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  • Poke.

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  • Boo.

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  • Nudge.

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  • Sure, why not!

    Posted by Tarkin

  • Jon is the best. I lurves him. Im not a fan of Dany's to be honest. Im like "ehhhhhhh...."

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • well, i don't think being infertile necessarily lets you get rid of monthly misery :<
    but mhm, now when you mention it. strange to specifically mention it.

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • Oh that barely fazed me to be honest. Im like [spoiler]"Oh look shes bleeding. lol cramps and no rags for ya on the run there, bby. LAWL."[/spoiler]
    Yeah it was that other thing. Omg. Initial read, i was fucking PISSED! [spoiler] Jon is my ultra fave so yeah.[/spoiler]

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • [espoiler=That Thing]
    Jon getting Caesar'd by Bowen Marsh.[/espoiler]

    Posted by Florina Laufeyson

  • but did she ever lose it?

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • i believe she did!

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • hahaha, i can't even remember what dany did.
    ah oh yes, the being out in the wilderness thingy. i am not a big fan of hers.

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • the thing concerns jon snow :>

    Posted by Tootsieroll

  • My degree is a BFA (bachelor of fine arts) in illustration.

    Two words to disappoint your parents: art school, as they say.

    I'm hoping to pursue a career in arts administration though, so like museum management and stuff.

    What about you?

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Oh cool! Moving as always fun. Stressful, but fun.

    Not much is new with me!
    My winter break is ending in less then a week, so itll be back to school soon.
    And I'm graduating in April. Woah.

    Nice to have you back in the clan.

    Posted by EmptyStar



    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Hi, you wrote this once about my MM-art: "I WANNA BUY THE MM ONE BUT I CAN'T FIGURE THAT SITE OUT :'<"

    Well, you can have it now. I've decided to let people have all my fan-art for free. Here's my page:

    [url=]MissPoe (Josefine) on deviantART[/url]

    Posted by Miss Poe

  • Thank you! Happy birthday to you, too!

    Posted by PrincessZ

  • Happy birthday to you as well

    Posted by Iron_Sparks

  • That's so awesome man! I remember when I just got back from The Middle East and started talking being you about Korea.

    It'll be great to have you back in the states :)

    Posted by Kakarot

  • [img][/img]

    Posted by KarmaKhameleon

  • Yeah, I did. I sent you a message too and it says you're offline.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Weird. It says you're offline on my end.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Red/Leaf
    Black 2/White 2

    Which one/s did you miss (or rather, not recognize)?

    Posted by Sabbo

  • It's a character named Repede from the game Tales of Vesperia.

    Posted by KarmaKhameleon

  • Good to see another Fire Emblem: Awakening fan! I've started another file in Classic Mode and given my character purple hair this time around, because why not :-)?

    Have you played any of the others? I have contemplated buying Radiant Dawn, but it's supposed to be really hard!

    Posted by Katrielle

  • AAHHH *gets blown up*

    Yay another Okami fan!!! :DD

    Posted by heartytruffle

  • Saw you post in the Game of Thrones thread. Thought you might be interested in joining the A Song of Ice & Fire group. It's mostly for readers, so spoilers ahead if you haven't read everything.
    [url=]Zelda Universe Forums - The world's largest Legend of Zelda fan community - A Song of Ice and Fire fans[/url]


    Posted by BigGoronSword

  • thank you ^^

    Posted by LittleGamerGal

  • Thanks, and me too! :O

    Posted by Kakarot

  • well that explains the disconnection. he killed some flowers but when the disconnect happened they came back so no harm done.

    Posted by Tar Potomi &#377;ëngrïn