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  • Hello, fellow oldbie! I think I remember when you were hagakure lol.

    Posted by EzloSpirit

    • Haha, I changed when I logged in like, 2 months ago. I'm not too old, though I guess I just hit 9 years huh

      Posted by abokchoy

    • As an "oldbie" I gotta say it feels like ZU has changed so much

      Posted by abokchoy

    • Yeah, it's been a wild ride. It's actually a much gentler place than it used to be, but that's probably because the more rowdy types abandoned ZU for Facebook and the like. I miss vBulletin lol.

      Posted by EzloSpirit

    • Quieter in general. it feels like there are less active users, although I'm not complaining about it being too gentle.

      Posted by abokchoy

  • I don't know who you are but apparently you code things too so we should be friends XD

    Posted by ZorroMikau

  • Hello

    Posted by LittleGamerGal

  • Don't worry about not replying sooner, I haven't been on much lately (also sorry about my late reply heh).

    Huzzah for friends!

    Wow 8 weeks, that's going to be great! In one spot? what sort of volunteering are you doing? You'll get so much stuff done in that time! I always think travelling is so surreal until you're on the plane and then realize it's actually happening, but it's great your not nervous! Counting down the days?

    Yeah I've been good, just started set up for the theatre production I'll be helping out with which is awesome and fun! Slowly oh so slowly getting ready to move, heh.

    Have a great start to your week!

    Posted by Yanja

  • yay I fail at replying!

    Hahahha. Oh man what a typo.

    Wow it gets pretty warm there! There were a few weeks of 0-12 celsius (32-54 fanerheit) but it's warmed up a little, just to confuse the poor plants which have started budding again. It'll get a little colder soon, which I'm not looking forward to - it'd be fine if it snowed, but it just stays a little too warm for that. Perhaps I'll head to the snow this year when the season starts.

    Hahahaha well they're nice names, I probably wouldn't have been able to hold back from creating some sort of weird team name, (probably for the best that I don't have a team of any sort).

    I did end up jinxing myself... the first half of the week has been suprisingly busy, but today was quiet, which was nice.

    How has your week been? Having fun organizing and packing? How long are you going to ghana for?

    Posted by Yanja

  • Sorry the site was going through some maintanence...

    ^_^ nice! Yeah the blue was pretty too! My fave colour? gah I guess it changes with my mood but I love a deep stormy grey/blue, and peach is also a nice colour.

    Hmm that sounds fun, then I guess I'll have to start posting alot more ^_^;; I'm such a lurker.

    How warm does it get for you usually? Though I suppose ghana probably gets quite hot too! (which is super exciting and I hope you have fun and help lots of people, or animals?) That makes sense unadopting me ^_^ I can always badger people for help if something doesn't make sense. You've been a great help thank you so much!

    Do you have a team name? Every team needs a name! hahaha. That sounds pretty hectic if you went to every one of them, lucky it's only 1.5 months, do you do practice matches as well?

    It sounds like you'll be busy organizing everything!!! I hope you have a little time to relax as well in there somewhere.

    This week for me is going to be rather slow (but I've probably jinxed myself saying that) so it should be a nice quiet one.

    Hope you're had a good weekend!

    Posted by Yanja

  • Yuuup.

    [espoiler]Least I could do
    Cyanide and Happiness
    Dumbing of Age
    Questionable Content
    Girls with Slingshots
    El Goonish Shive
    Amazing Super Powers
    Brawl In The Family
    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
    Awkward Zombie
    Looking For Group
    The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
    Zen Pencils
    Templar, Arizona
    Johnny Wander

    Posted by gamtos

  • Shortpacked fan, huh? Same here.

    Posted by gamtos

  • Uuuuh thank you that's really handy. It seems simple enough.

    Skins? I have a choice? Oh down the bottom - apparently temple v.2

    Wow the other templates are so much easier to navigate O_o Ok so I'll be using Light green from now on... which do you use?

    I think the basic requirements were to be a member for a month and 50 posts (I'm still way off that but I'll just plod along - it's realistically probably my 6 month goal).

    Naw thanks for taking a look! ^_^ I haven't uploaded any drawings just my sculpture stuff. I've been working this week on a Mystic outfit from the Dark Crystal (such a gorgeous movie). Mainly sculpting the head and casting, I have a latex mask of it now which I have to paint up before I upload any pictures. I have a few projects on the go! Maybe I'll start a thread when I get my tablet working again.

    This week has been a mixture of running around getting nothing done and lots of finishing stuff off which has been nice. It's getting colder so all I want to do is curl up and nest under a big blanket heh.

    Are you on a team of players? How often are the tournaments?

    Any plans for the weekend?

    Posted by Yanja

  • I always seem to think I have the hang of something and then I get proven wrong and I'm left going... huh?

    I do have a question about ZU, how do I subscribe to threads, does it happen automatically when I reply, and where does it get stored once I subscribe?

    Thanks for your help!

    Posted by Yanja

  • Heya ^_^
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you recently!

    hahaha yeah I have been busy! I've been preparing to move, I have an art exhibition coming up and my computer has been down as well. Everything always happens at the same time doesn't it?

    I know what you mean if I don't get to exercise (I use that term very very loosely) my brain can go haywire. I just get into such a slump.

    Uuuh nice I'll definitely have to check out 'The Dark Valley' I recently read Z: A novel of zelda fitzgerald (who coincidently is where princess zelda got her name from) and that was wonderful, set during 1920's-30's.

