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  • Is this a deltarune reference

    Posted by GodHimself

  • (Just so you have an easier time comprehending 1 of my recent posts):

    "@gamtos Remember how I said that choosing either the 3 Strange Flutes of either Ricky, Moosh, &/or Dimitri would *HAVE* to take place on 3 different timelines?!
    Well, basically, I really think that they *SHOULD* have given us 3 different Timelines for the Linked Ending, as well, so that TWINROVA would either kidnap ZELDA, *(SHUDDERS)* FARORE, &/OR LINK, to revive Ganon/(dorf), instead of giving us only 1 Linked Ending that some of us may *LOATHE*, also, I would prefer that AOL come before OOX on the Timelines where OOTURA -> MM -> ALTTPGBA -> FS (possibly the Anniversary Edition), -> FSA -> SC2 -> LADX/AST -> BSLOZ -> AOL -> OOX take place in that order, & so TWINROVA could be behind the plot to sacrifice Link, (as well as possibly the Male Hero-of-Light), & the current, (non-slumbering), Zelda could potentially save the Male Heroes, (with the Heroine-of-Light aiding the current Zelda), & there really *SHOULD* have been more references to AOL right from the beginning in OOX, because there is *ABSOLUTELY* hardly *ANY* excuse('s) to make all of those numerous references to the original LOZ, *WITHOUT* making @least some more reference('s) to AOL, (where neither the Sleeping Zelda, nor the current Zelda, were sacrificed, (nor Farore), but LINK, (& possibly the Male Hero of Light)!! :mastahsword:
    & the Heroine('s) could help rescue the Male Hero('es) as well, & they could even incorporate the extra discarded Hours/Colors aspects from the TriForce Trilogy into the 2 extra Linked Endings!!
    Besides which, out of every other Zelda Villain('s), (@LEAST THUS-FAR), TWINROVA are the best for kidnapping Link, because:
    1) While it may not be as significant for them as the other Gerudo, the way the other Gerudo treat most men/little boys, (aside from the Demon King, himself, for obvious reasons), most certainly *WOULD* affect them to a more-or-less significant extent!!
    (I even recall 1 if the formerly imprisoned carpenters saying that aside from the old witches, (I.e., the Hyrulean Koume & Kotake), the band of thieves wasn't really that scary, which seems to imply that the Hyrulean Koume & Kotake treat most men & boys very badly indeed, @LEAST relative to the rest of the Zelda Villains, @LEAST thus far)!!
    2) & they also even *TALK ABOUT OFFERING LINK AS A SACRIFICE TO GANON/(DORF)!!!* :mastahsword:
    "Look at that stupid kid! He came on his own to offer himself as a sacrifice to
    the great Ganondorf..."
    ...Besides which...
    3) The :evil: type of witches more-often victimize young men/little boys in most of our own mythology/legends/folklore/fairy-tales, etc., (@LEAST compared to the Male villain('s), I.e., vile Wizards / :evil: Wind-Mages/Warlocks, (the only exception to that general rule that I can think of, off of the top of my head, would be "Jack & The Bean-Stalk"), (even in some of the more well-known examples), so yeah, I think I've built a good case as to why OOX ought to be redone, (in addition to AOL, which desperately needs a properly-expanded remake, anyhow, not to mention, the current problems with the 1 mismatched color/2 mismatched attributes of the Dark Flame('s))!!
    Hope this is @LEAST somewhat more understandable!! ;)
    EDIT: Not to mention: If Veran manages to trap LINK, :mastahsword: near the end of OOA, & the monsters in AOL manage to (sometimes), spill LINK'S BLOOD, :mastahsword: TWINROVA could *OBVIOUSLY ACCOMPLISH BOTH OF THESE THINGS, ESPECIALLY IF THEY APPEAR IN VERSION('S) OF AOL, & ARE BEHIND THE PLOT TO REVIVE GANON/(DORF), WITH LINK'S, &/OR THE MALE HERO-OF LIGHT'S BLOOD)!!*

