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  • Seeing your Space Ghost avatar just made my day!

    Posted by Winnie

  • indeed

    Posted by VrahnkenEisenbach

  • You be ninja'd, good sir.

    Posted by A Link Between Hearts

  • Wanna come by and visit my town again? :p

    Posted by Aurelia

  • Hi ya friend, well, that one you posted is totally not related to CD-i Zelda, though you can post in [url=]"Look at this - I found it on the internet!"[/url] [QUOTE=Moosetracks;4979492]This isn't CD-i but it's pretty funny and from one of my favorite YouTubers in terms of silly videos like this and his LP's:


    Posted by N64

  • hello

    Posted by pokemaniac03

  • lolYeah Moosey.

    Posted by N64

  • Hi Moosetracks. :)

    Posted by N64

  • You're very welcome. ;)

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • I actually found it on Reddit. It's amazing how that showed up there and I just happened to find it, use it on here, and then have another member on here recognize where it came from ._.

    Posted by aeternus ぉゥ姻

  • I like your post in the Spirituality thread. You spoke of your enlightenment in a rather modern way.

    Posted by Bartimaeus Sex

  • Ah starting on a new decade, congrats on existing that long. :P

    Posted by MarioMaster1337

  • Happy Birthday! :D

    Posted by MarioMaster1337

  • Is that some Chrono Trigger in your siggy??? I seriously have to play that game sometime. D:

    Posted by Prometheus

  • Aweyeah! He sounds like a intense person, I better keep my butt away from him.

    Posted by #yolo

  • That must have been a intense brain train to get Moosetracks. Do you have the little kidlike race around?

    I like listening to music, and when someone suggests songs, I do my best to listen to them. I think a song was..."This will destroy you-Avalanche" or something, it was pretty soothing, and I listen to that every now and then.

    Posted by #yolo

  • Moosetracks, as in the Ice cream?

    Posted by #yolo

  • DynaMap isn't working either...I think the server just decided to crash.

    Posted by Anonymous1

  • Did you get DC'd too?

    Posted by Anonymous1

  • [color=deepskyblue]Hell yeah, [i]Chrono Trigger[/i]; my favorite game of all time.

    I'm actually making a game using Game Maker and [i]Chrono Trigger[/i]'s graphics. In it, Lavos has been defeated, and Magus steals the Epoch to go back to that same moment in 12,000 B.C. and save his sister. Doing so, however, would change history yet again. Marle finds out hints of this and goes after him.[/color]

    Posted by Alonely

  • Yeah, I can clearly see why. You did really well. Chrono Trigger's my fav game so I was totally like "WHOA OMG THAT'S AWESOME" when I saw it. Good job again.

    Posted by Fitoleon

  • Hey, I read your post in a thread about favorite bands and stuff, and I'm really interested in this Mouse on Mars act. Where do you think I should start?!

    Also, awesome taste. Didn't know Sigur Rós actually sang words. xD

    Posted by Conde

  • I must say, your Chrono Trigger sig is absolutely amazing. :)

    Posted by Fitoleon

  • Your post in the N64 Top 10 was beautiful. :D

    Posted by Demise

  • And mine as well. ^_^

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Ahh thanks! Perhaps we can be friends?

    Posted by Moosetracks

  • You know, you seem like a cool bloke. :)

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • oh woops! You're right. I was thinking of a different pokemon.

    Posted by Moosetracks

  • Lampent does evolve by trading. Use a dark stone or whatever it's called (Dusk Stone?)

    Posted by tnf

  • All set to trade! :)

    Posted by fohlin™