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  • HEY HEY!! Long time no see!!

    Posted by Salvatore

    • Heya Salv!

      I don't come here very often anymore, you should join the BFL's skype group. Or we have a discord group now also.

      Posted by Cuddle_Bats

  • Hey you, long time no see. Happy Birthday! I see you've been here somewhat recently though!

    Posted by Kakarot

  • Hahaha, you had a Vyse avatar! I had no idea, haha. Thats great : p This really worked out : p

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Do you remember me at all?

    Posted by A Link to my Heart

  • Uncle Bats, izzat ya?

    Posted by N64

  • This is hella unlikely but would the character in your avi be a kid named Kukai?

    Posted by Stulluna

  • Cuddles where are you? ;-;

    Posted by Zecca Link

  • I just love your user name and profile picture o:

    Posted by Ian the Beautiful

  • Nice signature.

    Posted by The Wizard of LoZ

  • Hey Cuddles! Long time no see!

    Posted by Zelda Paradox

  • Nice signature, Cuddles

    Posted by Zecca Link

  • Yeah, the moment you said "Rune Factory" I was like "oh Harvest Moon ^__^"

    Posted by Avalanchemike

  • What is your avatar from? It looks like it maybe Harvest Moon, but the direction they've taken with the art is more generic these days so I can't tell xD

    Posted by Avalanchemike

    • Of all the ToD Characters you could have picked and you chose Sierra :p You should have let me picked an avatar for you.

      Posted by Yeraza_Bats

    • I kind of thought it was a boy lol

      Posted by Avalanchemike

    • Haha yeah shes tomboy-ish :p Shes a good character though, never takes anything seriously, and that can be a good thing :p

      Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Haha, yeah this software is pretty awful :p I dont really like anything about it : /

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • And I wrote it just for you!

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • This is a visitor message

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • No prob, and thank you! :)

    Posted by Malia

  • Oooooh fancy. Yeah I made it through Dungeon 1 and Death Mountain and then I got a game over. I even wasted a Link doll. I did a lot of grinding so I have 7 sword, 4 Magic, and 7 Health. And I still ended up dying lol. I'm just going to beat the game and see how many deaths it takes. Then I'll probably go and no death it on second quest anyway lol.

    Posted by Ericzander

  • Dude, how do you beat Iron Knuckles? Is it really just going and stabbing where their shields aren't?

    Posted by Ericzander

  • Yeah basically. It seems complicated and still trips me up (especially when I throw those tamper tantrums about it) but when you can cool your head and think about it, it all can fall into place.

    Posted by Ericzander

  • So it looks like you got the types right (if you just guessed then good job).

    This is going to sound obvious when I say it but basically you want to find out if the account BEFORE you adjust it is overstated or understated. If it's overstated it's because the account was too high and it's understated if it's too low.

    So for 'C' if Utilities Expenses are unpaid by $275, that means that you're supposed to add (debit) Utilities Expense and Credit cash (since you're paying cash for it) which means that before you did that the Utilities Expense was too low and the cash was too high. So Utilities Expense was UNDERstated and Cash would be OVERstated.

    And I think I'm too deep into accounting to change now lol

    Posted by Ericzander

  • Oh doh its updating :/

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Nuh uh! I say hi all the time, I text you.

    And yeah? My window is on the tool bar. Lemme check.

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • What do you mean?

    Haha do you wait on me to say hi first all the time? You could too, ya know? :p

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Haha yeah Mithos is pretty gangsta :p

    And haha you are learning alot of lame songs :p Yuck

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • .....


    ...this just made me laugh :p

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Haha, thank you :3

    Am proud of this accomplishment :p

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Yeah peanut butter is pretty great :3

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Gotta say sphooouuunne

    And hoooouumme :p

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats

  • Haha, yeah I saw :p

    I did Spanish, too. I think I did well :p

    Are you gonna post one?

    Posted by Yeraza_Bats