    "Not if there isn't a solid reason for the differences. If the chosen vessel of Ganon was determined by something completely unrelated it would be really random and an example of poor storytelling.
    And that's not to mention the effect multiple endings have in an ongoing series. Do the authors arbitrarily decide which one actually happened for reference in future games? (This usually works if the endings are in various degrees of accomplishment for the hero from worse to best, but obviously that's not what you have in mind here)
    Do they restrict themselves to being vague about it, possibly creating narrative obstacles to future titles?
    You could say, well let's just have them be different timeline branches. Groovy. Imagine that each new installment in the series did that. Try and multiply the total number of Zelda games by three. That's how many timelines we'd have by now, most of which left completely unexplored.
    So yeah, query: Does it sound good?
    Response: No.
    This PM I sent to a friend on Zelda Universe says it all:
    Dear Seishin:
    Does the 3rd flame HAVE TO BE MAGENTA/DESPAIR?!
    It could easily be TERROR/FEAR, & be colored GREEN, to fit better with the 3 Goddesses, & Sorrow could be named IGNORANCE/DECEPTION, because, not only are those opposites of Wisdom, but Veran was deceiving the people of Labrynna, & that led to suffering, so...
    Twinrova are the PERFECT VILLAINS TO SACRIFICE LINK, so it makes me very upset to see their potential wasted on sacrificing THE PRINCESS, & it wouldn't KILL Nintendo, &/or Capcom to do remakes of OOA/OOS, & maybe additionally AOL, & I have a couple of ideas that might make everybody happy...
    1) If AOL comes before OOX on the timeline, then POTENTIALLY, Twinrova could be behind the plot to sacrifice Link, & who knows, maybe they could kidnap him, & the there might be 2 ZELDAS, & the 1 who was from LOZ could rescue him, in which case I WOULD TOLERATE FARORE GETTING SACRIFICED IN OOX, but ONLY IF THAT WERE TO HAPPEN,
    2) What if Nintendo/Capcom were to let players CHOOSE WHO TO SACRIFICE IN A REMAKE OF OOX, through different "secrets"...
    What do you think?!
    Wow, that brings back memories, thought you were over the whole sacrificing Zelda factor, although sacrificing Farore is a different approach this time around, but a welcomed one. It would make more sense if they sacrificed all three Oracles to ressurect Ganon. One would think the combined powers of the Oracles would far supercede that of the royal blood of Zelda. Then again, Nayru could have just been used to bring Ganon back from before his demise. The story's got some serious gaps.
    Wouldn't naming the 3 flames something like the following...
    (Can't argue with this, seeing as destruction is a negative outcome/attribute of POWER),
    (Here's where we start running into MAJOR problems, as "sorrow" has very little to do with the Goddess Nayru, & Ignorance, Deception, or Deceit would work just as well, considering that Veran was DECEIVING THE QUEEN, & THE PEOPLE OF LABRYNNA, into building the Black Tower, & turning the common folk against Nayru, respectively, so it actually fits into the plot of Oracle of Ages rather well),
    (Twinrova could just FRIGHTEN THE PEOPLE INTO REVIVING GANON, now couldn't they?! That would work equally as well as despair, if not BETTER!! :P They could also attempt to SUMMON THE TRIFORCE, & do the reverse of what did @ the end of A Link to the Past, i.e. they could wish away all of the GOOD that the heroines/heroes did, in addition to reviving the Demon King?!),
    make more sense?!
    EDIT: Thus, Farore or Link WOULD BE BETTER CHOICES!!"

    Remember how I said that choosing anybody the 3 Strange Flutes/Pets would *HAVE* TO SPLIT THE TIMELINE, INTO 3*?!

    The Linked Ending should have been split into 3 Timelines, in much the same way that THEY gave us 3 different timelines for the 3 Strange Flutes/Pets, (*ESPECIALLY* if AOL comes before OOX, ON THIS SET OF TIMELINE('S), so @the very-least Twinrova could be behind the plot to sacrifice Link, (&, if a sequel to Broadcast System/Satellite/Satellaview/(BS-X/BS) Remake of LOZ, were to be made, as well as possibly the Male Hero-of-Light, & for the, (non-slumbering), Zelda+the Heroine-of-Light/Female BS-X Mascot to rescue the Male Heroes, besides which, Twinrova, are by-far the best Zelda Villain/('s) to victimize Link (out of every other Zelda Villain/('s), *@LEAST* thus-far, for a number of reasons):

    #1) The way that most of the Gerudo tend to treat most males, (except for Ganon/(Dorf), of-course)), (as far as Zelda Villains go), most certainly *WOULD AFFECT THEM, TO A MORE-OR-LESS SIGNIFICANT DEGREE*, & I even remember 1 of the formerly-imprisoned carpenters saying something along the lines of how aside from the old Witches, (I.E. TWINROVA), the all-female band-of-thieves wasn't really that frightening, which seems to *HEAVILY IMPLY*. that Twinrova tend to treat most men/little boys, with utter scorn, @LEAST relative to pretty-much every other Zelda Villain to-date, @LEAST relative to pretty-much every-other Zelda Villain, @LEAST THUS-FAR*, (notwithstanding them victimizing Nabooru),

