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  • Oh my gosh. It's been forever...

    Posted by MissClick Gaming

  • Can I has your t-shirt? :)

    Posted by Gamer Miki

  • Hiyas, ZG! Been awhile, huh? xD

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Do you own Kid Icarus Uprising? Do you have a Wifi connected 3DS?

    Posted by Sage of the Master Sword

  • 'Welcome. ;)

    Mhm. This economy is crazy right now. But it teaches us to be extra careful with how we spend our money. Usually once adolescents are wild and free nowadays, they don't exactly set up a budget. It's an "I can get whatever I want, when I want, since I have the dough" mindset most of the time, sadly.

    Absolutely. And if it should come to it, I might need to take a hiatus from ZU. Rather than give in to feelings of deficiency, I'll take control again and get the job done. Your words encourage me to break this habit of single-minded focus. Heh, and yeah, I am still learning, just as your learning about your other abilities. So, it'd be neat if we taught each other with our experiences, should that ever come about. :D

    Well, if you feel inspired to make a cosplay costume, by all means I think you should go for it. Whether you do it for Halloween (though not to celebrate it at all) or fun. Yeah, a Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay would be awesome, as would an article feature. I don't comment on the mainsite much anymore, but I'd be there to see that.

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • You're quite welcome! I hope that you had a good one!

    Posted by Pseud O Nym

  • Happy birthday! God bless! Hope it was a good bday, haha. :)

    Posted by Treverend

  • Yep. You're welcome

    Posted by NightTerror

  • Happy birthday

    Posted by NightTerror

  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Pseud O Nym


    It's very important, I think, that you pick a major which matches your skills, or that you can associate with if you ever need a second-hand job. I don't know; something like that might help you choose before needing to pay for something useless.

    Sometimes it seems like I am second-guessing. I have small periods of doubt, but I always wipe them away and move on to the next task. Ah, and truth be told maybe I should take breaks from this comp and do other things, such as reading my Bible more often. It's just that at this point I've almost reached a self-obsession to advance my career in writing, but I certainly don't want that interfering with my faith, so you understand.

    Well, if you do end up going for a TP Zelda look, [URL=""]this stunning cosplayer might be able to help you out.[/URL] Even suggests you could buy Zelda costumes from Ebay, though I think you'd rather go about it the natural way. That'd be [I]awesome[/I] if you could make your own suit. Maybe "seamstresstry" is an unknown knack of yours. :P At any rate, I think a Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay would be amazing. Heh, maybe you'll even be featured on ZU someday. ;D

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Happy Birthday! :D

    Posted by MarioMaster1337

  • Not enough money?? :( Yeah it's pretty sweet, have about 7 Zelda games on this thing alone, lol. If you do get one I think Ocarina of Time 3D is a must have, it's a remake but it's almost as if playing through a whole new game, it's that good. :O

    Posted by Treverend

  • I agree, and thanks for the add!!! :D Have a 3DS by chance? I need more friends on that too. xD

    Posted by Treverend

  • Spectacular. Speaking from experience, I found it pretty durn hard to come up with something that I wanted to do. Pretty sure I was a few years younger than you when I found my love for writing. But you only have to do some deeper searching, and I'm certain that you'll exceed at whatever your knack will be. Since you love music, then you might conclude that knack has something to do with it. God willing, of course. :3nod

    Yeah. I suppose I entered this in high hopes, and now it seems to be descending in slow motion. That's a strange, numbing feeling, but hardly gets in my way. I'm still diligently working, even though ZU draws me away for some downtime. Might go crazy otherwise.

    It's hard to decide which you look more like. Depends somewhat on the hairstyle. Right now, since it's down, I'd go for Zelda, but I could easily see Zero-Suit Samus as well. And yeah, I understand what you mean. It's hard for me to tell the color of my eyes also.

    Hmmm... It's a pleasure, Kirsten. Name's Mike.

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Heh, yes I did. Sounds like you're extremely busy. :D What's the road trip going to be for, if you don't mind me asking? Hope you find the right college for you. Good luck with that.

    Things are actually pretty slow with it, even locally. I'm thinking of doing a signing at another bookstore; hopefully that'll bring things up to speed. And thank you. I think many people would be interested if they took the time to look it over.

