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  • Actually, there's a theory (which I support) that the Ordana Province is basically Kokiri Meadow. The Kokiris' tree stump houses are now used by the Ordonians, and the Kokiri themselves are now monkeys. Plus, if the Arbiter's Grounds isn't the Spirit Temple, then it seems rather odd for it to have depictions of the Goddess of the Sand, and the adjoining fortress seems out of place. I guess it could be argued that this was a different Gerudo temple and the fortress was of purely Hylian design, but it seems unnecessary when the Spirit Temple and Fortress would already account for these details. Plus, there's a theory (which I do [I]not[/I] support, but at the same time am not wholly opposed to) that the Bulbins are actually descended from Gerudo, as Twinrova and Ganon have green skin, much like the Bulbins; the Bulbins seem to have only one gender (though this is of course debateable); and the two races even seem to share some cultural similarities, both being tribes of thieves and marauders who rely on archery and cavalry, and both living in the same desert biome.

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  • Zelda never says Hyrule was at peace in the flashback- all she says is that she "will never forget the days [they] spent together in Hyrule", implying a short time between when Link met her in the courtyard and when she sent him on his way.

    Meanwhile, HH says that Zelda knew that leaving Ganondorf to his own devices would ruin Hyrule, which, in conjunction with the fact that he was officially scentenced and executed several years later, does indeed imply that the Royal Family moved against him. This triggered him to attack and destroy Castle Town, but because the Royal Family was prepared this time (something which, according to the TP Sages, Ganon never even considered), he was stopped and arrested. At that point, the Royal Family likely moved against the rest of the Gerudo as well, gathering up Ganon's supporters and forcing the rest of the Gerudo to flee, hence the desert being... deserted by the time of TP. The Fortress and Spirit Temple were also likely seized and converted into a combination prison and military outpost- the Arbiter's Grounds.

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  • One problem- you assume that Link and Zelda would be present at Ganondorf's trial and scentencing. Zelda might've been, certainly, but Link had left for Termina by then, and in fact was sent away by Zelda to keep the OoT and ToC out of Ganon's hands and beyond his reach. Since he was leaving anyway, Link used the opportunity to look for Navi, as well.

    Plus, we can't take the pieces resonating as a given- they do so in OoT and WW, yes, but they never seem to do so in TP, even when all three are gathered during the final battle.

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  • Not sure what Zelda Legends is, but I could always give Yamikiwa a shoutout, though he rarely has such resources on hand. Anyways, that's cool though. Its not that important. I was gonna work on other games before this one

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  • Do you have a text dump of the Japanese Majora's Mask, or a translation of it? Its something I've been meaning to do in the future but if its available I could use it now. I personally think the original translation could help me understand the concept behind "Mu-xiu-la" and more

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  • I agree. I'm much of a political/economic sceptic.

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  • Oh look, some old guy making a claim

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  • Your link seems to be broken

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  • This is far from my first time doing this lol and oh, I was referring to the comment I made about the guys that marched on washington

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  • They were threatening to march on washington fully armed and oust the government 8|

    Also, have these:

    [url=]How to Debunk Chemtrails - Contrail Science » Contrail Science[/url]

    [url=]Chemtrail conspiracy theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/url]

    [url=]Chemtrails - RationalWiki[/url]

    [url=]'Chemtrails' and other aviation conspiracy theories - Telegraph[/url]


    [url=]Physics Buzz: Why are there so many contrails today?[/url]

    [url=]Fighter and Bomber Contails, 1940s - Contrail Science » Contrail Science[/url]

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  • A group of gun nuts, nothing more.

    And no, "facts" are not created, but conspiracies sure as hell are. Generally to give credibility to a theory, there has to be a shred of evidence to give it a basis in reality, the only study to back up that flouride caused brain damage was flawed AND only applied to levels of flouride FAAAR above that which is in our drinking water. The only negative to it would be a slight ethical issue where we don't have any say so on this form of medication, though it has no real detriment, so it's more of an philosophical problem than physical. Chemtrails and all the rest of that stuff has absolutely NO shred of evidence or testing to back it up. Generally something as simple as a picture would be a start.

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  • huh? Who are you? What facts am I rejecting?

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  • I'm not sure I see the relevance of people trying to think of ways to clear up debt to improve the economy and...any point you've tried to express. No one will argue that the United States has a financial crisis, but those nut jobs marching on the capital know nothing of how to fix it and they're far more interested in enforcing "Christian-family ideals" on everyone else.

