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  • Hey there,

    I hope to see you around the board,

    Posted by Tead

  • Hey there, it's been quite a while. How have you been?

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • I miss you. :(

    Posted by Nesi

    • TWO YEARS HAVE PASSED! WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! lol. I don't like my new interface that's for sure. I miss my choice of dark green :'(

      Posted by Kafei&amp;Anju

  • Oh I see. xD Good for you. ^_^

    Gotcha. That's cool. You started out with a few fishies and you have plenty now. It's still few but compared to what you have back then...

    Posted by Araneaes

    • My nephew came over last year, and poured like all my aquarium salt in the tank... 3 FISH SURVIVED THE SALT ATTACK OF 2015!! ...They later died from neglect :( And I kinda had to get rid of them when I moved anyway. lol.

      Posted by Kafei&Anju

  • I'll definitely be picking it up when I have the opportunity to do so. :D

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Yeah, same here. I post here and there but yeah, I lurk mostly. Okay, I don't, I just got back. :p

    Oh wow... Good for you about the engagement. :D
    No injuries I hope. D:
    Last time I checked, you're working in a drug store?
    Was that you or I'm mistaking you for someone else?
    Sorry, just go back here in ZU and my memory's all fuzzy.

    Still working on that aquarium? :)

    Posted by Araneaes

  • Wow... You're still here. How goes it?

    Posted by Araneaes

  • Try unplugging your AC adapter from the wall and your Wii and let it set for a few minutes. Then follow these steps:

    [url=]| Wii - Troubleshooting - System & Accessories | Nintendo[/url]

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Please describe the connection issues you are having. Is it connected, but then loses connection all of a sudden? Are the lights blinking on the bottom of the Wii Remote but nothing happens? Is it a solid light on the bottom of of the Wii Remote but the cursor doesn't appear on the screen?

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Go for it.

    And you'll find out that most Governments love married people more than bachelors/bachelorettes, judging from the healthcare policies to housing policies, etc.

    Posted by N64

  • Sweet! That's pretty awesome.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Whaaaaaaaat, Dec [FONT="Verdana"]17th[/FONT] last year? That's wonderful!

    Mine was on Dec [FONT="Verdana"]15th[/FONT] Alaskan Standard Time (AKST), [FONT="Verdana"]2013[/FONT]!

    Posted by N64

  • I know, just had several close relatives hospitalized and affecting my wedding planning. It throws me off the ledge, but I know I can overcome the situation. Just leaving it on Ol' Father Time.

    Posted by N64

  • Debts are normal.
    [SIZE="-7"][SPOILER]Well, it also made me staying offline most of the time. I'll make a full comeback into ZU when I get back my home internet.[/SPOILER][/SIZE]

    Posted by N64

  • Ouch. Well, at least there was no permanent injury, or worse. Sucks about your car, though.

    Posted by Silver

  • Same. I tend to get too addicted.

    Posted by Yawn

  • That's not good! ;___;

    Posted by Yawn

  • Haha. That always works xD

    Posted by Yawn

  • Work is tiring.

    Posted by Yawn

  • I be good. And you?

    Posted by Yawn

  • Hey, there

    Posted by Yawn

  • You're welcome!

    Posted by N64

  • YES its so fun

    I have more videos but havent posted them in a while

    oops ;-;

    Ill explain an okay way? maybe? O_O

    Posted by Lady Sunshine


    And wish you your birthday early. HAHAHA.

    Posted by N64

  • Ohai. And thank you ^~^
    It's a good day. And your day?

    Posted by Yawn

  • Happy Halloween!

    Posted by N64

  • Oh wow, hopefully you at least remembered the important ones! Good for having a different shift, don't have to deal with that person anymore(hopefully)

    My mom, I think, was reluctant to let me go when I said I was going to be moving. I think she finally accepted it when she realized I wasn't joking and the day had come when my bf came to get me. I really hope she comes to her senses and stops bothering you about it.

    Yep, just need one kidney. Well, asking for and going through the decision making process to donate is a big deal. I always feel awkward when I tell people that I need a kidney, because I've had some people just come flat out and say, "well don't ask me for one" when I wasn't even ask, was just telling them. I might have said that? I don't remember :P I'm not sure how the smoking would affect the kidney, unless the hospital doing the testing says something otherwise.

    Posted by Ranaeil

  • That sounds like a very toxic situation :( Did you talk to anyone who does have bossy powers about it?

    At 25, you should be able to make your own decisions :/ I understand it's a parent, but at some point you need to be let go to make your own choices.

    I've been doing pretty good, health wise. Still doing treatments at home and all of my blood work has been reasonable. Just waiting on a kidney at this point.

    Posted by Ranaeil

  • I haven't talked to you in forever! How are you doing?

    Posted by Ranaeil


    Yup, I have the emporium so if you need fertilizer, you can buy it if you want. I don't know if it works on jacob ladders though, but it's worth a shot.

    Posted by Nico