    Lastly, I was surprised by the new picture when I entered your profile. :P

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Hi again! Things are going great for me. Most of my life consists of writing and marketing, so I am content with that. How're you doing? :)

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Hey! Think I'm gonna add you to my friends list, see your a Christian and a Zelda fan. Haha. :D

    Posted by Treverend

  • hey zeldagurl whats up, never got to talk to you in awhile.

    Posted by Joe hunter

  • Hiyas, ZG! Don't worry about not getting back in awhile; I understand how busy life can get. No worries how long it takes, ever. ;)

    Skyward epic. Quickly moving on its way to surpass my own personal favorites, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess (both are pretty much tied with themselves). I'm taking SS very slowly so that I can savor every minute of the experience. I even stopped playing Zelda for most of the year so that it could seem fresh.

    It was so much fun having everyone together again, though it was on two separate occasions (one with standard family, and the other for extended). Missing my friends since they're busy with holiday stuff, but I'm going to be able to see them during an upcoming basketball tournament, which I'm anticipating greatly.

    Yes, I also can't believe the year's just about out. All the news and things Nintendo did to attribute to the franchise has been marvelous. And though this calender's almost over, I don't think the anniversary part is over until February 25th (I believe), so I hope they keep releasing stuff until then.
    Well, as of now I'm mostly trying to market [I]The Dark Legion[/I], push it into stores (since the publisher I'm with simply does online sales), and selling the copies which I preordered for my own area. Other than that I've made a good amount of sales though in this economy more are always helpful, to be truthful.

    Yes, life always seems to be crazy, but many things make it worth living. Hope all's well with you and continue to be so. Merry late Christmas to you as well, and Happy New Year! :)

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • [IMG]http://[/IMG]


    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Thanks a ton. I will definitely let you know when it's coming out as soon as I know. I'll probably post an article here when that does come around.

    That's so cool. I'd love to go to Boston (I hear their tea parties are almost Revolutionary!). It would be neat to see the history behind it for myself, rather than watching overdrawn History Channel documentations on it. :glare: Sorry for my ignorance on the Conservatory (but what can I say? >stupidhomeschooler<), but it's amazing what the instructors are doing. Verily,with the state our nation's in (dummy, the states are in the nation), we certainly need galvanizing leaders.

    Oh man, I know! Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda title at present, and I just about freaked when I saw it in HD. Then I realized it was just a demo and was actually relieved, because as much as I love it I would not want to buy it again, just like with all the OoT remakes out. But I'm stoked for the Wii U!

    As you may recall, I don't like Facebook- or Twitter-like communities, but do prefer Zelda forums because there aren't any narratives going around, such as: "I fixed a cup of coffee and settled down to read my James Patterson novel before viewing my account, lol." (Sorry, I am a little bubbly today). Nonetheless, I probably will end up getting an FB page, just for advertising. I'm not discounting you because you have an account of your own, but stuff like that is just silly to me. :(

    Yeah, will do. I appreciate your prayers and the support. :DD

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Heyya, ZG!

    This is so ironic...I haven't announced this elsewhere yet, but I [I]am[/I] getting published! I finalized the deal as of this week, and things are underway! At lastest, from what my publisher said, [I]The Dark Legion[/I] should come out in mid-October, online at Amazon and Barnes&Noble (sorry, paperback only), and on all ebook formats (Kindle, Nook, Apple Bookstore--you name it!). I'm also going to see if I can contract with bookstores later on, if popular enough. Be sure to tell all your friends! It must have been about 15 before I landed this deal. :D

    It's great that you were able to visit Boston. I hear CoT's from there, and it would be neat if ya'll got to meet. Yes, our country has an amazing history, and learning about it is extraordinary. Not sure what a Conservatory is, but it sounds like an important station. ;)

    Aside from this, I'm also hyped about SS. I've been looking it over since I missed out on a lot, and it looks utterly unspeakable...the good kind.

    Can't wait to see you move on up in School. Please tell me when you do.

    Now I'm going to ask you to pray for the continued success of my manuscript. Thanks a ton for your blessings so far, and watch after yourself there!

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • You and [I]Me[/I] both...

    I've been doing quite well. Ya remember that book I've mentioned? I've been trying to publish it, which is why I took some time off. No luck so far, but I'm sticking to it.

