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  • Hello!

    Posted by Espeon123

  • Actually, the ancient times we see through Timeshift Stones and the Gate of Time are both after Demise, but whatever. I think the technology could have been the humans who once lived in Lanayru, but if so, why isn't Skyloft anywhere near as advanced? I think it's more likely to be robot technology.

    I think that Lanayru created the robots -- they call him 'master' and he jokes about giving Link a robot name. I also believe that Hylia created the Gates of Time herself, because she is the Goddess of Time. I have an explanation for why I believe that [URL=""]here.[/URL]

    The Timeshift Stones ere mined because they power the robots. I'll provide quotes if you want.

    Posted by ElectricGoose

  • Actually, it was written after SS, but that is something I never thought about. I don't think they're the same, there's the huge time difference and they look different too. However, i also believe that the Oocca were once the people of Skyloft, who were very close to Hylia, so perhaps she passed down the knowledge of the technology to them.

    Posted by ElectricGoose

  • ありがとうございまし。はい、日本語は美しいです。私は日本語で話せを楽しむです。私の語彙は小さいです。私はいくらかひらがな分かる。多くのかたかなと漢字分からないです。ナミさんは、いくつ漢字分かるですか?

    (That's alright. And cool. But now I've got another question... In the second to last sentance, I wanted to say "I don't know a lot of Katakana or Kanji." Would I use 「と」 or「か」 to say "or?" In English you would say "Katakana [b]or[/b] Kanji," but I'm not sure what it is in Japanese. I believe it's 「と」, so that's what I put.)

    I've been reading [URL=""]this[/URL] site off and on, and using it as a reference for stuff like particles and vocabulary words. I think it's really helpful.

    Posted by Zeal

  • メッセージありがとうございます。いいです。:DD

    (Sorry for the late reply. I've been pretty busy lately. As for where to place 「いつか」, I'm not 100% certain, but I'm 90% sure you put it in the correct place. I don't think it really makes sense anywhere else, so good job! ;))

    May I ask you a question? How are you studying Japanese?

    Posted by Nami-san

  • はじめまして!お元気ですか?
    (Sorry about all of that. I read that you like to use Vocaloids to study Japanese and I got excited - I've finally found someone else who does the same thing as me!!! :P)

    Posted by Nami-san

  • 'Skay. Too bad the symbols themselves weren't flipped, or else you could fix it easily in any drawing program. :/

    Posted by Sabbo

  • Gah, why? Why is your avatar backwards?

    Posted by Sabbo

  • I'm glad you like it.
    You should search for more Miku songs on Youtube.

    Try this one:

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • No, it's fine. I understand. It's an amazing game, isn't it? :)

    I'm assuming you've finally beat it now - so...

    SPOILERS****did you manage to climb the top of the summit with a companion? Or stick with a partner during the blizzard portion in which you lose your entire scarf? It's really powerful, emotional stuff. I'll admit I teared up a bit once the credits came up, lol.****SPOILERS

    I hope you get a chance to stick with a single companion if you manage to play your entire second playthrough in one sitting! Especially with someone wearing a white cloak. Most of the time they help others find the remaining symbols and all of that other tricky stuff. Or did you already find them all? :P

    Posted by An Hero of Time

  • Is your name a Chrono Trigger reference? Because Chrono Trigger is my favorite RPG ever!

    Posted by Sweater Bear

  • Jeremy from Code Lyoko, I'm impressed! I :heart: that show so much

    Posted by kezzer

  • Love your avatar.

    Posted by SomnusGlimmer

  • It's your turn in the riddle game. ;)

    Posted by George


    Posted by Sikora

  • That's pretty cool. I like Magus personally. And Frog. He's badass.

    Posted by magicalbatarang

  • Oh my gosh! Your icon is Queen Zeal! I feel so stupid for forgetting how she looked. Thought that was Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers.

    Posted by magicalbatarang

  • haha! awesome signature!

    Posted by princesspanty

  • That pleases me greatly!
    I always love doing sidequests in games. It's my favorite thing. That and talking to NPCs.

    So yeah, you playing through a second time just to finish up side quests; Joy for Buu. ♥

    Posted by Buu

  • OH THE MUSIC. ♥♥
    When I was about 14 or so, a guy I was crushing on taught me how to play 600 AD-overworld song on guitar.
    I still know it by heart. Cx It's still one of the best video game-pieces I have ever heard.

    Posted by Buu

  • So I read that you are playing Chrono Trigger. 8>

    I actually tear up a little just thinking about that game. But I haven't finished it.

    Posted by Buu

  • You might like my website. It's in my link. Feel free to check it out.

    Posted by Coconut Water

  • Haha, yup! The Other M reMovie was a brainstorm I had late one night, many moons ago. I actually need to get around to finishing it. Been procrastinatin' too much..

    Glad ya liked it!

    Posted by Fuzzy Fish

  • Option A: Mocking Samus in Other M. But in a friendly way. It's my version of a Hipster Disney Princess pic. Note the glasses.

    Also, my siggy is a clicky if ya didn't already know.;)

    Posted by Fuzzy Fish

  • Hey, Luminoth! I know that your names are like, U-Mos and K-Rek, well if I were a Luminoth, I would be J-Dog! :lol:

    Posted by Shinespark

  • What TV show, cause I want to see that.

    Posted by altidefan1

  • Your mother is a magical noise.

    Posted by altidefan1

  • [QUOTE]
    Yes, why?[/QUOTE]
    honestly does it really matter, If I were you I would just leave that guy to his spamming problems and just not reply to him, or I would have taken it to VM's. Just food for thought. Oh also, just trying to help you out since I see you are relatively new to this thread. Welcome to ZU :)

    Posted by Bruce Leeroy

  • I'm a boring person, aren't I?

    Posted by Zeal

  • I was writing a post for your most recent thread, for the reason why the sentient Master/Skyward Sword choose to seal of OoT Link in the first place, but now because you closed it, I can't post in it anymore
    You shouldn't be impatient or discouraged, regarding new threads when you want new posts in it.. It needs some time until all people could take a look on it. Please reconsider and ask the moderator to reopen it, for as I see a great potencial in it.

    Posted by Thanatos-Zero