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  • I think you also congratulated me eight months ago :')

    Thanks for both occasions though!

    Posted by gamtos

  • [quote]Damn it all. Your logic made my internet persona pregnant[/quote]

    dammit. i hear that going into e-labour is the most boring thing ever.

    Posted by Double A

  • 1762-2848-6583 :)

    Posted by Eriks0n

  • Alright :)

    Well, me either lol.

    Posted by Malia

  • It's still evasion, silly or not, like I absolutely believe you that you didn't do that to try and skip over the filter because -you're a bad-ass- but the fact of the matter is the word was still written in such a way that it's seen to those who don't have the filter, and others have been warned for it in the past, so I must follow the precedent set. It'd be irresponsible and unfair of me to not enforce the rules.

    Posted by Malia

  • Working on a game's script huh? tell.

    BTW since you're shall I say a survivor here (back when theorizing was a bit more diligent and had actual good theorists back then) would you be interested in making a video about how theorizing affected the Zelda community? Something like an [I]evolution of Zelda theorizing[/I] type of vibe conducted in podcast-esque type of manner. I've already talked with ASttP about this, since he's a guy that's been here around the same time as us and knows a thing or two ( I'm thinking about asking SVB but he doesn't speak english that well so...) If you're interested I'll PM you the details afterwards.

    Posted by Oni Link 303

  • Haven't heard from you in a while, do you not get online as much anymore?

    Posted by Oni Link 303

  • Alright. I'm not exactly sure how to do it myself so it won't happen until an admin comes along.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • Yeah, it can be done, no problem.

    Posted by Jaime Lannister

  • You have a good choice in taglines! It fit with my new username, so ya know...

    Posted by Spagh

  • Is your avatar supposed to be Ocelot? If so, [I]I love it.[/I]

    Posted by Spagh

  • Your avatar is awesome :D

    Posted by Double-0-Snake


    Posted by Leca

  • Nope.

    Posted by Quin

  • That's easy.

    -Create an account here: [url=]Dueling Network[/url]
    -Go to 'deck constructor'
    -Type in the name of any card you wanna use and drag them over to the deck space.
    -Fill it up. There's a minimum of 40 cards and a maximum of 60.
    -It's as easy as that. =p

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Hm. Well, it'll be hard for me to give suggestions without seeing your deck or knowing the playstyle. We should have a duel. There are many new cards that can help a burn deck out, and a lot of them aren't as "cheap" as the banned cards and I'm sure you'll find to be a lot more fun to use. =)

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • You're so fat

    Posted by Lord Aranhil Emerion

  • Grumble grumble. I know I dislike it's timeline, but who am I kidding? I'll be buying it :)

    Posted by Bicentennial_Pidgeon

  • [youtube]kqbRe_wfQKE[/youtube]

    Posted by Eriks0n

  • I'm fine.

    I live your username.

    Posted by Yawn

  • How are you?

    Posted by Yawn

  • Hello there.

    Posted by Yawn

  • Thanks I really appreciate it. :] I'll add the both of you if you two don't mind. :]

    Posted by The Rose

  • Hey ya! :3 I need female gamer friends on my xbox, do you mind if I add you? ^^

    Posted by The Rose

  • It's the 18th. I live somewhere near 15 or so hours ahead of you, if you live in America. 10-ish if you live in Europe.

    And by Friday I meant that it had just ticked over from Thursday to Friday a bit more than an hour beforehand.

    Posted by Sabbo

  • Giveaway I guess...yup, that's where I'm from

    Posted by pj777

  • possibly

    Posted by pj777

  • No thanks, I'm holding off from Pokemon until BW2.

    Posted by EmptyStar

  • Nah, am not prepared, doesn't have my items yet so I can be actually prepared. Not superinterested in Pokémon either atm! :)

    Posted by fohlin™

  • I've battled plenty of 100-using ZUers on here and won, so you just had an epic team. Your Mamoswine destroyed my starting strategy, I was just randomly trying to hang on for the rest of the battle after Bisharp was taken down :P

    No, I'm fine, although I do want to know where you got all of that speed from.

    Posted by Shinespark