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  • Oh hey, I recognise you from Kanzenshuu.

    Posted by Ringworm128

    • Sorry for the late reply, I'm barel active on forums these days, but yes, I am there, too.

      Posted by kaialone

  • Thank You! This really helps out alot.

    Posted by StinksAwakening

  • Well, thanks anyways. I wish I could find a clearer picture. There's something on the back of the box that I'm looking for in particular. But anyways, thank you!

    Posted by StinksAwakening

  • Hey, I was impressed with your translation skills, and was curious if you could translate this for me:

    [url=]All sizes | Japanese Legend of Zelda Triforce of the Gods Box Back | Flickr - Photo Sharing![/url]

    It's the back of the box for the Japanese version of A Link to the Past.

    Posted by StinksAwakening