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  • Hey, hey, how's your life going?! It's been a while since I've been on. :o The new year going well? ^_^

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Hi, Friends if zelda4eva! adds you as a friend, Add him to your list aswell will you,

    He's a good Friend of Mine.....


    Posted by DragonLAT

  • I'm obviously Excited for Skyward Sword, but i'm also
    Excited for this Next Original 3DS Zelda Game.

    Is that so Wrong..... I want info on that aswell...

    Wonder what its called...

    Posted by DragonLAT

  • I miss those good old Dodongos... It's been awhile since I've played OoT. :)

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Haha, cheers pal. New to the forum?

    Posted by Mmm_Magic_Beanz_Nom

  • I think he's funny and I love his weirdness.

    Posted by The Legend of Tingle

  • You're very welcome :D

    Posted by The Legend of Tingle

  • Hi, thanks for the FR. Welcome to ZU!

    Posted by Sweater Bear

  • You're definitely welcome! Hehe, oh the avy!

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Hey! Listen! :)

    Posted by Spiderrain

  • Hey there - welcome to ZU. ^_^

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Hello, give a look to the General Gaming board, it is very good....

    Posted by DarknessGuide

  • Hii! :)
    Thank you for the Friend Request and hope you like it here on ZU so far. :> If you want to send someone a so-called Visitor Message, you should go on their wall/profile and post it there. Just like on Facebook - if you have one. The "View Your Conversation with XY" option makes it easy to read back. :)

    Well, if you ever have any questions - which might happen, as ZU is pretty large - you shall ask me.

    And now I'm heading to bed. If you really do live in Ireland, then you should know that it's getting late. x3

    Posted by Nesi