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  • Happy birthday! Hope it's a pleasant one!

    Posted by Amber The Gay Fox

  • you should join din

    Posted by goronmario

  • You are my trusty, dusty, towel!

    Posted by trolliface

  • You & I share quite a few interests/favorite Zelda characters in common!! ;)

    Posted by Tuf Pic

  • [QUOTE=RustyOwl;5401120]More extreme than that. Richer. Let's not generalize the imaginations of others...[/QUOTE]

    Come back when you're a little...Mmmm...Richer!

    Posted by HylianKnight

  • Thanks man! It really is a captivating piece.

    Perhaps you should do a sister drawing involving the Fused Shadow and Zant...or add a twist and make Link the victim.

    And yeah, Bowie is a huge inspiration to me. I grew up fearing the guy, not understanding the androgony behind Ziggy Stardust, but as I began really listening to him over the past few years, I discovered a nostalgia for his music like no other. Bowie playing Nikola Tesla was just like mashing two huge idols of mine together into an awesomely portrayed performance and, well, I was shellshocked from its grandeur.

    I don't know if you saw my art thread also, but I'd like to collaborate with you.

    Posted by Spire

  • Heh, art is so under apprciated in the world enough as it is, there's no need for me to add to that.

    Posted by sage_of_fire

  • Hey thanks for the friend request. And congrats on being featured on the main site, that picture is still one of the best pictures I've ever seen on ZU. I was very impressed with it.

    Posted by sage_of_fire

  • Take a look at this: [url][/url]
    Congrats! :]

    Posted by sugar

  • Hey, don't mention it. There are, sadly, quite a few elitists on these forums though...try not to ever expect to win any argument here. ;)
    it's still fun though.

    Posted by Tabby

  • [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]o.o
    Hi Hi!![/COLOR]

    Posted by Rinku_Bny

  • thanks!

    feel free to jump in whenever!

    Posted by gerudoyoshi

  • It is from a tv show called seinfeld :3


    Posted by Melpomene