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  • I trust logic, science and the truth. I require proof, not speculation. I don't trust the ideas I come up with as truth, I test them to see if they're right or wrong. I try not to look at what I WANT, but what is. I try not to let my biases and subjectivity to blind my eyes from the only truth and that is objectivity.

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  • [QUOTE]Do you even know, what anarchism is? [/QUOTE]

    Of course I know what anarchism is. I'm no fool.

    [QUOTE]It's core message is peace and to let everyone live as they please,
    as long the do not violate against the common law.[/QUOTE]

    Oh, that's okay then. So, who enforces the common law?

    [QUOTE]In anarchy, people govern themselves and make sure the status quo of peace and freedom is maintained. If someone does something wrong, they are punished/teached about what they did wrong.[/QUOTE]

    Oh, vigilantism, I see. The purest form of justice. Without the burden of trial or evidence, where opinion is fact.

    Yeah, no thanks.

    [QUOTE]Also most people which are in prison today,
    are actually victims of unjust laws of a unjust system.[/QUOTE]

    Agree 100% here, actually. The american sentencing system is a joke. It's not relevant, though.

    [QUOTE]These are common people, which wants the US return the way it was before the lobbists took power and turned the US for the most into a hell of poverty.
    Also the so much called racism, was enforced by propaganda from the very same lobbists, which own most of the massmedia.[/QUOTE]

    Oh my god you're serious.

    [URL=""]One such gentlemen referred to me as the "liberal Jew media" when I asked a question.[/URL]

    Straight from the horse's mouth.

    Racism has nothing to do with mass media. It has to do with idiots. [B][I][U]AND THIS PROTEST IS BEING DONE BY IDIOTS! THEY ARE NOT A SMART AS YOU![/U][/I][/B]

    [QUOTE]There is enough space. Even if there is not enough space, those who cannot fit in, will just protest outside of the DC, but near to it.[/QUOTE]

    I'm going to steal from this man. The police cannot stop me, because they are taxed to over TEN TIMES THEIR MAXIMUM CAPACITY!

    Listen, I understand you want change. I appreciate you have probably done a lot of research, and I believe you are an intelligent person.

    But these people, MOST people... they aren't smart, they aren't informed, and they aren't going to give you what you want. If a revolution comes about "from the people" you'd better hope like hell it's lead by someone with a good head on their shoulders, because right now all these tea party nutjobs are not going to give you the liberty-infused society you plainly desire.

    Their revolution, if it ever comes (and this is certainly not it with its dismal figures) will be terrible, and everyone will be the worse off for it.

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  • Don't get me wrong, my encouragement of capitol hill is because I see the US government as the least of a long line of evils. I don't like filibustering and lobbying, but I [B][I][U]hate[/U][/I][/B] anarchy and communism.

    I also think that the people this movement is going to attract aren't going to be like me or you. I think they're going to be angry, uncontrolled rednecks and this is going to only serve a return to the 'hang the blacks and gays' days.

    Also, thirty million in DC is a logistical impossibility that would result in the deaths of thousands if it came to pass.

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    [QUOTE]Edit: Also regarding the OP, that is one hell of a theory.[/QUOTE]

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  • Yeah, I guess the same reason is why I left X9. Especially with the lack of Mega Man games happening right now. I just found it great to see a fellow X9 member here. Its not usual to meet people you know from other forums.

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  • Haha, wow! I was a member of that site for a while, but I stopped visiting around 1 or 2 years ago. You have a very distinct username, so I was able to remember you. Man, I'm feeling a wav of nostalgia now, I was only a teenager back then! :P I should totally go back to X9 one day. Are you still an active member of that forum?

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  • Wait, I think I recognize you now! Do you happen to be a forum member of the fansite

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  • See, I know nothing about Chinese language. I can understand a lot of simplified Chinese because of my knowledge of Japanese kanji, but traditional Chinese is completely incomprehensible for me. It would seem most of the aspects of MM are done through old Chinese beliefs using the old, traditional Chinese. And I'm working on a project to find more answers our understanding of eastern culture cannot answer for us.

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  • I'm searching for someone with knowledge of the Chinese language and older Chinese religions pre-buddhidm. Know anyone like this?

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  • Ah. No problem, then! Truth be told, I suffer from the same problem on occassion. :)

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  • There's no need for that (by which I mean the sarcasm). I disagreed with you, and outlined exactly why. If I went too far or was out of line, I heartily apologize.

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