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  • Mine is OoT, because everytime I play it (13 years now) it feels like I'm playing it for the first time. SS will have to survive the test of time before it can be declared best game everz. ALttP is in my top 3. I'm 25, and didn't even beat it until after I got OoT. Tough game for a 6 year old lol. I like TP, but feel it's sort of a flawed masterpiece, and I felt disappointed because I felt the dungeon design in WW was so much superior than TP. Still like some of the dungeons though, don't get me wrong.

    Posted by Momo

  • The way you feel about WW reminds me of how I feel about the original Mass Effect. It's such a flawed game in some areas, but when it shines it shines, and I love it. Top 5 game of mine (maybe not literally, but it feels that way). ME2 is probably second after my favorite Zelda it's so good, IMO.

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  • [QUOTE]How do you post a video onto a forum? Lol sorry I have ALWAYS had trouble figuring that out, on every forum I'm on...[/QUOTE]

    Well for youtube, just use the [youtube] code. You only need the code at the end of the URL when doing this.

    So for example, if the link was ( The tag would be:


    Except the end code has a fowardslash instead of a backslash. I just did it that way so that you'd see how to enter the code.

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  • Hey, I was reading your TP sequel idea. =3 While TP is one of my least favorites (I loved the plot and bosses, but the game itself just felt empty), I think that was a creative way to go about it. You could even mention that in the first 3 temples, Link had to active 3 switches that was an ancient "fail safe", something that the Hylians of the past put in just in case the main portal to the TR was closed but they needed it open again.

    Btw, could you check my idea out and comment on it? =D


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