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  • Oh, wow, the internet is a small place!

    I was actually under a different name, but I was a silly immature 11-12 year old back then and I'm nearing 22 and married, haha, so I'm certainly different. I *think* my username was Shadow Elf or something silly like that--I'm actually hoping you don't remember! :p

    I did really enjoy the forum, though--it was a close-knit and friendly group, and I enjoyed how you as an admin were also an integral part of the community (much as it is here, just on a bigger scale!). I recently re-discovered History of Hyrule, and was happy about it being back up! I hope you're better now, as I remember you being quite distressed over your health and personal issues.

    If you're ever reeeally low on translators, I do have a working knowlegde of Japanese (I've completed a University minor in it)--enough to read and understand most of the doujinshi, but perhaps not enough to give a perfect translation.

    I'm glad you're back and on here! I hope to see you around more often on these forums, it's a really lovely community! :D

    Posted by Calypso

  • Hey, I think I remember you from an old forum I used to frequent...The Forest Glade, I think? Were you ever an admin or something for a forum like that? (It had to do with Zelda and translating the manga)

    If not, sorry for bothering you! :p

    Posted by Calypso

  • Hi, nice username, anyway I apologise for not knowing what to say in this initiation of a conversation with you, I hope we can chit-chat some time via VM.

    Is Malon or Cremia your fave character (or both)?

    Posted by N64

  • Hee hi hi, I decided to return to ZU after long pause, I hope you don't mind me adding you to friends? I'm nayruchan from dA in case you're wondering

    Posted by evelmiina

  • Ahh! You had posted on your own wall. :P

    I'll look into it!

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex


    Posted by The Missing Link

  • I'm everywhere. *shifty eyes*

    Posted by Karnella

  • GASPS! ;p Well, I'll forgive you, I have not read Naruto after all. ;)
    Hellboy[I] is[/I] cool! It's one of my favorite things ever. It's literally what it took to get me to like American comics. It's really [B]really[/B] great if you love myths. If you get the chance to read it, start at the begining. [url][/url] The spin-off series, B.P.R.D, is also very good and very worth the read: but it's best to read Hellboy first.

    Posted by Melora

  • :(....I am ashamed.....I have not read the Zelda manga.....

    Hellboy sounds cool.

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Ah, cool!

    And the only manga I read is Naruto. You?

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • There's that person I befriended back when :)

    I feel bad though..everyone seems to know you, yet I have no real idea. Were you on another forum?

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Nice to finally see you here on ZU. :D

    Posted by 1984

  • Hey there! I have a sort of random question, and I know this will seem so random if the answer is no, but are you the Melora who drew this picture years ago?


    ^_^ If not, hehe, that's okay, I just knew of an artist with the same name. Have a hug anyway!

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Well of course you do!

    And, thanks. I like yours too. ;)

    Posted by Artemis

  • So you're THE Melora? Awesome!

    Welcome to ZU, by the way. :)

    Posted by Artemis

  • [img][/img]

    Posted by Shona

  • Yes, gardening is definitely a passion of mine. Good to get your hands dirty, and I find that it's very therapeutic as well ;)

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex