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  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Amariel

  • My book has ALL of those things XD It has strong characters, plot twists, lots of good's mostly like a dark fairy-tale kind of book.

    Posted by aku1akii

  • Wow thank you so much!! I would be honored if you would buy it. And tell people and whatnot. You have my permission :D I tried finding agents and publishers but I got rejected so much that I decided to just self-publish and maybe it'll get discovered if it gets popular enough. I also have other projects I'm working on. Thanks again! :))

    Posted by aku1akii

  • Thanks .

    Posted by Eren Jaeger

  • You're very welcome♪

    Posted by ShinobiMoon

  • Happy Birthday♪

    Posted by ShinobiMoon

  • Ugh, I'll try starting a thread that doesn't get forgotten within the first day. Something Zelda-related.

    See you there.

    Posted by Balthier Bunansa

  • can you remove "Zelda" from the title of this thread? thanks!
    And Merry Christmas!

    Posted by UberPyro64

  • I'll send you a message on Saturday if it would turn out to be a draw in that match then.

    Merry Christmas!

    Posted by Zeldaoot

  • Thanks! The poll ends on saturday so it's still almost 2 days left.
    I saw you idea a few minutes ago and i thougt it was awesome if the match
    turned out to be a tie.

    Just to be on the safe side :)

    Posted by Zeldaoot

  • Ah. I still have not played it :B

    Posted by Melpomene

  • No I didn't vote. I have no idea what the ancient cistern is.

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Hi. Not much :D

    Scary avvy btw :P

    Posted by Melpomene

  • I think its from the title being so long. I don't know if it can be fixed.

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Do you have screenshots of what you mean?
    Because its hard to understand what you mean by a space in one the words near the end?
    In the title, in the thread?

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Links would have been nice :B

    But done.

    Posted by Melpomene

  • Your polls for best dungeons is a really cool idea!!! I would have changed some of the first round matchups, but it's hard because of all the games. I'm sure you did a better job than I would have. I hope to see you around more!

    Posted by Momo

  • Done! :3

    Posted by Melpomene

  • I'm in Germany for 2.5 more months but I live 2 hours east of Toronto :P

    Posted by Raeden

  • Hey buddy
    Where in ontario are you from?

    Posted by Raeden

  • Oh Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you... [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]UberPyro64[/COLOR] Happy Bithday to you.
    Yeah i don't really know you that well, but as a birthday present you have earned my friendship... now bow down before me and.... Never mind so anyway have a happy birthday, hope you get what you want and we [I]can[/I] be friends can't we?
    [SIZE="4"]Or else[/SIZE] [B][/B] :mob: --- That Smilie , well not really a smilie but, looked really cool and wanted to "test it out" .

    Posted by Alar

  • Happy Birthday random person I don't know.


    Posted by Prince Deity

  • I've deleted a few posts of yours in General Gaming for being off-topic/spam. Please try to make sure your posts aren't too spammy.

    Posted by Avalanchemike

  • Have fun, buddy! :D

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • You don't have to change it if you don't want to!

    Please don't be sad! :]

    Your thread is fine. Don't let other people make you feel sad. They didn't follow your rules. You have nothing to feel sad about. And you have no reason to change your thread unless you want to! :D

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • Your thread is fine buddy. :]
    Don't worry about it.

    I might post my own favourite 12 Nintendo songs too soon! :D

    Posted by SuperDecimal

  • [url][/url]

    You might want to look at this again before stating any new threads.
    - J

    Posted by Sophie