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Yep, Papahl got lost, just like he said!
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  • Come back here & happy birthday, pal

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  • I dont know if you got my PM because the forums keep hanging when i tried to send one. But about Ranil/Sonic Ranboom, shes still banned even though the forums make it look like shes not. Shes sorry she cant respond to you.

    Posted by Floki Laufeyson

    • I hoped the ban wasn't permanent but clearly not the case. Thanks for trying anyway.

      Posted by Papahl

  • Hey it's Morgan. I haven't talked to you in a while! How have you been? I've noticed you around here a little bit lately. :)

    Posted by Momo

  • Nah, it wasn't that cheesy. x3

    Posted by orchid

  • [QUOTE=Papahl;4672221][B][FONT="Impact"][SIZE="5"]Nicolette[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

    It’s not often you find someone who’s beautiful on the inside and beautiful on the outside too. I’ve only conversed with her a few times in Nayru but I’ve seen her around the forums a lot, and she’s always so cheery and shiny. It’s just refreshing to have such a lovely member about, and Nayru are super lucky.[/QUOTE]

    I've been meaning to reply to this, but I wasn't sure how. It was just too nice. :'3

    I guess all I can say is [I]thank you[/I]. <3

    Seriously, you're too sweet.

    Posted by orchid

  • Oh, I'll just have my finals in May-June; a bit uptight about them, but they should be ok.

    It'll be a tough month, but then I'll be done with secondary school once and forever. :>>

    What's up with you, Paps? Is everything okay? C:

    Posted by Nesi

  • Heyyyy Papahlface,

    I want to tell you two things, because you are supportive guardian angel, so I think you should know and all.
    1.[/B] I, uh, I don't really know how to say this, it's making me feel really... unworthy and such, but to quickly type it out before I just click on the red X in the corner: I was rejected from all the unis in the UK, so I'm not likely to move out in the near future. :<
    I am really sorry, mainly because you've actually put a tremendous amount of effort in this with helping me and all, and I sort of feel I let you down, and I have all kind of apology attacks to you and everyone else in the universe. :'l
    I still have yet to befriend with my rejected self again, because at the moment I keep blaming myself and I just don't know what I could've done wrong, and I really want to improve and such, but I don't even know how to when I truly did my best there. But enough of my insane soul, let's be practical.
    So at the moment I'm going to enter the upper education here - which is not bad, per se!, after all I'm going to the first and probably best university of Hungary - and perhaps apply next year to another foreign university again. Thing is, I am not so keen on studying here for two reasons:
    [INDENT]I can't practice all the foreign languages I know and study and I am likely to more or less forget them: that's really frowny. [/INDENT]
    [INDENT]Because of a new law every student who doesn't want to pay tuition fee is required to sign a paper, which says that the student is going to work and live in Hungary for twice of the amount of his/her study years - if he/she happens to move out, he/she has to pay the fees back with the interest of... I forgot. Large percent. As I am likely to move out after my study years and I pretty much want to see the word and widen my perspective, it's not a desirable option for me. :/ [/INDENT]
    So I'm going to try other things next year, so that I only have to pay back the fee of one semester/year. But anyhow, who knows? Perhaps I'll like it here so much - after all, I was completely smitten after the open day - that I won't even want to. So life is complicated right now, but I'm sure I'll figure things out eventually. At the moment my most frightening challenge would be those exams in less than two weeks. :'>

    [B]2.[/B] To finish this PM in a positive note, thank you so very much for your nice words about me in the appreciation thread! I was incredibly touched and humbled by them. <3 You are really-really sweet and kind, thank you! :heart:

    Posted by Nesi

  • you should see her do it on webcam, the way she lowers her head and all is just so fucking cute.

    yeah I'll be sure to tell you :)

    Posted by Keith

  • yeah she was all humbled and "I'm not worth this" and such. It was cute : )

    well with regards to A-Levels, there's been absolutely no update. I got refused for doing the single Science GCSE which means my hopes of Physics are probably going out the window, but I still can't get a confirmation until July

    Posted by Keith

  • Neshi is crying makeup right now, she just read your post :3

    (thought I'd share)

    OOPS I didn't respond to your last VM. I'll get on it now :)

    Posted by Keith

  • Maybe Link's struggle of becoming a man. I think that's what he has to face.

    Posted by Abby Someone

  • I'm doing fine, darling!! It's great to hear from you again! I beat Skyward Sword a few months ago, and it was really great learning some of the secrets behind the legend. As for the script, I keep changing it over and over. Somehow, I want to maintain focus on one particular area that Link is struggling with, and use that area as the focal point of the script.

    Posted by Abby Someone

  • and I'm still a full-time bum. lol.