    Really excited about more news on Skyward Sword! I mean, I haven't been around for a few months, so I'm not sure about what's already been released. I'll be checking on that soon.

    Anyhow, 16 now? So bummed that I missed your party...but happy late wishes up front. Sixteen was a good year for me, and I hope it's trebly good to you. Also hope you had a great time in Boston and did great in Band!

    I'm actually doing OK, other than being a little disappointed on the book biz. I could use prayers for that. I'm already graduated from school myself, but if you stay at it then you'll find the studying is worthwhile.

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I'll be seeing you, Sister. May Light Be Your Path.

    Posted by Fire Streak

  • Heyyy! :D

    Posted by love to play zelda:D

  • well, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! yeah, I guess I forget that not everywhere looks like New England. I've lived here my entire life so I've long been used to it, but I guess it is pretty beautiful here. our trees turn all orange and red and yellow and stuff in the Fall, and according to everyone that doesn't live here, it's breath taking, but to me it looks pretty normal.

    don't worry about the subway, you not missing much. It can get pretty dirty down there. and it's underground, so there's literally nothing to look at but wall. It's not the best way of getting around, it's just the way I personally prefer. I don't think I've ever heard of "Freddo's" do you remember what was around it? ah, it doesn't matter. but Coffee milk IS real, I swear to you. so is Coffee ice cream, i just had some a few hours ago in fact.

    E3 was sweet this year, wasn't it! this Wii U thing that's coming out. I still have no idea why a screen would be needed on the controller, unless it's going to be exactly like a giant DS. but it still cool looking, huh? kinda wish it had a better name though. Wii U sounds more like an add on than a new console. oh well. and the new SS videos! Link looks a little strange, or at least his mouth does, so that's meh, but ZELDA LOOKS AWESOME! did you see her!? the best looking grown up looking Zelda yet! well, not counting Oot. TP Zelda looked good too, but SS Zelda looks wicked awesome! you have a lot to live up to now. XP

    and yeah, I got a Facebook. I actually didn't have one in high school. I got when I went to college two years ago. My real name is Dave Hall and my profile pic is always some kind of cartoon that drew. well, right now it's a 3D picture of a sort of egg looking thing, but that might change by the time you read this. just tell me your real name on here so I know it's you when you request me. :)

    Posted by ChainofTermina

  • woop, sorry, I hadn't realized you sent me a message, hah ^^;

    I find that I'm getting a little less involved with this site as of late, I almost never leave comments anymore and I hardly ever come to the forums. I guess I was just busy. so, you don't have to worry about disappearing, I've sorta been doing that too., haha.

    yeah all these screen shots of OoT3D look amazing, I wish I could get it when it comes out, but being a College kid with no money of my own I can't really get a 3DS right now. maybe in the future when the price goes down, but only time will tell......... hehehe, "Time" will tell, cause, we're talking about, okay....

    Happy Belated Birthday! 16 is great, it's when all the drama and crap really starts coming and your life starts to get all intense and stuff. and then that doesn't really go away until your about.....19ish? but don't worry, it's fun.'s not boring anyway. no, wait, yeah there are some fun parts. yeah.........
    How was your trip to the Bay State? I've never been to Lexington or Concord. I think their just average towns, wouldn't be all that special if it wasn't for that Paul Revere thing (I've been to his house by the way). was it interesting there? and no, I haven't been on the Salem Witch trial tour. that sounds unbelievably awesome though, I really don't know why I haven't done that yet. come to think of it, I've only been to Salem once in my whole life. that should change, like, fast. I went to the house of seven gables when I was there, and a few small museums, but not the witch one.

    Harvard Square on the other hand is a place I got to practically every week! what did you do there? There's not much aside from stores (actually scratch that-there's nothing else there besides stores) did you like it? get anything cool? I always see all these lobster toys in the tourist stores, and pictures of light houses. I don't know why though, there aren't any light houses here. that's Maine that has the light houses.

    hope you enjoyed your excursion up north!

    Posted by ChainofTermina

  • Nice to meet you to! How was your birthday yesterday or day today?

    Posted by Amariel

  • Happy Birthday ZeldaGurl!

    Posted by Amariel

  • Its cool, yeah right now its kinda hard for me with this life.

    Posted by Joe hunter