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  • Hey, with regard to your theory placing the Zelda 1 map (which is too old to revive, unfortunately), I noticed a large quantity of luminous stone deposits right around where the graveyard should be (the eastern slope of those mountains, just south of the terrible chef). Since luminous stones are thought to contain the spirits of the dead, maybe that means that in the 10,000+ years since the rest of the timeline, the graveyard itself has been buried or removed but the souls of the dead linger there and manifest in luminous stones. Just a thought.

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  • Hey, sorry about the rough treatment you got in the forest temple thread. The word "fanfiction" tends to flick an anger switch over there.

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  • Test

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  • That's okay then :3

    <3 Bowie

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  • Animate goblin king. ^____^

    Why! ;-;

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  • Your comment on my art was incredibly humbling! An artist is at his happiest when he can create in his viewers the sort of feeling you described. I'm very glad to have helped you remember what makes Majora's Mask so gripping. :D

    Also, yes, Bowie ftw. He was really good in Prestige too!

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  • [quote]No one wants to eat a charred fajita.[/quote]



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  • Bowie is so awesome. ^______^

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  • Well Talk to you later ^_____^

    That avatar instantly made me want to friends you. :3

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  • Ohai :3

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