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  • Hey there, hope you're having a decent to great day!

    Posted by Guinea

  • :o

    Posted by Cody

  • Commercial pilot who flies Cessnas? I like you :3

    Posted by Intrigue

  • I asked because I noticed you said yins and Pittsburgh's the only place I've ever heard it.

    Posted by Cayenne Pepper

  • Are you from Pittsburgh?

    Posted by Cayenne Pepper

  • Actually, [I]I[/I] am the friggin' ninja. ;)

    Posted by Ningan the Lone Ninja

  • [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Pinkie Pie [/COLOR][/B]bought the first for $2.50 during a Steam sale. Beginning wasn't very satisfying. Hoping it builds up steam later on.

    Posted by American Soldier

  • [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Pinkie Pie[/COLOR][/B] sees you play The Witcher.

    [COLOR="Magenta"][B]Pinkie Pie[/B][/COLOR] plays The Witcher, too.

    Posted by American Soldier

  • Not sure if you saw my post before I deleted it.
    If you did, disregard it.

    It's really not important if they are or aren't zombies.
    Sorry if I came across as an egotistical prick.

    Posted by Ty

  • Your sig reminded me of this song: [YOUTUBE]zVGHggXx8HM[/YOUTUBE]

    Posted by Farooq

  • Yeah, with no water, people are watering their grass like crazy! Little do they know that with no rain, if they keep using sprinklers the aquifer will run out, which means no water for anybody! Freakin' pigs.

    Posted by Shinespark

  • Aaaaaargh, we need rain, we need rain!

    Seriously, here in Houston it's been 100+ degrees every day!

    Posted by Shinespark

  • Hello there Military Man.
    how's it going?

    Posted by Ghost of Mater

  • well it's nice to get some time off huh.

    Posted by Ghost of Mater

  • well that's kind of sad what are you busy with.
    and sorry it took me so long to talk back.

    Posted by Ghost of Mater

  • hey pj777, how are you this day.

    Posted by Ghost of Mater

  • nah, I'm a dude.

    or so I think. :tilt: xD


    I'll think again.

    Posted by Shinespark

  • And only a select few will survive.

    -Chuck Norris
    -Shigeru Miyamoto
    -Jim Carrey
    -the apple guy

    Posted by Shinespark

  • lol I'm going to wake up, listen to the screams of the gullible people, laugh, then go and play Metroid. :P

    hey, but there are good things:

    -The Earth will open up, so will parking spaces!
    -Everybody around you will burst into flames, time for hotdogs and s'mores!
    -There will be a river of blood, I say it's canoeing time!
    -Meteors will come down, so will prices on games.

    I say we celebrate for the best day ever! :P

    Posted by Shinespark

  • [QUOTE=pj777]12-21-12
    Bring it on[/QUOTE]

    I'm with you, man!

    Posted by Shinespark

  • Hey, just wanted to say hi after seeing you post in the Halo vs. CoD thread. It's nice to see someone else who appreciates the story that Halo offers. Even though the games don't do it justice, it is actually pretty deep.

    Posted by American Soldier

  • [QUOTE]Hell Hawk, if your not suggesting a total ban or extremely strict gun control, then we're arguing for no reason.[/QUOTE]
    Not that I want to start up the debate again, but just to clarify, I want:

    1. Guns to be completely banned in urban areas.
    2. Concealable weapons such as handguns would be banned.
    3. Hunting weapons, such as rifles and shotguns, would be kept legal so long as the owner does not live in an urban area. Hunters living in an urban area would be allowed to rent guns during the hunting season or for target shooting.

    Posted by Hell Hawk

  • Nah, Bethesda sucks because of the quality of the games they've been putting out. I liked Oblivion and Fallout 3 well enough, but they just seemed lazy. Oblivion/3 had [I]way[/I] too many copy/pasted dungeons. Be it Fortresses/Ayleid ruins or Metro stations.

    Stuff that would've been easy enough to remedy had they actually put some time into it.

    Posted by Red

  • Bethesda fanboy much?

    Bet you never even touched Morrowind

    Posted by Red

  • tis supposed to... it's from an ARG revolving all around Majoras Mask... final part comes out around christmas, and I'm SUPER hyped.

    Posted by Jeaulm

  • I just love the new chapter!

    Posted by Jeaulm

  • Okay, Thanks for letting me know!

    Posted by Jeaulm

  • I've noticed that you havent created a new chapter in quite a while, is there anything wrong?


    Posted by Jeaulm

  • Why are your 2 threads called the same thing?
    and post on MY profile so I get notified O.o

    Posted by Prince Deity

  • Kinda, yeah. I dunno exactly how I'll go rating wise as my story goes, so I put that down just to be safe

    Posted by pj777