    Posted by Momo

  • my entry for the writing contest is going in late. i fucked up and thought today was the 31st...damnit.

    Posted by Momo

  • Ok, so I've been thinking. I want Zyler to not be the forever bad guy, and Elmeriie is the only one that can realistically convince him to set them free. I'ma thinking she wakes up on the dragon ride back to the keep and tries to gain Zyler's help. And we go from there. (Does Li have money for bribing? I forget)

    Posted by I)ragon

  • Hey there. Yeah, I figured it was my turn, and no, I have no idea where to take it, which is why I haven't posted yet xP
    If Zyler captures your two characters successfully again, just so they can break out again, that seems awful redundant. I'll try to figure out a way to mix it up tho =]

    Posted by I)ragon

  • Thank you! :D

    Pfff, you have no idea how much you've helped me with English, so SHUSH. I couldn't actually find that option; in fact, the only things I can do are... well, [URL=""]these[/URL]. ('Twas easier than describing. =D)
    So I guess I'll just e-mail. :'>

    How's your work coming along? I mean, what are you doing and what are you up to? :D

    Posted by Nesi

  • Hey! Not bad. Just chillin on ZU and eating tortilla chips. :D How about you?

    Posted by Gina

  • Hey Paps! C: I need advice regarding application process thing and I'm a human who needs to show off every now and then, so I'm going to combine these two and [I]tell you everything.[/I]

    In order to get into a uni, those who are not native English speakers have to pass IELTS/TOEFL/other random super difficult exam; these are meant to test English as a foreign language. This requirement makes perfect sense, so I did pass IELTS with surprisingly good scores. (According to the results, I made absolutely no mistake in the reading comprehension part - so I read English as a native, haha - and my overall score implies that I am as fluent as a native person, save for minor misunderstandings. I TOLD YOU I HAD TO SHOW OFF; I'm really proud of it! :D)

    Now the thing is... Mum believes I should scan the paper in and e-mail it to the uni whose decision is still pending. In her opinion, it might be a rather important factor in making their decision that I have passed the exam with [I]better scores than it is required[/I]; as they are probably wondering whether I, as a Central/Eastern European, will be able to deal with English [I]and[/I] German at the same time (because my course includes German as well). I feel she does have a point.

    However, at the same time I'm not sure this is how things work! Figuratively speaking, the ball is in their court now: as I have not received an offer yet, it's not my time or place to act. Perhaps this is downright silly and I'm being overly cautious and overly polite? I don't know. I just thought I'd send all my exam papers in at once - when I'll have passed them all in June.

    So what do you think? I realise you never had to hand in a paper regarding your English knowledge (:P), but you have a better grasp of this system and bureaucracy in general, so I thought I'd ask you. <3

    Thanks in advance! :D

    And how are you on this day when hours just RANDOMLY DISAPPEAR? :'D

    Posted by Nesi

  • I'll do my best :)

    lol part-time bum. That makes me a full-time bum. But at least I go back to school in a few months...August!

    Posted by Momo

  • I'm alright. Just stupid family stuff affecting me i guess.

    So actually not so great, but I'll be alright. How is the new job?

    Posted by Momo

  • Hey love! How have you been? What's new?

    Posted by Momo

  • I am looking forward to eight hour ZU sessions again! D'aww, I shall! <3

    How are you today, Papahl? I hope things are still going sunshiny! ^_^

    Posted by Amariel

  • Absolutely! It's now only 11 :P plus I get to go home this weekend :D

    Oh wow - I'm not going to pretend I know what that is but it sounds awesome :3
    I saw the car in the scrapbook...very nice! and good luck with the house hunt!

    Posted by Intrigue

  • What's been happening? I'm fine - so is school, even though all the teachers have gone prep crazy after exams :P
    12 days until the end of term! :D

    Posted by Intrigue

  • Papahl! We haven't talked in [STRIKE]a while[/STRIKE] forever - how is life with you? :3

    Posted by Intrigue

  • Thank you very much :3nod

    Posted by insaney

  • Oh, that's great! :D Though I have funny accent and dummy English, when it comes to speaking. ^^'
    Yep, I'm living with my family too, so I usually do the calls when mum is not at home, so I understand where you are coming from.
    What kind of house do you want and where? :> This is so nice, I hope you send pics when you'll have found a nest! :3

    POLITICAL LEGEND :'DD I'm just interested and the articles are written in English, so I can learn words and such. x3 I know that the national debt would be shared, buuuut I don't know what they'd base it on. Still, this whole thing is ridiculous. Why do they want to ruin the UK when it works so neatly? It doesn't make sense.

    I most certainly will! :D

    Posted by Nesi