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Hylia and Zelda in name only, for she is neither...
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  • Hey, I'm just reaching out to some of my ZU friends for some advice. I want to pick up a new fantasy action/rpg this weekend and can't decide which one. Have you played any of these and/or have any insight to offer?

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  • I'm good! It's such a nice day in North Carolina right now!

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  • Looks great! I might do something similar soon. :)

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  • Your signature image disappeared :/

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  • No, we were discussing the same thing over Skype and decided to present some more evidence. It actually is the Royal Crest of New Hyrule according to the developers, as it also appears on the banners of Hyrule Castle in the same manner that the old crest did in the old castle.

    Posted by Her Grace

  • Wait... So you where stalking my conversation with Celestria? IT is not the royal crest of New Hyrule and the symbol of the spirits is a half gear with a force gem above it. Why if it goes before WW most always go before OoT. The only time the hero did not appaer was when Ganon broke free of a seal.

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  • Hello there.

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  • I have not play FSA but what turn Ganondorc into Ganon was the trident of power. If i am not wrong the same trident from ALttP

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  • But of they reincarnated that mean they had lose their past memories andbe totally new beings.

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  • Your Grace the timeline in HH just seems like something bashed up at the last moment. Like the OOX twinrova appaers but she was supposlei killed by Link in the spirit temple.

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  • congrats in being ZUer of the week

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  • Meh, I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality (now, kind of thanks to some people on ZU, though I AM straight) that I can say gay things to people all the time, and even about myself without feeling remotely awkward about it.

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  • But you are! Don't discredit yoself.

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  • Can't argue with those fingernails. Classy to me ;)

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