • Hello Mr. Coffee, you seem to have the same birthday as my wife. Sadly, since you are not my wife, I am not obligated to give you any gifts or other signs of extravagance, so instead I will wish you a happy birthday and unlimited starbucks gift cards...

    Which I will not provide.

    But... It's the thought that counts.

    Posted by Scarly Crow

    • This is so good I want to keep eeading this over and over sorry for the late response xoxo

      Posted by gamtos

  • Happy birthday, fellow June 29th-er. ^^

    Posted by Chel

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by GamerKitty205

  • Happy Birthday !

    Posted by HeroOfTime5

  • Happy Birthday

    Posted by Scribe of Spirit

  • Happy birthday :)

    Posted by Lady Sunshine

  • Heppy beppy!

    Posted by EzloSpirit


    Posted by JP the Neurotic

  • Happy birthday, gamtos. I hope its a good one, and that you enjoy it.

    Posted by Fubsy

  • !sotmag yadhtriB yppaH

    Posted by TruEdge67

  • Always remember to look twice before crossing the street, and don't take candy from people you don't know. Just trying to look out.

    Posted by Fubsy

  • Fine!

    Be gamtos!


    Posted by Tead

    • Can't stop won't stop buddy.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Turkey and cheese wrap.


      Posted by Tead

    • I don't know what that means but don't let that stop you, you absolute wild child.

      Posted by gamtos

    • gamtos, hello.

      At the time I wrote the above I was eating a Smoked Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese Wrap. It also had a nice Spicy Jalapeno Mustard for fun.

      So, there!

      Posted by Tead

    • God bless, Tead.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Hmmm... it seems I shall be having Jam on Toast tonight.

    Just Kidding.

    Hello Gamtos. How are you doing on this fine day?

    Posted by BackSet

  • Hello gamtos,

    I wanted to do something nice to celebrate my 10,000th post here on the forums.
    So, rather than to post something on The Main Board, I have decided to share by posting a message to some of my most favorite people of the forums.

    I know that you say Forum Games do not count, but I believe that is message counts for something.
    I hope that you do as well.

    I wish to be here for many more post, gamtos, and I always hope to be able to visit with you here.

    You are one of my favorites, and I hope that you will take very excellent care of yourself.

    Posted by Tead

    • Thanks Tead.

      Profile comments [i]definitely[/i] don't count though :p

      Posted by gamtos

    • Well, such a shame.

      I was hoping that you would at least share with me.

      You are still one of my favorites, gamtos.
      I will never give up on you!


      Posted by Tead

    • Thanks Tead.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Gem Toss

    Posted by FroyoDragon

  • Woah, nice avatar. Who drew you? It looks amazing.

    Posted by Moe

    • I did, long back. Traced a picture though, wanted to practice rotoscoping.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Hello,

    I became you by playing too many Forum Games.


    Posted by Tead

  • But seriously.

    What exactly is the difference?

    Posted by Tead

    • I'm gamtos. That's unique by default.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Oh, I was hoping for a much better answer than that.

      I mean, something with some proof, at least!

      Heck, anyone can say that they are gamtos....
      Not that many would, but!

      What else do you have?

      Posted by Tead

    • He aggresses, I respond.
      He leaves, I stay.
      He likes FG, I don't.
      I'm gamtos, and no one else has the right.

      Posted by gamtos

    • I guess the above is a response....
      Well, it is nice with him gone!
      I believe you do like Forum Games as well. Since you play Caption the Screenshot.
      I do suppose few would admit to such a thing....

      Ok, you could be gamtos....though, I am not entirely certain!

      How do I know that I am not gamtos?

      Anyone could type Tead.

      Posted by Tead

    • I honestly get frustrated and unsubscribe to every FG thread I posted in.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Game toast

    Posted by Cody

    • Banned. Banned from the forums, banned from Lithuania.

      Posted by gamtos

  • I'm sorry about the Coffee Appreciation thread. Anyway imo alcohol + coffee is not good for the mind.

    Posted by >:3

  • Remember the Ghini I did years back?
    You expressed the desire to commission a Ghini for yourself back then.…ostID=5234739#post5234739

    Posted by Thanatos-Zero

  • I have missed gamtos!
    Have you seen him around?

    I like your new avatar, though, I certainly do miss your old one!

    How have you been, gamtos?

    Posted by Tead

    • That is a silly thing Tead, I'm here every day! :)

      I miss my old avatar as well but no one can stop my Smash Bros hype

      Posted by gamtos

    • I suppose you are here every day, still, I have not seen many of your post.
      You must have been posting to threads that I do not, or do not frequent.

      Smash Bros does seem as though it will be a cool game.
      Are there any other games that you enjoy as much?

      Anything of interest happening in The World of gamto(TM)?

      What have you been up to?

      Posted by Tead

    • Mostly I've just kept on keeping on. I sang a few days ago in front of an audience, that was cool.

      I don't appreciate any game as much as Smash Bros, but to name a random game I liked, try out "The Witness". It's very calming.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Spagh! You retired from modding?

    Posted by Justin ZW


      He did! Or well, retired from adminning, in fact.

      Neither of us retired from #spagtos yet though.

      Posted by gamtos

    • ... What? Is this a shared account? I'm so confused.

      Posted by Justin ZW

    • No, I'm gamtos, a different person. I have been here for over five years and have more than 17000 posts. Hello, pleased to meet you.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Sorry, that was rude. My ego felt a bit chipped, haha.

      Spagh and I just have a longstanding ship name, because we're attractive men who like each other. Hence I think we've both used the custom user title #spagtos since... 2015? 2014?

      Posted by gamtos

    • Ohhh, so I completely mistook you for him. My bad! Sorry, I just recently returned to ZU after about a 2 year hiatus. I was our head of devops (which means I was in charge of our servers), and I remember Spagh from before I left.

      Posted by Justin ZW

  • I like your new Avatar.

    Also, you're about to hit 100,000 points!

    Posted by Tri Force

  • As long as you keep posting in these forums, ZU will be ok.

    I'm serious!

    Posted by Fubsy

    • Yes and no. It takes all of us working together to keep ZU the beautiful home it is.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Then, as long as you work hard, ZU will be beautiful.

      Also, me and you should come up with the ultimate theory, of all time.

      @LLLLLink We need your help. Get in on this.

      I'm thinking something like... Golden Goddess/Hylia creation theory stuff. If we put our brains together, we'll have a damn good theory.

      Posted by Fubsy

  • Are you feeling better? I saw you mentioned nearly fainting on Saturday.

    Posted by Jehanne

    • Yeah, had my first workday. I've regained my appetite but I'm still lightheaded. Gonna see if I have some iron- and vitamin b12 supplements lying around and go to bed early.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Do you have a way to check your own blood pressure? Please do drink lots of water. I take it that you will see a doc if it doesn't clear up soon?

      Posted by Jehanne

  • I challenge you to a battle of wits!

    Posted by Fubsy

  • Hey hey ^^

    Posted by CamulaHikari

    • Hey cutiepants, welcome to a great place on the internet

      Posted by gamtos

    • And if your only action on this forum was to say "hey" to me, the great gamtos, then that's a job well done.

      Posted by gamtos

  • All hail gamtos.

    Posted by Fubsy