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  • I know this may sound odd to you, but do you think SS is an improvement over TP? I think so. It's not boring, and it actually has a good atmosphere and music. TP is just too dull. I really can't get into it. SS on the other hand is fun.

    Don't get me wrong, I won't defend SS for anything other than entertainment. It really doesn't feel like a Zelda game. It's far too linear and straightforward.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Back again.

    You know what really pisses me off? Aonuma has to advertise modern day Zelda games as "open world". Wasn't that pretty much a given back with classic Zelda? This shouldn't be as big a deal or a thing to be excited about. It's about damn time the series went back to its roots.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • *sigh*
    You know, I really wish that you hadn't left. We need people like you to fix what you describe as the "lame fanbase" and show the true meaning of Zelda. The classics seem to be dismissed too often, and the new crap is, well, crap. The more I play Twilight Princess, the more I think, "wow, this shit is way too linear and cinematic. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather be playing MM. At least in that game I got confused. I don't even have that option now." And for the record, I dislike OoT and MM, and even though I dislike getting stuck, TP just removes that feeling, which I also don't like. I feel like ALBW was a good middle ground. I enjoyed that game because it was fanservice for us classic Zelda purists, and it wasn't linear, but also wasn't ridiculous like MM IMO.

    And it truly saddens me that you chose to have your posts removed. Now your legacy is only going to be remembered by a select few veterans of the Zelda section, but eventually we all will leave just as you did. Not for the same reasons, but because nothing lasts forever. All that's left are some quoted messages of yours, but even if someone bothered to piece those all together, some stuff would still be left out. I wish that you hadn't left. I wanted to nominate you for the Biggest Purist award I suggested. You really, really deserve it instead of me or the others.

    Gosh, I can't believe I typed that whole depressing message. Hopefully you'll see it at one point. I know that you must visit occasionally just to check up on things. I can't imagine that you're completely gone. Please change your mind one day and come back. We need you, windtune.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Goodbye windtune. I'll miss discussing Zelda with you. :(

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Just noticed you "retired" ...also just read your About Me...

    At this point you may never see this, but I'm truly sorry you feel that way and I'm sad to see you go. I really appreciated your insight and perspective on the series and always felt it added to the discussions... ZU and the fanbase at large need people to express their opinions and feelings on the game, especially us "old Zelda" fans. Hopefully you'll change your mind one day, we need more people like you to help open up newer fans of the Wind Waker and Skyward Sword generations to a broader understanding of all that Zelda can be, what it used to be.

    Posted by Ryano

  • I like your signature. Is it Link's Awakening with ALttP graphics?

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Pardon me, is that some Zelda Classic in your sig?

    Posted by SuperMango

  • Did I mention I love your signature? It's pretty great.

    Posted by JustAnyZeldaFan

  • Hey, I'm just reaching out to some of my ZU friends for some advice. I want to pick up a new fantasy action/rpg this weekend and can't decide which one. Have you played any of these and/or have any insight to offer?

    Posted by Ryano

  • [QUOTE=windtune;5278221]Just imo:
    There is no good story/characters without good music and atmosphere.
    There is no good exploration without good gaming content.
    There are no good controls without good immersiveness and freedom.

    I think making an explorative map will really test how atmospheric Nintendo can get or if they'll miss the opportunity. Remember how it was with OoT, a great balance of alluring sounds, music, interactive landscapes, and most of all the freedom and groundedness you felt exploring it. With MM there was a rushed feeling, with TP there was an empty stage feeling, with WW there was a delayed feeling. OoT was the only game to really master such pure, continuous immersiveness imo, because it really nailed atmosphere.

    Let's refresh our memories on it: It's not overdone, not over-epicized, like a loud stereo. All the scenery, sounds and characters are balanced in the background like we're fully immersed in the environment, focusing on a personal exploration of it all, not merely moving through the motions and stages it gives us:


    Now compare this gameplay atmosphere to Skyward Sword's. You'll find there is one very ultimate thing it is missing: [B]subtlety[/B]. Where has the rich subtlety of the Zelda series gone? It's been replaced by an invisible hand forcing loud, epic actions on us. That's what everyone wants isn't it, a feeling of bold epicness? There is none more like that than Skyward Sword's:


    So decide what kind of Zelda game it really is that you want.[/QUOTE]

    I started replying to you in the thread but felt that this shouldn't derail the topic and wanted to address you a little more personally.

    Honestly I must not understand you at all. Most of my previous post was me standing in your corner... I was defending the position of realism in a Zelda game, but just because I wasn't making an absolute statement that it's the only way for Zelda U to be a success you decide to nitpick at some points I made. What gives?

    The three things you quoted me on are three things I'm skeptical about when it comes to the development of Zelda U. I didn't say I expect Nintendo to get them right. In fact, I completely agree with you that music and atmosphere are the foundation that is laid for the story and characters, they absolutely need to be great. Obviously exploration is no good without actual content and freedom and immersion is something I've been arguing for all along. This thread is about how Zelda will help push Wii U sales and I mentioned good implementation of the GamePad because it's one of the most "unique" features of the Wii U and Nintendo needs to either give it a purpose or get rid of it.

    I have a feeling you misunderstood some of the things I said or because I failed to elaborate even more you assumed I meant something different. Honestly, I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding your post and I hope I am...because sometimes I feel like you pick apart peoples statements just for the sake of argument.

    More people agree with you about immersion, magic, atmosphere and music than you realize and there are plenty of people on here that actually do discuss these things. But for someone to say that they don't care about the artstyle doesn't mean they don't care about those things, they just aren't going to get hung up on it and try to enjoy the game and find that magic regardless. I try to see both perspectives and that's not a flaw. If I'm missing something please help me out here...

    Posted by Ryano

  • just wanted to drop by and say I love your Tales of Symphonia avy :>

    Posted by death.

  • Who is that misterious flute player in your AlttP sig? Also I know that AlttP is your favorite Zelda EVER, prolly your fav game in the world!!!! Dosen't that mean your EXTREEEEEEEEMLY hyped for AlttP 2 on 3DS?

    Posted by HylianKnight

  • I'm a big fan of your posts, man! Keep it up. :)

    Posted by KeeSomething

  • Your username tunes my world.

    Posted by N64

  • Hey I just wanted to let you know that in the Zelda confessions thread, it was opinion base related and what I posted was my opinion so id appreciate it if you don't counter post me with your own opinion :)

    Kay thanks

    Posted by Aurelia

  • Only nine posts? For some reason I thought you would be in the 1,000's lol

    Posted by DevilishDekuNut