    2) Diabolical Hags, *IN-GENERAL*, especially, (& other female villains), usually tend more-often to victimize young men/little boys, in a great amount of our own world's/universe's/timeline's/realm's/planes-of-existence's/dimension('s) mythology/legend('s)/folklore/fairy-tale('s), (arguably the majority of those tales, even in some of the more-well-known examples), (& the *MALE* Zelda Villains, not to mention, most of our own mythology/legends/folklore/fairytales, almost *WITHOUT EXCEPTION VICTIMIZE FEMALES, &, as a matter-of-fact, just-about the only exception, to that general rule, that comes to my mind, right-about-now, (where a male villain victimize a young male protagonist), is Jack-in-the-BeanStalk),

    3) There is *ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD EXCUSE(S),* for making all of those numerous references to the original LOZ, ...& yet... *BARELY REFERENCING AOL*, (where neither the Ancient Sleeping Zelda, nor the 1 from (BS-X)/LOZ, (nor even Farore), were sacrificed, *BUT LINK WAS*, (& if a sequel to (B-SX)/LOZ were to eventually be made), also quite likely the Male Hero-of-Light),



    5) If Veran can trap Link near the end of OOA, & Ganon's Minions (sometimes), manage to spill heroic blood, to revive their leader, then Twinrova could *OBVIOUSLY DO BOTH OF THESE THINGS*, (ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE ARE 2 OF THEM), ESPECIALLY IF THEY APPEAR IN A VERSION OF AOL!!*,

    Besides which, all 3 Linked Endings could get drawn into an expanded sequel to LA, via the WindFish's knowledge of other worlds/timelines/realms/realities/planes-of-existence/dimensions!!

    Hope that you can understand what I'm trying to get across, to you, buddy, & hopefully it's not a burden on you!! ;)

    Posted by Tuf Pic

    • I don't. Sorry.

      Posted by gamtos

    • 1) They should have given us *3 LINKED ENDINGS IN OOX,* rather than 1 horribly 1-sided Linked Ending that we ended-up getting, (much like how they gave us the 3 different timelines for the Strange Flutes, of either Ricky, Moosh, &/or Dimitri), & depending on which potential Linked Ending we choose, either Zelda, *(SHUDDERS)*, Farore, &/or Link would get kidnapped/sacrificed, by Twinrova, to revive the Great Demon King, & all 3 timelines would get drawn into an expanded sequel to Link's Awakening, (as well as drawing-in Pokemon), via the WindFish's all-encompassing knowledge of other worlds/universes/timelines/realms/realities/planes-of-existence/dimensions, (especially, if a version of AOL comes *BEFORE* OOX, (on those particular timeline('s), so Twinrova could be behind the plot to sacrifice Link, (as well as possibly the Male Hero-of-Light), & for the (non-slumbering), current Zelda, as well as the Heroine-of-Light to attempt to prevent the male heroes from being sacrificed to revive the Demon King)!!

      2) Besides which, out of pretty-much every-other Zelda Villain-To-Date, TWINROVA are the best to Kidnap/Sacrifice Link, due to a few particular reasons:

      3) While it may not be as significant for them, as it is for most of the other Gerudo, the way most of the rest of the Gerudo tend to treat most males, most certainly *WOULD* affect them, to a more-or-less significant degree, & I even recall 1 of the formerly-imprisoned carpenters hinting @this, by stating that Twinrova were far more frightening to them, than the regular Gerudo, which seems to heavily imply that Twinrova tend to treat most men/little boys very badly indeed, (*@LEAST* relative to pretty-much every other Zelda Villain-to-Date, (non-withstanding Cia))!!

      4) The :evil: variety of witches/hags in-general tend to victimize young males quite-a-bit-more-often, than the male villains do, in *@LEAST* a great amount of our own mythology/legends/folklore/fairy-tales, (*@LEAST relative to the vile wizards / :evil: warlocks, (who almost *NEVER* victimize their own gender), (even in some of the more well-known examples, :evil: witches/hags tend to victimize males, more than females)!!



      4) The Dark Flames had some serious problems, which would be rectified by having 3 different Linked Endings, with 3 different sacrificial victims('s)!!

      Hopefully this helps explain it better!! ;)

      Posted by Tuf Pic

    • ...BUT, IF NOT...

      (Here's the thread over @the Broadcast System/Satellite/Satellaview Zelda Homepage that all of the above-mentioned points were posted, by myself):…n-final-update-t1227.html

      Posted by Tuf Pic

    • Honestly different linked endings don't really sound interesting to me. I also have zero interest in the Satellamajigs and not even that into pokemon.

      Glad you're excited though.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Well, to-each-their-own!! ;)

      But it was partially-inspired by the 3 different timelines for either the 3 Strange Flutes, of either Ricky, Moosh, &/or Dimitri, which you agreed have to take place on 3 different timelines!!

      Posted by Tuf Pic

  • His name is gamtos and he's the boss like Rick Ross. He never forgets to floss and has never taken a loss.