    I've liked what I've seen of ZU so far, I've been lurking in the artists corner, but haven't had much time recently to continue exploring. I thought maybe I'd start my own art thread...but with my computer down my tablet has been useless... so many excuses heh. I figured I'd look around a little more (and post more) before I try and join a clan. ^_^

    OH! and I watched the smash brothers documentary (the first 2 episodes - i haven't finished it all yet) It's really fascinating and definitely got me hooked to watch more! (so many things I didn't realize about it - I'm such a button masher)

    Hope you're having a good week!

    Posted by Yanja

  • You're avatar's fresh, there is no doubt
    Roadblock's gonna knock you out.

    Posted by gamtos

  • That's cool!
    I'm not on everyday anyway so don't worry! Yeah work tend sto get in the way of a lot of things.
    I've been good just pottering around spending too much time on the internet, like usual I suppose heh.

    Wow thats' quite often, do you lift very heavy weights? (all weights are heavy >_<) but is there a goal you're trying to get to?

    Any particular section fo history that interests you? Ancient, modern, medieval?
    I love it all, but ancient greece, medieval (especially the black plague) are my favourites.

    I'll definitely have to watch it!

    How have you been? Busy?

    Posted by Yanja

  • Wow 5-6 years, it seems liek such a long time but it'll disappear before you even have time to think about it! I can't believe it's almost May where on earth has this year gone?!!

    Hahaha being in the middle isn't a bad place to be, gives you good prespective!

    I would love to learn to snowboard, I can ski alright when I get a chance to get to the snow - which actually hasn't been for a few years now ^_^;; What kind of weights training? Ah it's amazing how an injured knee can set you back, is it healing alright? Will you need to get surgery?

    Uhh what sort of stuff do you like to read? I was a big sucker for fantasy and sci-fi when i was much younger, still enjoy it but I like historical fiction now I guess and a good murder mystery doesn't go astray, and anything well written I suppose. I'm not very picky.

    Oh wow, how do you play smash bros competitively? That was for Gamecube wasn't it?
    Oh boy I wish I was better at fighting games I'm such a button masher so sometimes I trump everyone and somtimes I get floored... not the best technique hahaha

    Yep I spend stupid amounts of time on the internet, can't say I get bored there's too many things to look at! I do get very very lost though, one link leads to another and then boom you're research the language instinct after trying to find a quote from an obscure cult classic which you clicked on after you decided to really start doing an assessment.... yeaaaah.

    Hope you had a great start to the week!

    Posted by Yanja

  • No problem!! Life does tend to get in the way sometimes heh ^_^

    Oh wow engineering! That's a skill tree I will never be able to comprehend; interesting but totally lost on me. How logn have you been studying? Do you have many years still to go?

    I'm more on the arts and literature side of things I guess, I love history (mainly ancient), anthropology, archeology, arts, arts history, english, literature, psychology, film all sorts of things.
    I also like maths (wish I was better at it - but love a cheeky bit of geometry). Science and chemistry I find fascinating, I was lucky enough to work in a lab for a while, and play with all the experiments. I think learning is one of those things that opens the world up and makes every topic interesting.
    The only boring topic is one you don't understand or haven't fully grasped yet!

    Oh wonderful! Fencing is amazing to watch, and I imagine wrestling would have been lots of fun! We have a lot of rowing here but I spend my waterside days kayaking. I used to be an avid basketballer and netballer, hahah but those days are long gone! Now I just tend to go on long walks and hike.

    Wow this is turning into an essay O_o

    My favourite game has to be Majora's mask becasue of the storyline, the time constraints, the atmosphere and all the side stories, apart from that I'm a big Assassins Creed fan (although I'm only up to 3 at the moment). I find it gets more and more difficult to find time for gaming, but I still love it.

    How about you? Any favourite games or genres of gaming? What do you find are the best qualities of a game?

    What do you tend to do in your spare time if you have any?

    Posted by Yanja

  • ^_^ Huzzah!
    Thanks for your help, I guess my main questions about ZU are clans and rpgs I haven't really had much experience with either (I have been reading a little bit about them).

    I'm really well thanks ^_^
    How are you?
    It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Yanja.
    What sort of academia are you interested in (such a broad range to choose from)? Do you study or have you studied?
    Any particular sport you like?
    I love history, art, film, theatre, video games, making things, I'm also a fan of academia. I love learning and I may be a little bit of a course junkie.

    Posted by Yanja

  • Hi!
    I'd love it if you could adopt me ^_^

    Posted by Yanja

  • sure thing ^__^

    Posted by death.

  • Good. Writing for ZU. I love it. Some other life stuff, hopefully things turn out fine.

    Posted by Momo

  • it's been...a very long time! how are you?

    Posted by Momo

  • Thanks, I appreciate that :D

    Posted by smashton

  • Alrighty :3

    Posted by smashton

  • Hmm. I can't think of any right now. Can you think of anything I should know?

    Posted by smashton

  • I like it so far :3.

    I just wish I knew more people :P

    Posted by smashton

  • I'm doing alright, how are you?

    Posted by smashton

  • Yeah, I'm doing better. Just have to wait until we have time to go again.

    Posted by smashton

  • Didn't go. I was feeling under the weather.

    Posted by smashton

  • I think I'm good so far. I'm liking it, it'll just take a while to get to know people :D

    Posted by smashton

  • It's good to have a variety of musical taste. That way you can like more stuff :P

    Posted by smashton

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    Posted by Blaze Vortex 4231