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The last temptation of a good man is to do the right thing for the wrong reason.
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  • hey man, it's been forever. i just jumped on for the first time in awhile and figured i would see if any of the people i used to talk to on here still go on. how have you been?

    Posted by foofulus

  • Well, I'm not sure if I'll be on much, and it looks like you've vanished a bit yourself, but sorry for not being on in... almost two years. Moved and things are hectic, then just kind of... forgot to log on.

    Posted by Xeruh


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    Posted by SupaNinja94

  • DOCTOR DOCTOR Are you there?! It's me, your friend, Man In The Chair!

    Posted by ManInTheChair

  • Long time no talk

    Posted by Travis Touchdown

  • Hey hey hey Doctah! It's been a month since you replied; this is pretty fun!

    Ahh, what I am excited for? ANIMAL CROSSING. Gah, I want it right now. I saw a promotional game case at a store the other day, and I was pretty much salivating. MARIO 3D PLATFORMER (the one they're going to talk about at E3). I mean, I know it won't affect me like Galaxy did, but... still. Anyhow, throw in the Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and... that's pretty much it! Oh! Well there's the Oracle games coming at the end of this month; I can't wait to play those! They are the only Zelda games I have never played :o But it's too early for me to start feeling the hype for Zelda U - same goes for ALttP2.

    Oh yes, things are going just fine for me, thank you! :D Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and Easter, and Day-Light-Savings, and... beginning of summer!

    I too hope all is going well for you... I bet a lot has changed even since we began this. That's crazy to think about, eh? To us, just looking at this conversation... it's as if time were instantaneous - these are merely natural replies in a casual conversation. But, in reality, they are months apart, coming from two people whose lives have tread over a year's time... Wow.

    I'm not quite sure what to think about that :p

    I was pleasantly surprised to see you again, Doctor! Until next time! :D

    Posted by Claus

  • *glomps* Hey, I'm glad to hear from you! ^_^ I hope you're doing well OwO <3

    Posted by Amariel

  • Of course I'm still enjoying it! What do you think of Clara so far?

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • Haha, okay! :DD

    Posted by SupaNinja94

  • Ahaha thanks dude. How've you been? I just finished first year university - man oh man ahaha.

    See you around the forums dude!

    Posted by Gram

  • Haha funny! You got me, still rocking it, though not as often as usual. Got started again just yesterday actually. Yeah, I won't be on too too much, but you'll see me now and again. Aww that's sweet, it's nice to know people still kind of know who I am haha! Night!

    Posted by Lanaruse

  • I too need to watch things. But those are on Netflix which I get

    See, I've found Reddit instead. I check ZU for updates on my threads then pop out. I'm very not popular here so it's hard to get addicted to talking to people that don't want to talk to me anyways xP But yes, let us both do excellent on finals!

    Posted by America

  • Yessss, I will be gradutating very.......... very soon... o.o *freaking out* x.x

    That's great! :D
    Aha, thank you :3

    Posted by SupaNinja94

  • <3 We're getting old, aren't we Joey? "Oldbies", as I think you called it once. :')

    Haha, it's only been for a couple weeks. I think they made a mistake. Seeing how long I can ride this out. :P

    Understandable. Stay here too long and you end up getting sucked into the system *coughmodcough* But I wish you all the best in life, and am absolutely delighted to see you back and to know that you'll check back from time to time. :)

    And thank you, nearly 21 now OoOoOoO

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Haha! There's the Doc. :)

    Posted by Lanaruse

  • Thanks for popping in! Life's been great, better than ever before, actually. A lot of opportunities have come my way, and things are finally starting to come together--they haven't in years!

    I hope everything is going well for you, too. Fill me in next time you drop by!

    Posted by My life from Z to A

  • and you didnt invite me?


    Posted by Nyook

  • :D

    That's entirely understandable :)

    I'm great, actually. Been back in the states for about 2.5 months now, and I've been happier than ever lately.

    I hope you're well, definitely haven't forgotten you bud.

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Haiii! :D

    Yes.. We have gotten old, haven't we? XD Oh well! :DD
    Things are going great with me. ^^
    How have you been? You haven't been on in foreverrrr. :o

    Posted by SupaNinja94

  • I've been having to stream the new episodes, but I have them TiVo'd back home so I have no guilt about it. Besides, I pirate out of necessity so it's different. ... Right?

    Anyways, that would be cool to graduate early! But it sucks your parents are divorcing, that can be rough... at least they waited until you were more out on your own.

    And yes, we'll need the force with us during finals!

    Posted by America

  • My first year of college has been pretty cool, for sure! Finals coming in are a bit... hectic though. I hope your past year of schooling has been good too! And heh, I am still liking Doctor Who. You BETTER be liking it too still!

    Life's been good here, though.

    What about with you? I've missed you and you should fill me in. Hopefully it's been good for you too!

    Posted by America

  • [IMG][/IMG]
    Why not.

    Posted by Doctor You

  • Hnnnnnng Happy Birthday, how were you on today and I missed you <3 Get back on please Joey ;_;

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Have a fine birthday, good sir!

    Posted by Hyruleansoldier

  • Hey Doctor you. I know it's been a while but I hope all is well.

    Posted by Bolero of Fire

  • You are not forgotten, Mr. Cool Cat. :)

    If you come back again, the server had a crap and anything from November 2012-February 2013 was lost. Just in case you had sent anything t people from then and wondered what happened to it <3

    Hope you're well and safe.

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • HEY! *glomps you* lol :DD
    I haven't talked to you in forever! ^.^ How've you been? :DD

    Posted by SupaNinja94

  • Doctorrr! Great to hear from you!

    Haha, that's pretty weird. Though this time for me it's only about a week. But yeah, I'm definitely not active here anymore. And yes, I certainly will pop in from time to time to check this! Sometimes I just get bored and come here and skim around, too.

    But yeah, life IS going pretty well, thanks :] I certainly hope things are going well on your front, too.

    A conversation with responses months apart, eh? Hmm. So... Oh, what games, if any, are you looking forward to this year (or next year or whatever)? If you can think of other topics ask 'em too :p

    Posted by Claus

  • Oh, hallo there :O

    Nice to see you popping back in here ^_^

    Posted by Amariel