    Posted by Guinea

  • So Link's Awakening remake.

    What do you think?

    Posted by Guinea

    • I hope the L2 sword is seashell-esque in design. Wouldn't that be cool?

      Posted by gamtos

    • It would be! My mind is currently running wild with the "what ifs" right now!

      What if you can take Bow-Wow with you whenever you wanted?

      What if Tarin and the Cucco Keeper have Mario easter-eggs in their houses?

      What if there's even more pictographs you can unlock?

      What if the DeathI-Ganon battle is even more awesome?

      What if the shield is always equipped?

      Posted by Guinea

    • Oooh I like the pictograph idea.

      In general I'm glad the game went with a retro doll look after TFH's cell shaded style.

      Posted by gamtos

    • It's like they re-watched the Japanese commercial and said "Ok lets make it look like these puppets" lol

      Posted by Guinea

    • Kinda, yeah!
      Not gonna lie though, I once fell in love with this player guide Marin and if we had her in a remake, whew.

      Posted by gamtos

  • Shave it all off!


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  • gamtos is so cool
    Definitely the greatest
    Of all time, yep yep.

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  • Hello. I went to the users online and saw that you were on. Can we be friends?

    Posted by Demon King Tingle

    • Truly, you were fooled, for I was not online.

      I think friendship isn't like most partnerships where you have to label it. You kind of ease into it, with no clear boundary between "acquaintance" and "friend".

      Kind of like how you can never know the exact moment you fall asleep. You just sleep before you know it.

      So hey, here's to being friends some day! I'm certainly open for it.

      Posted by gamtos

    • Annnnd I've been talking to an obvious sockpuppet account. Figures.

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      Posted by The Original Fierce Deity


      Posted by The Original Fierce Deity

    • Lol sure okay. I want you both in the same picture, you showing proof you're 16 and your friend showing proof they're 20. Should be easy to fish out a card and just block everything that's not a birth date.

      Posted by gamtos

  • gamtos where you from?

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  • Why do all the ladies call you "Calamity gamtos"???

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  • Edit- Where was I going with this?

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  • Gamtos,

    I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas now, in case I do not see you again before then.

    Best wishes to you and yours for this Holiday Season.

    Take good care,


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  • It’s just a theory a GAMTOS theory

    Posted by JPineapple

  • Oh no, you changed your avatar! The old one perfectly reflected how I saw you; a wise person with a good point to add to the discussion. Then again, maybe it was just a guy falling asleep, but I'd like to think otherwise.

    Posted by Kokiri Kid

    • Well, that was just my face traced when I was tired so thankyou!

      Most of my avatars have been smug assholes though.

      Posted by gamtos

  • "In these matters, could you maybe read your posts out loud to a test person and see if their face does a ;S thing before you post them?"
    I just want to emphasize how good of a post this is.

    Posted by FroyoClaus

  • Seems to me you needed this.

    So, here you are!


    Posted by Tead

  • You know, these days as I play Zelda, I often stop and take the time to observe and appreciate the nipples of the Gorons I encounter. Gone are the days when I would pass them by without a second thought.

    You have truly opened my eyes.

    Posted by Skywing

    • It's a shame the theory goes to shambles more and more, especially with BotW.

      Posted by gamtos

    • I haven't played BotW in a while. I really should go and observe those nipples too.

      I was playing Twilight Princess yesterday and as I approached Death Mountain, meeting several Gorons along the way, I realised they really are quite spectacular.

      Posted by Skywing

  • Meow?

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  • Draw me like one of your French Goron nipples, gamtos.

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  • And the, last known survivor stalks his prey in the night... and he's watchin' us all with the eye... of the gamtos.

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  • Gamtos!

    How has life been treating you, gamtos?

    I hope all is well.


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    • Life is hot! Hot! Heatwave in Holland hot!

      I'm currently unpacking my stuff in my new room in the blistering summer heat. Just made my first espresso with my new machine and I have to say it is pretty good!

      Posted by gamtos

  • I challenge you to a theory-off. Whoever comes up with the most interesting theory wins. BEGIN!!!

    Posted by Guinea

  • Hello Mr. Coffee, you seem to have the same birthday as my wife. Sadly, since you are not my wife, I am not obligated to give you any gifts or other signs of extravagance, so instead I will wish you a happy birthday and unlimited starbucks gift cards...

    Which I will not provide.

    But... It's the thought that counts.

    Posted by Scarly Crow

    • This is so good I want to keep eeading this over and over sorry for the late response xoxo

      Posted by gamtos

  • Happy birthday, fellow June 29th-er. ^^

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  • Happy birthday, gamtos. I hope its a good one, and that you enjoy it.

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